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38 - The Assassins

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Sparrow Mission 38 - The Assassins

The link above will download a saved game just before victory for you to look over, including the layout I used for my castle. All castles are still standing with each lord still alive and under "house arrest". To mark this map as completed on the trail you can achieve victory by using the group of 10 swordsmen at each castle to kill each lord. It's highly recommended you play it yourself, however.

Screen shots are taken from different directions for clarity. To orient you, all are marked with a compass rose to indicate north. When you begin Mission 38 in Crusader the map is presented to you with north being at the top of the screen.

Your face three adversaries in this mission, all Sultans, and with no allies. They all have 20,000 gold to your 7,000, but you are well supplied.

This is one of the "artificial" map layouts designed for its game play, rather than realism. It consists of nine interlocked, roundish settlement areas, three rows of three, sort of like a tic-tac-toe layout. Each enclave is connected by an opening to its two neighbors, and a long canyon to the central oasis, sort of a spoke design. The central area is a lush oasis containing the only farmable land and lots of trees. The surrounding rock areas that create the layout of the map are all high terrain resulting in the useable areas being bounded and shaped by high, sheer cliffs.

You're in the upper left, northwest enclave, with Sultan "The Wise" to the south. To the east is an unoccupied area, and further east beyond that in the northeast corner enclave, Sultan "The Kind". Sultan "The Just" is much further removed in the southern central area.

The Sultans are a moderately difficult foe with a good variety of troops: catapults, fire ballistae, Arabian bows and swordsmen, slaves, fire throwers, and assassins. You'll be defending on three fronts, the most immediate on the south because of the proximity of Sultan "The Wise". Special care must be taken in this mission to prevent assassins from running amok. Moats are a great help in this respect.

A single round tower and gatehouse at each of the three approaches are more than adequate to keep you secure. Moats for the east and southeast defenses are strongly recommended to keep assassins at bay. The southern wall, with its focused "V" shape really doesn't need a moat as it will be the most aggressively defended and assassins won't have much of a chance.

The enemies will occupy the central oasis, so farming and woodcutting there is completely futile. You have enough local trees for your woodcutters, but you cannot place farms. You do have abundant deposits of stone and iron, however, which will support buying wheat, normal food rations, full ale coverage, a high percentage of blessed people, and the purchase of weapons and/or mercenary troops. Once you have all your quarries and iron mines placed, weapons production in full swing, and towers sufficiently manned, plenty of gold will be coming in and you can build up an offensive force to eliminate the neighboring lords.

As usual, the faster you complete your setup the stronger your position will be.

Slowing down to a game speed of 20 is recommended in the beginning and liberal use of the pause key (P) will help you achieve a fast setup. Lay down five stockpile tiles, the first against the southwest side of the existing one, and the other four to form two rows of three, extending northwest from those. Four more can be added later. Site a granary on the northeast side of the stockpile and a marketplace against the southeast side of the keep, and flush with its northeast side. Then ten woodcutters, six in this enclave and four in the trees of the one to the east. It's best to keep three of the six in your area in sort of an inner perimeter, inside the stone and iron ore deposits, rather than in with the trees as usual. The reason is, when you place quarries, the stone platforms will want to be on the northwest side of each rig. Woodcutters huts will invariably get in the way and you won't be able to place as many quarries. They will still end up harvesting all the trees. The stone and ore deposits are in a crescent shaped pattern. You can put one woodcutter hut just to the south and against the cliff, and two just beyond the deposits in the east. These should be out of the way. The remaining three need to be inside the perimeter line I mentioned above, in the center.

Now place a cathedral and church, then four hovels. These all work best against the northeast cliff face. Raise taxes to -2. Next two quarries and two ox tethers. Start these on the outer perimeter of the crescent and work inwards as you add to them. I found that leaving a one tile space between other quarries was a good idea as sometimes the stone platforms would block access to another quarry. Leaving one tile all around usually left another route open if one was blocked. I didn't try to optimize the quarry and mine layout, but with a little care I got in nine quarries and eleven iron mines. Maybe more will fit, I don't know. You can also use the deposits in the area to the east if you wish, but I never felt the need.

Now you need to get some defenses up in the south. I sited a round tower a little more than midway between the keep and the gap in the cliffs in the south. There is no real magic spot. I've tried it back against the keep and further out in the gap. All seemed to work, but I think I had a little easier go of it in this position. This tower is expected to keep ground troops at bay, and neutralize the tops of Saladin's nearer towers with a full complement of crossbows and either a mangonel or a ballista. Both will work well, with the mangonel inflicting much structural damage as well. There will be casualties, so reinforce as needed.

I used all low walls on the southern and eastern defenses, mainly to save stone in the beginning (it also gives you better visibility). Run a wall back from the tower to the keep for easy, protected access. Then site walls in a "V" shape from the southern corner of the tower, southeast and southwest to the cliffs on each side. Reinforce to 3 tiles deep. This step must be completed before Saladin's troops move too close to the area and prevent you finishing the wall. If you find you're a little too slow at this, practice, or move this step up a little in the building order. Send your three archers to this tower.

Next, two inns on the southwest side between the cliffs and the row of rocks, butted up against the cliffs and about a hovels distance from the wall you just placed. Buy additional ale, if needed, before you place breweries later on.

Buy 200 wood, sell all pitch and iron. Site six fletchers southwest of the stockpile and set to crossbows. Now put an armory in the second row among the fletchers. Then a barracks next to the marketplace southeast of the keep and a mercenary post next to that, all in a line away from the keep in a southeast direction. The southwest sides of all three (marketplace, barracks, and mercenary post) should line up flush. Then an engineers guild beyond those against the southeast cliffs and sticking out halfway into the central canyon spoke. Put a mangonel or ballista in the tower and man it.

If you wish, you can also set up a trebuchet or two southwest of the engineers guild and tight up against the southeast cliffs for protection. >From there you can target all of Saladin's towers. While I have used this in the past, it was unnecessary with this setup.

Focus now on the eastern approach. I sited a round tower in the center, and just beyond the gap in the cliffs into the next settlement area. Again positioning is not critical and I have used various locations. I like this one best, particularly as it allows you to place a gatehouse for access to the next area in a protected position just slightly northwest of the tower and tucked back a little. Place this next and a drawbridge, then walls to fill the gaps to the cliffs north and south. Also put a wall tile next to the western corner of the gatehouse and stairs so you can access the tower with the gate closed. Recruit a dozen slaves and have them dig a moat all around this eastern wall. I left two sand tiles around the tower and southeast wall for reinforcing.

Buy ten crossbows and twenty leather armor. Train ten crossbowmen and send five to each tower. Keep buying leather armor and training as crossbows are produced. Split between the two towers and the third we have yet to build, but with a little more weight given to the southern tower. Put a ballista in the eastern tower and shields in each as you can afford them.

I preferred crossbowmen in this mission, but Arabian bows will work. They have a little more difficulty with the swordsmen attacking from the south but can handle them. If you go this route sell crossbows for gold.

All the remaining wood structures can be built as wood is available. Site a mill between the granary and the keep and two more hovels. Next two more quarries and two ox tethers, and a third inn next to the other two. If the ale bonus has kicked in raise taxes to -8.

Shift focus to the canyon in the southeast. Put a gatehouse well back near your end of it in the center with a drawbridge. Wall across the front and run stairs back toward the keep. Recruit ten slaves and dig a moat in front of it, leaving a narrow walkway on the extreme northeastern edge. When enough stone is available, site a round tower in front of it, about opposite the large bulge in the canyon wall and tight up against the southwest cliff face. From here you will be able to target Saladin "The Wise" as well as guard the canyon approach, and target some of the troops attacking your eastern tower. Reinforce with several layers of wall in front and one on the side and run a wall back to the gatehouse wall for access, filling in any moat tiles if needed. Extend moat out around the tower. Site a mangonel or ballista in the tower and man with crossbowmen as soon as possible. Again, use of a mangonel will add to the structural damage of Saladin's castle. You are now assassin-proof on the eastern and southeastern fronts.

Site four bakeries northwest of the granary next to the stockpile, add two more hovels near the church. Place four breweries against the cathedral. Buy hops as needed. Buy more crossbows if needed, to help jump start the manning of your towers. Harden towers and walls by adding more wall layers. Place a chapel next to, and in line with, the inns and see if you can bump taxes to -12. Add a few more chapels as you can to solidify the -12 tax rate.

It's not really needed, but you can add an additional square or round tower in the south, a tile of two back from the outside of the southeast wall extending from the tower to the cliff, at its extreme southern end and butting up a little to the cliffs on the inside. Run stairs down the back and put more crossbowmen up there, even another ballista or mangonel.

Add more quarries and ox tethers as you can to capacity, then iron mines. I ended up with nine quarries and eleven mines. Buy wheat as needed. Add four more bakeries and four more stockpile tiles. Then two more hovels which should bring population up to 90.

Next I put in a gatehouse and drawbridge in the southern wall as shown in screen shot. The objectives for it are these: 1) By siting it behind the tower, the tower will shield it from damage and provide cover fire. 2) It will be easily accessible from the barracks and mercenary post for an initial invasion to the south. 3) The further back it is placed the less its gate will be triggered to close by the proximity of enemy troops.

It should be in no real jeopardy. The only reason I put a drawbridge on it was to give me a better visual cue as to whether the gate was open before sending troops through it. Basically, it's placed a little into the connecting wall, which must be beefed up, between the keep and the tower, and to the wall's east side. Leave enough space to place a wall between the gatehouse and the barracks, then make a right turn in front of the tower out to the central open ground. One reason I like all low walls in the south is because visibility to the gatehouse is much better.

Place three blacksmiths set to swords and three armorers near the stockpile and armory. There is space for most of them in an area southwest of the keep bounded by the fletchers and armory on one side, and the wall from the keep to the tower on the other. Sell swords and armor if you don't use them for troops.

Extend the armory by one or two sections. Add a fourth inn and three more hovels. I ended up with a population of 130 and had 24 free peasants around the campfire for fast weapons training.

The shape of your economy should be as good as it gets in this mission at this point. Start assembling an offensive army with whatever troops you prefer. The Saladins are only moderately difficult opponents but are in tight enclaves with sometimes difficult or blocked access to some sides of their castles. For this reason I chose horse archers because of their speed. They can get around to those difficult areas quickly and have sufficient take-down power to clean off the walls and towers, effectively neutralizing the entire enemy castle so ground troops can safely come in for the kill.

Horse archers often cannot target many troops inside the castle, so I chose swordsmen to storm the keeps, as they may face considerable opposition remaining inside the castle. They can just bash the gatehouse or punch a hole in the wall wherever it's convenient, or you can use assassins to open the gates for them. Another good tactic which I didn't bother to use here is to bring along a good size contingent of crossbowmen or Arabian bows with the assassins. When the assassins capture the gatehouse, send the bows up on the walls and towers and they can clean out the interior quite easily.

I used about 200 horse archers and 100 swordsmen plus two dozen assassins and kept reinforcements coming. Start with Saladin "The Wise" to your south. He should be rather easy as your crossbows and mangonels/ballistae from both your southern and southwestern towers have given him quite a pounding already. After that I proceeded south and attacked Saladin "The Just" on his western side. After his demise I continued counter-clockwise and attacked Saladin "The Kind" from the south.

Peace returned to the desert once more.

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greymouser2004 Wow this is a frustrating and long mission. The map is divided into cells cut into the rock with a center cell for growing food. You start off with decent resources and a fair amount of gold 7000 versus 3 versions of the Saladin as a foe with 20,000 each, a tough set of opponents to be sure. Placing oxen or wood cutter shacks in front of gates will not work on this mission. The Saladin's are wise to that trick and block them accordingly! I started off by quickly placing 5 square towers connected to my keep and facing the direction of the Saladin's. I bought mangonels and ballista and enough archers and crossbowmen to man them around 20 of each and more were added. You need to place an armory and a barracks quickly as well as housing for more troops and workers. Buy some knights for you keep and make them aggressive so that if the enemy attacks they will come off the keep and protect you flanks. Place some Quarries, and some iron mines quickly and as many as possible you'll need money quick! There are plenty of rock resources all around you so don't be shy. After the stock pile grows build more square towers and some walls and wall yourself in. You will have walled off half of the cell you in. you'll need to set out the hunters and the wood cutters quickly as well. There are no marsh lands close for growing food so you'll have to buy for awhile. There are Marsh lands in the middle of the map but I couldn't get any foot hold on them until close to the end of the game. I expanded my wall to encompass the entire cell and placed pitch lines in front of avenues of approach to stave off repeated attacks launched by the Saladins. I eventually picked off the Saladins after building a considerable army, one by one starting with saladin the wise then saladin the kind, and last saladin the just. This is no small mision, In just one attack launched by Saladin the Just I counted close to 50-60+ warriors not to mention Ballista, Catapults, and archers. Once you have a stronghold with archers covering all your approaches you can hold off the attacks, build armies and kill them off. Do not waste your time trying to grow food, Hunt it and buy it. Leave the middle to the Saladins. Watch for assassins . I built stairs close to all my gates so that I could get foot troops to kill the ones the archers missed. The Saladin's use the assassins to get your gates open before they launch there attacks of 50-60 warriors.
rdryan12000 This is a great defensive mission.
The first thing you should do is add 4 more stockpile squares. Put up a mercenary tent behind the keep, next to the stone resources, and create 12 slaves. Orient your map 2 clicks (180 degrees) so that the orange Saladin is now North.
Use your slaves to dig 2 moats blocking off the east and northeast accesses to your castle.
By now, stone should be available from your starting resources, so place 2 round towers, side by side, blocking the north access to the orange Saladin. Add 1 wall segment and stairs.
Construct a barracks and armory, a marketplace, an inn, a brewery, and a bakery. Buy in 30 crossbows and 30 leather armor. Create 30 crossbow men, and place 15 in each round tower.
Now watch the fireworks begin. This one proves, beyond a doubt, the superiority of crossbow men over regular or arabian archers. A massive arrow storm will erupt between your 30 crossbow men and the orange Saladins' 120 or so arabian archers. It'll look bad for your guys, but believe me, they will hold out. They take a pounding, but in about 10 minutes of pure arrow-flying frenzy, you'll have about 24 crossbow men, and the orange Saladin will have no one!
Once your crossbow guys get control of things, add a ballista and operating engineers to each tower. I found that putting in the ballista before this point meant having to rebuild them several times, which is hard on your gold supplies, and the crossbow guys hold their ground without the ballistas anyway.
By now, you should also have 3 working stone mines at the south of your keep, along with 8 ox tethers, 4 iron mines, and 6 woodcutter shacks.
I also put up 3 bakeries and a mill (buy wheat!) and 3 fletchers set on crossbow.
With your tower guys in charge, set up 2 trebuchets, one to either side of these towers, and target Saladins' armory with one and his waterpots and wells with the other. Aim to keep these structures down, whenever he rebuilds them. Construct 3 fire ballistas and move them in as close to the round towers as you can. As soon as his waterpots and well are gone, target his wooden buildings with the fire ballista. Keep an eye on them to ensure their arrows are getting through and not hitting the walls, and a good fire should start inside his castle pretty soon.
When he is all burned out, move all your crossbow men to 1 tower, decomission the ballista in the evacuated tower and knock it down. Have an attack force of 20 arabian swordsmen ready to go through the gap. They will need to knock down a wall or two on their way through, but they will reach the keep and take out the 1st enemy Lord.
When he goes down, retreat the remaining swordsmen back inside your walls, and get your slaves to dig another moat, this time outside the tower. Put up a gatehouse here and a drawbridge.
You will get sporadic attacks from the east and northeast access passages, so early on, right after my first group of 30 crossbow men hit the round towers, I bought in 10 more crossbows and leather armor and set 10 extra crossbow guys on my keep. 2 fire ballistas also were kept next to the firepit to take out enemy catapults as they appeared.
Once the 3rd moat is complete, defence is good for the remainder of the mission. You can skip the 3rd moat if you want. The remaining 2 Saladins will send in a bunch of assassins to take the gatehouse, and then a swarm of horse archers will pour in, but they won't really be a threat, and it makes for some exciting action.
But putting up the 3rd moat will allow you to concentrate on building an army.
I eventually marched east (after hastily putting up a 2nd gatehouse and drawbridge) with an army of 80 crossbow men, 5 fire ballistas, 5 portable shields, and 6 engineers bringing up the rear. March them just before the reach of the eastern Saladins' tower forces, set up the trebuchets, and take down his nearest towers. Then it's a simple matter of marching in the crossbow men, mowing everything down, and bringing in the remaining arabain swordsmen to take out the Lord. This Saladin had mostly ceased production by this time, for some unknown reason, so he wasn't really much of a challenge.
Repeat the same process for the 3rd Saladin.
I didn't bother farming at all in this one. There is game available at the center of the map, but I knocked down my 3 hunters posts I had placed up there after the hunters kept getting themselves killed.
But I did place bakeries and brewerys, and bought hops and wheat as needed.
I had, early on, placed 3 inns, and when ale was flowing good, I turned off taxes and food consumption. That way, all bread produced was sold for cash.
Skasian This stage is much easier when there is only 2 saladins.. so what do i do?.. the answer is kill the closest one.

Upon beginning build all your necessary buildings (just the basics) then get your towers up on the southern side and fill them with archers and crossbows. Whole purpose is to keep the opponent's men busy. During this time, hire 20~30 assassins depending on how much of his defenses his got up and climb them in and kill the lord. You should be able to take out the first lord fairly early on. Be careful about the other 2 saladins who are probably massing armies to attack you now.
Intrepid1931 I tried winzip to download your file. Shud I be using somehting else? I had no luck using winzip thanks
Sir Launcelaut Thanks Sparrow. I'll try this and hopefully i will win. me and my cuz are upsessed with this game, but we ca'nt beat it. OH MY GOD!!! IT WORKED! Sparrow your a GENIUS!!! It didn't even take that long either. I did everything up to the part where it says grow your economy. What I did is put the speed down to twenty to set up the castle fast. Then I kept using the pause button. That helps a lot. I never knew that portable shields were ment for towers. At the start I put five stockpiles squares in two rows in the northeast. Then put my granery right to the northwest of that. Then I put a Cathedral and a church and set my taxes to -2. put a few inns and round towers 6 fletchers and then make crossbows. This is MAJOR!! I put a magonell and not one, not two, not three, but FOUR trebuchets to the south and twenty swordsmen and that was the end of Saladin the wise. Then I attacked them couterclock wise and I won!!! Im so happy for myself!

[Edited on 02/02/07 @ 02:47 PM]

LunA86 First i slowed the game speed down to the lowest and started by building my granary and then my towers and walls.

As the first enemy was too close, i concentrated on his side first. I chose lookout towers which were the tallest among all the towers and cost the least stone to build and built it in a triangular formation with the tip facing the enemy and totally closing the gap between the rocks and immediately located crossbowmen onto them. With careful microing i managed to shoot down all of his archers and troops such that his castle wasn't able to even function properly.

While i was doing the above, i managed to build round towers on each gap in the rocks covering them up totally with high walls, no gatehouse as rocks and iron were plentiful. Wood was bought later when all the trees were cut.

For defence i placed about 50 crossbowmen on each tower in each gap and ballistas to totally crush their siege weapons.

After gathering an army of mainly macemen and clearing their towers with trebuchets i managed to clear the other 2 further enemies.
EatSteel The easiest way to beat this mission is to quickly get rid of the closest saladin. Just get a square tower (or a turret if you dont want siege equipment on top of it). Stack some archers and a few (5-10) crossbowmen, then when your ready to kill him, you can use practically any melee units since he shouldnt have any units left.
Next I took out the Saladin in the west. Get a good amount of crossbowmen, and once again let them take out pretty much everything. I also used some trebuchets to weaken his walls to send some macemen to his keep to finish him off.
I forgot to mention defenses, but there isnt much to it that isnt obvious. Just use archers/crossbowmen on your gatehouses/towers, keep a handful of melee units nearby, and if you want put down some pitch ditches or killing pits.
By the time you narrow it down to 1 Saladin, he's probably doing pretty well. While i did this mission he constantly had 250+ troops and plenty of gold, and when he attacked, he would send at least 125 units at me. Fortunately, for some reason he would only send a few units at time. Literally, like 2 swordsmen every few seconds. I definitely couldve held him off, but he also would have done some damage. Now to defeat this Saladin, make sure you have plenty of crossbowmen, although you probably wont need 250 (as much as i used). I also had about 125 macemen and 75 swordsmen, which was completely unnecessary but made it more fun. No need for any siege equipment, crossbowmen can easily take out all of his units in the towers, then a handful of melee units can go finish him. Hell, you could just send all of your crossbomwen in and kill him.
So, remember kids, crossbowmen dominate.
Sliktor I found this mission to be very easy and quite enjoyable.

At start I placed 1 granary, 1 market, 1 brewery, 1 inn, 1 mill, 1 bakery, 3 woodcutters huts. I bought plenty more wood through the market and placed 4 quarries with 2 ox tethers each. I also placed 5 hovels to accommodate the workforce.

I set up 1 Round tower behind the rocks near Saladin, "The Wise". I bought and placed 25 crossbow men on top of the tower. (These guys lasted until "The Wise" died.) I also placed 3-stone thick walls blocking each canyon path and left the path leading to the Fertile land open. I then begin crossbow production with 2 fletchers. After selling the access stone and iron I bought 28 engineers and built 16 fire ballista and placed them at the opening.

After all the wheat and flour and hops were exhausted I got rid of the corresponding buildings. You will be buying the all the ale you need from now on. Next I built two trebuchets behind my wall nearest "The Wise" and proceeded to take out his towers. "The Just" has begun grouping troops in the Fertile land preparing an attack. I then bought tanned leather and produced as many crossbowmen as I could. I built another round tower again near "The Wise" but behind the rocks on the opposite side of my other tower. I loaded up the crossbow men. (About 30 at this point) They helped the fire ballista take out the attackers and killed the archers on "The Wise"'s towers.

"The Kind" was, at this point, making a pathetic attempt to knock down my walls. I built up 5 more fire ballista and paced them next to the wall and they easily left him saying "You fight well..." Time to up the defence on this side. A 5-stone thick wall, crenulated, add a moat and yet another round tower. Buy more leather armor and the corresponding crossbowmen to fill the tower. You can optionally a magonel or ballista here. I was able to defend that side without ant problems with the 5 fire ballista to take out the catapults.

Next build 5 iron mines, buy a cathedral and a church, 2 more inns, 3 more quarries with 2 ox tethers each, 2 hovels, 4 fletchers, 2 blacksmiths, 2 amorers. "The Wise" should be near complete uselessness now, you'll be attacking soon. Have your 2 trebuchets take out his gatehouse, don't worry, it's not like he'll be able to rebuild it. When available, send in 15 swordsmen. Be sure they are set to standby so that they go straight for the enemy lord.

After that you're set. Now for the other two. "The Kind" has set himself up to where he has no market. He should have little or no gold. "The Just" will still be rather well off right now though. So, we attack him. Build up:
200 Crossbowmen
40 Fire Ballista
50 Swordsmen
10 Catapults

Take the path south through "The Wise"'s ruins and gather your army in the empty settlement next to "The Just". I suggest sending in your crossbowmen in 4 groups of 50 each to keep them tightly packed. (Shields are a good option here) Immediately follow with your Fire Ballista. After the closest two towers are rid of archers and siege bring you catapults in to tear down the wall in front of your Ballista leaving them to burn his castle down from the inside. When the fire subsides enough, send in 15-20 swordsmen to finish him off.

Continue around the outside to attack "The Kind". Have your remaining defensive troops, about 50-60 crossbowmen and 15-20, proceed to attack him from the opposite side. You can also send in 20 horse archers down the center canyon to distract the magonels and kill the Firethrowers, but in the end the crossbowmen and ballista will get them.

The fight with "The Just" should have left you with about 100ish crossbowmen, 30-35 swordsmen, 20-30 Fire Ballista, and all 10 catapults. (Hopefully) Send in your crossbowmen and ballista at the same time this time to quickly dispacth the troops on his wall and to help get rid of the firethrowers grouping around his keep. Use the catapults to break down his walls and send in 15 swordsmen. Have them attack the firethrowers directly or they might not even make it to the lord. Send in the rest after the fire throwers are taken out if needed.

You might not need as large a force as this but canyons had me worried. :)
ghostbuster117 Sparrow's design worked great but i can't stress enough the importance to build the eastern wall fast and GET THE MOAT UP!!! if the moat is not up by the first attack from the east the assassins will climb onto your wall and open the gate letting all his troops in. DIG THE MOAT THE SECOND YOU GET THE CHANCE. It takes patience but it is possible. This level only took me 2 tries.

Good Luck
Lord desert I changed the Saladin's AIv to the Emir's, but it made this level a bit challenging.... i made a castle out of round towers and and moat, the northern defense was consisted out of an open wall, with round tower, i placed the towers, but not connected to a wall, but connected to the keep by a wall (just like the
north defense pic, towards Saladin the Wise) but occupied the tower after 20 minutes of gameplay, i walled in the path way to the center oasis, using 2 round towers (Arab Archers and Crossbowmen), and the path way towards Saladin the Kind was loaded with 2 round towers, with the same format, wit moat and killing pits covering the wall. Attacked with Assasins, Swordsmen, and Horse Archers ;D
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