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35 - Moonlight Pass

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Stratego Mission 35 - Moonlight Pass

Two opponents: Duke Volpe (Wolf) and Lord Fairfang (Wolf)

Starting capital for player: 7000 Gold

Starting capital for AI: 20 000 Gold (each opponent)

Based on this high equipment of gold and mineral resources, you are in a good position to cover yourself in both directions right from the beginning, so that this mission shouldn’t be problematic on the whole.

Start to build up 1 granary, 7 stockpile elements, 2 apple orchards, 1 dairy farm ( all of them near to the granary), 1 market place, 3 woodcutters, 1 hut, 1 mercenary post and 1 engineer’s guild. Then begin to enclose your position by a simple wall erected between the rocks next to your keep.
Alas, you cannot include the northern stone resources into your wall structure, because the stone deposits are too far away from your keep, so that it’s impossible to place wall elements there. Erect five square towers along your complete wall sector. In achieving that, you must buy stones on the market, because your initial stone supply won’t be sufficient for this amount of towers. Finally, integrate three or four stairways and one small gatehouse getting there future access to the necessary stone resources. Staff all your towers with ballistas to get an effective “antidote” against the attacking catapults of both “Wolves”.

Moreover, recruit about 20 or 25 Arabian archers at the mercenary post, distributing them evenly on the towers. Applying these measures, you’ll be in a very safe position in this early stage. You just have to keep an eye on your ballistas punctually firing at the hostile catapults. Afterwards you’ll be able to develop your settlement leisurely of course out of those buildings that you have had erected at first. By the way, now is the time for quarries and ox tethers.

As soon as your production of crossbows and leather arms is running, you should constantly recruit crossbowmen posting them on top of the towers (necessary against the forthcoming assaults of pikemen and swordsmen). For this reason, you ought to fortify your walls with crenellated walls. Additionally erect further square or round towers manned by mangonels spreading sustained fire over the enemy’s economic structures.

Finally, carry out the siege offensive, at first against your northern opponent Lord Fairfang. Order your troops (numerous crossbowmen and about 20 engineers) across the “Moonlight Pass” to the northwestern corner of the map. From there, start your siege as usual, i.e. with assistance of fire ballistas and trebuchets protected by crossbowmen and shields. You should eliminate the eventually placed hostile ballistas on towers by massive crossbowmen-offensives.
Killing the Lord will take on your swordsmen in a reliable manner. Then take action against Duke Volpe, doing the same way I shortly described before.

OK, every player will manage this mission in different ways and depending on your skill you may need between 12 and 20 game years to finish this scenario.
As always, good luck!

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Dave1500 The Walkthrough for this mission is very good, I beat it a similar way.
jmoore You start off with loads of cash and plenty of stuff on your stockpile, but the twin wolves bring some heavy attacks pretty quicky and it can get really hairy fast. The main problem is that you don't have close access to any resources right away that you can sell to build up your bank.

I relied heavily at first on fire ballista, until I could build enough square towers with ballista on them to defend against their massive assaults. I went with archers instead of crossbowmen, mainly because the grassland is so scarce in front of your keep, but that was probably a mistake because they are so easily killed and you can spend a lot of time just replenishing them, over and over.

There was a certain time where the tables turned, probably around the time when I surpassed Fairfang as "second greatest lord" - and it was all very manageable from there. I learned a couple of things that might help you. The stone is a bit closer to you than the iron is, and Fairfang is weaker than Volpe, even though they start off the same (see Fairfang's castle - it's half the size). So you can commandeer the stone from Fairfang, crippling his economy and building up your own bank with extra money made from selling stone. I had only one ironworks going most of the game - I found that if I put in more than one, it drew Volpe's attention and he would send a bunch of archers over to pick off my workers. When I tried to set up a square tower over there to kill his archers, in order to get close enough to them it was too close to his castle, and his bowmen easily took it apart. So I quickly just gave that up and focused on the stone, which worked like a charm.

The other thing I learned is that I think it's actually easier to kill off Volpe first, because of the canyon walls which offer great protection for trebuchets to take out 6 of his 8 towers. Once you've done that, he's a pretty easy nut to crack. Once you've taken Volpe out, the other guy is easy.

Again, an extremely challenging start, but after that it's just about perseverance and patience.
liberty i did this in a similar way again.
i felt no nedd to enclose the north side near the quarries and never got overrun from this direction. I set up 6 quarries right away which were my staple income in this game, and protected them with two round towers. i filled the towers with 20 arabian archers, and one mangonel. as the game went on i needed to post 10 swordsmen on the ground in aggressive stance to fill the gap where the walls should have been.
the wall against the oasis grass i left undefended apart from my fire ballistae, 3 in the north, 3 in the south. later i added a defence tower with 10 crossbows in the north to help combat fairfangs catapults.
the south was more problematic i found , but a combination of early placed trebuchets and towers with crossbows, did for volpe's towers and gave good defence.
for the assaults i burned away building with ballistae then knocked a hole with 10 catapults. after that i sent in about 70 pikemen to great effect !!
yay :)
i found that stone , wheat, hops , and religon are the only things needed for a happy population of up to 200
smackdownhotel what i did was use religion and ale coverage too keep my people happy and not give them food that way my granary filled and i can selled the food that was coming i even put a tax
Nightmare362 I think i was very lucky with what i did because i thought this mission was very easy and i had no problems with it. I basically folowed mostly everything the walkthrough tells maybe some what different and i beat the wolfs in about 13 years.

What i did was i built all the buildings the walkthrough tells us and i built about 3 quarries and used the strategy "Liberty" used and that got me some more money. In the second year i bought some slaves (about 30) and i marched them up to the top left corner of the map and then i set the yellow wolf's town on fire. Every time he puts it out i just got more slaves and set it on fire again and that neutralized him and the other wolf was farely easy to take down. The whole game i only got attacked once with a big army from the orange wolf and then the rest were just attacks with archers and like 5 pikemen.

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