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37 - Inferno

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Stratego Mission 37 - Inferno

Three opponents: Caliph “The Scorpion”, Caliph “The Jackal”, Caliph “The Camel”

Starting capital for player: 10000 Gold
Starting capital for AI Caliphs: 10000 Gold

The basic problem in this mission #37 are those two neighbouring Caliphs (Scorpion and Jackal), who keep their positions west of your start position and very close to your keep. They usually build up their castles and towers very fast and your settlement will be within direct reach of the Scorpion’s archers. Both Caliphs will additionally send numerical strong units of slaves towards your settlement, so that the mission’s title “Inferno” quickly could come true and turn into a harsh reality.

You should immediately see to get a superior strategic position against the two western opponents. For that reason, you should erect one granary, one apple orchard, one engineer’s guild, one market place, and one mercenary post, all of these buildings placed behind your keep. Instantly recruit about 20 or 25 Arabian archers and 10 engineers, because in a short time later, the fireplace, where your subjects are gathering, will be under fire by hostile archers and you’ll really get problems with the recruiting of new military units. It’s also advisable to move back your initial spearmen and archers and out of the “danger zone” next to your keep.

Quickly erect five square or round towers east of your keep drawing a straight and effective defensive line of towers. (Buy stones on the market!). Place one ballista on top of one tower and four mangonels designated for the other towers. Send all your archers evenly on top of them and don’t forget to pull down one wall stairs element preventing the hostile swordsmen from climbing up your towers. Your mangonels should bombard the Scorpion’s frontal range of towers until total breakdown. In the same way cover, sustained fire over the Scorpion’s gatehouse disturbing the Caliph’s working peasants. Your ballista has to destroy the hostile fire ballistas that especially the Jackal will mobilize again and again. Your archers will take care of the “rest”.

Increasing fire at the enemies’ castles, (especially the Scorpion’s) will improve your situation. Recruit more Arabian archers in this phase getting the slaves’ attacks under control. You can erect further buildings, as soon as your position will not be under fire anymore by hostile archers. Then you will be able to mine stones and iron ore on the small island, intercepting the slaves of the Jackal who want to change your workstations into an inferno. Additional assistance by trebuchets will finally wear down both Caliphs, until your Arabian swordsmen will take the enemies’ keeps by storm. For the present, the Eastern “Camel” is keeping away from struggle, so that you can take action against this final opponent by using all experienced siege strategies that don’t need any detailed explanation, in my opinion.

Now, it’s on you…

Good luck

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rdryan12000 This is not a difficult level, once you have set up properly.
Because the Scorpion is right on your doorstep, build everything back away from him, between your keep and the stone island. I immediately bought in 200 stone and set up 4 round towers, 2 in front of the keep, 1 beside it, and 1 behind it. This way, arrows from the Scorpions' tower archers hit the crennels on the round towers, rather than reaching my firepit area. Really, this is the major defence step for the entire game. Round towers extend well past their area, making them great for blocking incoming enemy arrows.
Build 2 more round towers just west of the northern river ford, and connect your towers with a high wall. Place a gatehouse adjacent to the round tower furthest north, which should be right at the northern ford, and extend a wall from the tower that is nearest the firpit all the way to the river, which should allow it to connect just south of the south-eastern ford.
Put up 2 inns, a brewery, a marketplace, a barracks, an armory, and engineers guild, the granary, a mill, and 2 bakeries, all on the sandy soil next to the river.
Put a ballista in each of the 2 round towers nearest the island, and 8 crossbow men in each as well. This should protect your mining operations on the island.
I set up a couple of woodcutter shacks next, plus 2 stone quarries, 4 ox tethers, and 2 wheat farms on the grassland I had enclosed within my walls.
By now, the Scorpion has his lookout towers up and manned, so don't put any troops in the first 4 towers yet. Instead, put up 2 trebuchets near your keep, and use them to knock down all of his towers they can reach.
Once his nearest towers come down, place 10 crossbow men and a ballista in each round tower, and your defence should be good for the duration of the game.
I raised taxes a bit, but got most of my working cash from selling stone.
As wood comes in, put up fletchers, set on crossbow, and as many quarries and ox tethers as you can get on the island.
Buy all necessary leather arms.
A few more bakeries should handle your food needs, which I left at full rations, as it allowed me to keep my taxes at high.
By the time you have enough gold in to build an army, the Scorpions' castle forces has been whittled away to nothing by your tower crossbows and ballista.
I marched at him with 20 crossbow men and 7 catapults, just for the fun of seeing his castle pounded to smithereens.
I let the catapults do their job, marched the crossbowmen up to where his walls used to be, and they mowed down everything left alive, which by then was not very much.
A dozen macemen from back home then marched in and finished off the 1st Lord.
After this, it's all too easy.
For a laugh, I kept my crossbow men down to only 20, but added in enough catapults to bring their number up to 15. It's truly amazing how fast 15 catapults can bring down a castle wall and towers!
I marched this catapult force up to just outside the range of the next Caliphs' tower archers, and the catapults proceeded to level everything in sight. I then brought up the crossbow men to just outside where his wall had been, and they again mowed through all his interior forces. Careful with the fire throwers he has, as you must make sure none of these guys are kicking around when you send in your macemen.
The macemen eventually went in and quickly dispatched the 2nd Lord, at which point I moved the entire force accross the river and started the march in on the blue Caliph, who I felt a little bad about having to attack; he seemed so peaceful and all.
Anyway, 15 catapults once again brought down the castle around the blue Caliphs' ears, the crossbows marched up to the wall, killed everything left moving, and the macemen finished the job.
philip5000 In the start u should make 4 tall towers and put crossbowmen in them and they will take care of all attackers from your west and on the east have a square tower with 15 crossbowmen and a balista and it shoud defend and offend for u
magdanos A nice mission and very pleasant if played correctly. I confess I've restarted the mission for several times and this is how I managed to beat the Chaliff alliance.
The first thing to do is to slow the speed down to 20. Then place 4 stockpile tails southeast adjacent to the existing one. You do not have much stone and gold so do not be eager to grab land around your keep. Set up one square tower ajacent to the keep, 2 wall tails southwest. Place engineers guild north of the first stockpile tail and continue with marketplace, granary, inn, armory and may be one water pot towards the river. Place barracks southeast close to the kampfire. Buy up to 15 crossbows and leather arms and climb all crossbowmen on the tower. Set a mangonel on it and point it to attack the nearest enemy lookout tower. Make two additional cataprahts and target the other lookout towers on the front side of the nearest Chaliff.
The blue Chaliff is not attacking so use the ground around the river to set up your town there. Place 4-6 woodcutter shacks between the trees in the south. Build 3-4 fletchers norteast of the stockpile and set them to crossbows. Buy wood if necessary. Use church and 1-2 chapels to increase popularity. Green land on the riverbank is ideal for growing wheat(1) and hops(1).
When the first provisions arrive build mil, 2 breweries and 2-3 bakeries close to the stockpile. Keep an eye on the taxes - increase when posible. Use any idle gold for recruiting crossbowmen on tower and buy stone. When the first tower is full drag low wall from it to north stone and iron deposits. Set up second square tower there and mount it with mangonel and crossbowmen.
Now your settlement is secured and your villagers can mine stone and iron. I mined only iron and used it to produce metal weapons. I selled extra iron too.
From this stage you can grow economy on your own. Build attacking force and Chaliff lords should not be difficulty to you.
Good luck and have a nice game!

Kromit, Lord Magdanos

[Edited on 10/26/06 @ 04:56 AM]

jmoore Level 37 (Inferno) was frustrating at first, but gets easy once you work out your defenses. I mean, 3 caliphs is a lot easier than 3 wolfs or 3 saladins. I had to restart once after trying the strategies listed above because I found some problems with them. The second time through I got it to work, though, and here's what I did.

First, I made some slaves (while the caliphs were constructing their towers) and dug moats around both fords, completely cutting off the two western caliphs from the stone/iron island. Strangely, the blue caliph doesn't do anything at first as long as you stay off the island. I found that as soon as I built a quarry it "activated" him. But more on him in minute.

I then built a long wall along the northern edge of my castle area, completely blocking off my farmlands from the two eastern caliphs, and I put up 3 square towers around my keep, as suggested by others, to protect my fireplace. I built another wall extending south, but left it open at the end, and that's where I put all my starting archers and spearmen. I also built 5 fire ballistae there, and about 25 crossbowmen.

So, when the attacks came, and come they did, they were all forced to go around my castle, towards the south, where they (and "they" were innumerable hordes of slaves and a few archers/arabian swordsmen) were greeted by my various troops. Meanwhile, I started my economy and crossbow production, and I added troops to this "southern" area whenever I produced them. I did not try to fill my 3 square towers around my fireplace with crossbowmen or mangonels yet, because they would just get shot down by a million archers and fire ballistae around the 2 caliph's outer walls. Instead, I built a single trebuchet inside my northern wall, so that I could take down the closer caliphs walls first, and then work on the other caliph too. I bought in stone to do this, and only when I had his towers down did I then go ahead and put crossbowmen and archers up in my square towers around my fireplace.

Once at the beginning of the game, the northern caliph (not the one right on top of my keep) tried to break down my long northern wall with a catapult - but I built some fire ballista in my own fields, and took those out that way. Then, I built a square tower over as far to the right against the river, where I could take out the northernmost caliph's fire ballistae, whenever he would build a new one.

Anyway, I soon was able to put mangonels on my square towers and pound away on the close caliph, in addition to the trebuchet inside my walls - and then I just took about 12 crossbowmen around the back of his castle (SW side) and shot down any remaining fire throwers or archers before I sent in 16 swordsmen to kill him (I saved my 25 starting iron and made them myself).

Once he was dispatched, I put a drawbridge around the southern moat I built to block of the ford from blue caliph, and put a quarry and an iron mine in the island. That "activated" blue caliph, who immediately began building fields and quarries, and who sent about 40 slaves to invade my castle from the south. I shut the drawbridge and took them out easily with archers from across the river. I built two round towers right next to blue's castle to take out his towers, but then, I guess because his economy was so crippled by me picking off his farmers, his towers just disappeared. 15 or so crossbowmen along with a ballista and a mangonel on the two towers was enough to decimate his army. He was then easily dispatched, leaving only the north caliph, who falls easily with some catapults and crossbowmen.

For some reason I don't enjoy the "deathmatch" games, and I don't like it when I have scramble like mad at the beginning - but at least here they gave me some money to work with. If they had 10,000 and I only had 3,000 - I don't know if this level would be doable.
(id: monkcrazy5)
Here's one thing to do, put a square tower close to the orange caliph's castle, get 5 archers in in and hire 7 assassins then the caliph will walk out of his castle and kill him with your assassins.
liberty the scorpion is much easier to destroy than building all those towers .. instead set your engineers to build 5-10 catapults which bring down the towers much faster .then use them to knock through and send about 10 swordsmen in . then you can use the catapults to tame the towers of the other caliph till you get your defences built up. then you dont have to build behind your keep either.
tallamtalli I have been playing Crusader for long but going through the forums gave me one bright idea of having towers as the best defense. I had played the game last year but had left it unfinished as I could not clear the mission in question.

Being in Australia, Bushfire Infernos are common here and they consume a house in seconds. This mission’s fate can also be decided in seconds, 100 seconds at the most, if you use Pause judiciously.

The strategy for this particular game was a high risk strategy but worked. This obviously is my first post.

First and foremost was to reduce the speed to 20. Then create 4 houses in a remote corner, this allows your population to grow really high. Then create 4 stockpiles, where, does not matter. By the time stock piles are being filled, create two inns, one market and one granary and make tax as -8 or -6. This needs to be done in less than 30 seconds.

Buy 25 cross bows and 25 leather armors, you can buy 50 each if you have two armories.

By this time your stone must have gathered in the stock pile, not fully but enough to build a barrack and then subsequently a square tower and a square tower again. If not, create an engineers guild in the spare seconds. By this time 40-60 seconds would have gone. The towers are to be placed as near to the enemy gate as possible, his gate would be ready by now and his towers would be getting ready or will be ready already.

Also your houses would have raised the population to 30 plus by now.

Quickly train cross bow men and start sending those ten each on each of the towers. Make sure each tower has 30 plus cross bow men and one ballista (and not mongonel) each. The fatalities are brutal and you may see end for your money but I tried it three times and ALL the three times I survived. One of the Towers will definitely make one of the enemy gates closed (because soldiers are near the gate on our tower). Once you have sent in reinforcements, you will be eventually able to clean the towers of one of the enemy. Divert some of the crossbow men from one tower to another. This will clean the other one also.

Make quick moves in between all these; build up fetcher’s workshop5, wood cutters 8-10. I did not focus upon food production but made a Floor Mill to convert wheat into floor and two breweries. My popularity fell down to 60’s but once the enemy is checked then you can focus upon economy. Plenty of worship places also helped.

I was thrilled by this experimentation as a quick start decided the game in my favor within 5-7 game minutes (15 actual minutes).

After that take your sweet time for establishing economy and killing the enemy lords and obviously last of them is the Blue One who is on the other side.

On a hind sight, a fire ballista havocking fire on each of the first two enemy will keep them burning and checking their growth.
SlightlyxBlazed This mission was eZ..slow ur junk all the way down and slam a hovel down and a mercanary post.make about 10...15 horse archers and send em over to the yellow caliph. let them work on his couple of swordies and mess his peasants up.. go grab a couple of assains, maybe 6 and send them over to finish him off....youll get your money back (about 3k) and the rest of the mission will be alot easier..all i did after this point was enclose ur keep except for 2 openings one to the left and right with towers manned with archers and a mangonel for the caliph close to me and a ballista for the other. the rest is smooth sailing
nomoremrniceguy to make things more simple, just make the 4 towers etc. and send 15-20 assasins to the first caliph when you have your towers filled with 5 crossbowmen each. The assassins will make food out of the first caliph and spare you a lot of trouble. the other caliph behind him wont attack for a pretty long time, so just concentrate on finishing your castle and making and selling food to buy stone.
Tomcooke99 I think there are two key tactics: Attack early and hard, or build slow and defend. This one you have to go in fast. Order of building v. important. First thing you build is 2-3 hovels, then armoury, and barracks and market place. buy 50 armour and maces. hire 40-50 Mace men, - two batches of your population cycle - gain access to nearest sultans castle by attacking one tower then charge his keep. While this attack is taking place, buy enough for another batch of 25 mace men, hire them. If timing is good they'll be ready to roll along with the first wave to attack the next castle in the same manner. 2 Enemy lords dead - abou 4 -5 mins gone and no worrying about pesky slaves and fires. final lord is then simple. one on one, except you'll have all the gold from the eliminated lords.
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