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39 - Red Skies

Author File Description
Stratego Mission 39 - Red Skies

In this 39th mission you are facing three opponents, Richard I (Lionheart), Richard II (Lionheart) and the Wolf (Duke Volpe); each of them has got plenty of gold (40000!)

Starting conditions for player: 3000 gold – high amount of start resources (Deathmatch) but a low number of military units.

You’ll be in a hard position to use those green oasis areas undisturbed on the riverbanks right from the beginning. For that reason, you should exclusively practise the purchase of food on your market place. Keep in mind to buy various foodstuffs getting a high bonus of popularity. Concentrate on producing iron with five iron mines (or more), placed on the northern and eastern map’s borders. Likewise, 4-5 quarries placed on the same areas will help getting additional goods for sale. In selling iron and stone, you will continuously replenish your treasury chambers with gold, necessary for the purchase of food, leather arms, and crossbows in this first phase.

Your building order (from the scratch): 5 stockpile elements, 1 granary, 3-4 woodcutters, 1 market, 4 huts, 1 mercenary post (later barracks), and buy wood now and then. Inns (buy hops!) and churches will raise your popularity, too. Wall in your settlement as fast as possible and erect, at least five square towers controlling the southwestern areas of the plateau, and there’s no need to buy stones, because of a rapidly following stone supply. Staff your towers with three mangonels and two ballistas. The mangonels should target on the enemies’ favourite ways of deployment (sustained fire!).Your ballistas take care of the advancing hostile siege machines.

At the beginning, it’s advisable to recruit about 20 Arabian archers ordering them evenly up on top of your towers with braziers. I also used pitch ditches and war dogs in front of my castle, a quite effective defensive strategy against the numerous approaching pikemen and swordsmen. By the way, knights waiting outside the castle are always very helpful destroying hostile siege equipment.

Later on you must recruit crossbowmen and a garrison of about 60 crossbowmen (finally I had 200!) should be sufficient to repel all the assaults by your three opponents who will repeatedly attack in several waves assisted by trebuchets, catapults and battering rams. Thanks to your well-running iron and stone production you’ll be in good shape to set up a flourishing little town with different workshops, inns and churches.

After having the defence under control, you should tackle Richard I (the southern neighbour). Use trebuchets for your siege operation aiming at Richard’s towers, then take his castle by storm with numerous crossbowmen (protected by shields!) and about 20 swordsmen. As soon as Richard has fallen, you’ll be able to start an independent food supply by placing wheat farms, apple orchards and dairy farms on the conquered fertile southern lowlands. Apply the same tactics against the second Richard by using crossbowmen, swordsmen, and trebuchets (maybe a few fire ballistas, too) and eliminate those dangerous ballistas on the towers keeping your trebuchets at a distance. Your last opponent, the Wolf, possesses such a massive castle, which he’s able to repair or to extend. You won’t be successful by applying siege methods exclusively. I used two siege towers in this case, but first I ordered nearly 60 horse archers to surround the castle by weakening the hostile garrisons on the walls and towers. Then in two waves I sent about 60 crossbowmen, 50 swordsmen and 30 macemen (alternatively assassins) up on my siege towers standing at the Wolf’s front walls. From there it was easy and more efficient putting out of action those defensive forces and weapons placed at the backside of the Wolf’s fortifications.
It will be a hard fight, but your persistence will pay off at any case…

…good luck!

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rdryan12000 This is not a difficult level, but will take some time.
Concentrate on stone and iron production, and buy all your wood.
Set up as many quarries to the north, northeast, and northwest of your keep as space allows. Quickly wall of your keep with 3 small towers, one to the west, one southwest, and one south of the keep. Build a mercenary post and hire 12 arabian archers, placing 4 in each tower with a brazier.
Set taxes to Low, build a granary, (half rations!), 2 inns, a brewery, 2 bakeries, a mill, an engineers post, an armory, and the barracks.
No serious attacks will occur right away, and you should be able to harvest enough stone in order to build 3 large towers, each right next to the small towers already placed. Buy enough crossbows and leather armor to put 10 crossbowmen and a ballista in each large tower.
I put up 2 wheat farms directly south of the castle on the grasland, but bought hops for the entire duration of the game.
I bought all necessary weapons for the entire game, too.
You will have to fend off a few serious attacks of swordsmen and pikemen, but after awhile stone production is high enough for you to start earning some serious gold.
I put up some small stone walls between my castle and the river fords where the Wolfs' forces were crossing over. I left them with gaps here and there which the enemy soldiers walked through. It slowed them down just enough that the ballistas and crossbows in the towers took them out.
Take care also to bring stone walls (triple layer deep) right around the west side of your castle, encompassing the stone mines located there. For some reason, a lot of enemy pikemen tried to break through over there.
I also went around every 5 game years or so and put sleeping woodcutters huts in front of each enemies gate houses. hey broke them down, but it did slow down their attacks well enough that I got a sizeable attack force built.
When I had 50 crossbow men and 12 fire ballistas, I headed south and took out the Richard located there. A trebuchet from my side of the river too out his towers, and my forces then marched up to his wall and mower everyone down. I hastily build 20 macemen back home and they finished off the first Lord.
I got 12000 gold coins for this, so used the cash to double up my towers and walls back home, putting 10 crossbow men in each tower. After this point, none of the enemies attacks were a real threat.
I increased the size of my attack forces to 120 crossbow men and 23 fire ballistas, with 24 spare engineers following behind.
I then marched west until I was in trebuchet range of the 2nd Richards' towers, which I took down accordingly, and marched my forces up near his walls.
Again a mowing down with arrows, and the macemen went in and conquered the 2nd Lord.
The Wolf was a bit tougher, simply because of the amount of walls he had surronding him. I had to build 12 catapults and have them fire at the nearest walls; while they were doing so I set up a couple of trebuchets, protected by 6 shields, and used them to knock down his nearest towers.
Then it became a process of move in the catapults a little bit, knock down some walls, build a couple of closer trebuchets, use them to take down towers in reach, and move up the entire strike force a bit more.
I went through this cycle about 6 times before I got close enough with the army to mow down all the Wolfs' men.
My macemen did the rest, and Victory!
moonknight6 Well, this was very easy mission. Producing a lot of stone and iron,and selling it for gold.
Four round towers with crossbowman give insurmountable defence. Kill the two Richard the Lionheart by described above method. Killing the Wolf was surprisingly very easy. The weak point of his defence was where once there had been Richard the Lionheart (there is a gate west-south leading directly to its keep -you do not need to go through two gates or moat). First kill the bowman in the two towers with fire ballistas and then destroy the gate battleram and send in 120 assasins to kill the wolf.That way his massive defence is actually uselless.
Sir Launcelaut This wasn't very hard at all. What I did was make some iron mines and quarries. Then I made two extra stockpiles and two square towers. Then connect the towers to your keep and to each other with a low wall. Next I put 3 fletchers and had them produce crossbows. Then I made two inns and two chappels. I bought my own hops and made four breweries. I first took out the Lionhart RichardI because the wolf had to many troops and he had 55. I sent 150 macemen to take out him and they barley made it. Using the 25,000 gold I got from him made it very easy from here.
stress This mission was surprisingly easy, due to one factor: the orange Richard. Because he doesn’t place his barracks, Richard cannot train any troops. (except catapults) Therfore, as the game started, I reduced the game speed to 20, placed 5 stockpile ellements, a mercenary camp two armories and a barracks. I recruited round 35 assasins and marched them into the orange richards castle, killing him. This way, I obtained 10000 gold. (if you failed to kill richard, restart the mission and repeat the process) After killing richard, I placed, for the start four square towers with 3 ballistae and one mangonel. Later, I enclosed my keep and erected an extra 2 towers with mangonels. I bought 60 crossbows and 60 leather arms, as well as about 500 wood. I used the wood to bild industry buildings, on the sone and Iron ore, that is availeble. I sold stone and Iron, and bought food, using religion to counterbalance my economy, so that I could keep the food at half rations. You will need to keep a wacthful eye over your food supply to make sure that you never run out of food. This is probably the best mission, in which to use bad things. These drasticly increase the output of ox tethers. For example: with maximum cruelty, the oxen tether will bring you 16 stone, in stead of 12. Then I bought 50 hops, I placed 5 breweries and 2 inns. This made up for the loss of popularity that I experienced, due to the bad things. In the meantime, The Lionheart and the Wolf will attack twice: The first time, the attack resembles a minor skirmish. However, the second assault is one thinf I needed to worry a lot for. I found it surprisingly easy to kill the wolf, because he has, to the east of his castle, a gatehouse leading directly to his keep. I found it easyer this way, then going through two moats and 3 gatehouses. Raising 100 horse archers and 200 assasins is more than enough. The yellow Richard, however, proved to be a harder nut to crack. The best way to defeat him, is to incircle his castle with at least 150 horse archers. Then capture his gatehouses using assasins. I had sufficient Money for the job, because I did extensive mining and I used Bad Things. The trickiest part is setting Richard on fire. I sacrificed 30 assasins to destroy his water pot. Then I turned his castle into an inferno, and the peasent area of his keep went on fire. This way, he did not have peasents to train more swordsmen. Richard marched through the fire with his swordsmen and pikemen, in order to attempt to kill off my slaves. In the end, he will have 0 troops and around 11500 gold. Then I marched my assasins one more time into richards keep and VICTORY. This way of finishing this mission works almost every time, you’ll see for yourself. Good luck!!!
LunA86 After looking at the comments above i found out that the enemy to the south does not build barracks which was strange enough. So i didn't bother to defend against him.

Instead i concentrated my towers closer to my keep so that my crossbowmen are concentrated and less stone is needed and more gold is instead allocated to buying crossbows and leather arms.

I built round towers with a layer of wall and a layer of crenulation which i thought was enough. It wasn't, which i found out too late. They came in a huge wave comprised mainly of swordsmen and pikemen. My crossbowmen weren't enough to stop them from cracking a hole in my wall and they stomped in and destroyed my buildings one by one even my precious granary which greatly distressed my popularity and they even almost managed to kill my lord. Luckily i managed to shoot down the last of them before they managed to make my lord crumple.

After that i strengthened my walls to 3 layers of crenulation and slowly increased my crossbowmen to 30 a round tower and a ballista on each tower. After my economy stabilised itself due to my placing of numerous gallows and maximising productivity, i expanded my walls so that when the enemy began to arrive and gather at that particular spot they would be shot at before they started their attack.

I didn't build farms instead i built a mill and bakeries and bought the wheat. I sold all the iron i got but the stones were used to fill up my catapults which amounted to 25. I used catapults mainly becos the wolf built up such a thick layer of walls that i find difficult to penetrate.

The lionheart at the south i left until he was very fat, about 100k gold then i slaughtered him and i got about 40-50k in gold.

Next i went up and with 25 fire ballistas i razed and shot down everything in his castle and my macemen walked in and clobbered him.

Next the catapults which i have prepared mowed down the wolf's walls quite easily and killed many in the process then after the stone was used up i changed them to fire ballistas and shot down everything on his keep quite easily and then my macemen did the rest.
Lord desert I started my castle.... towers, wall, gates, ballistas, iron mines, quarries, the usual.

I came under attack my Richard 2, it was a small feeble attack beacuse my towers we're already overflowing with Archers and Crossbowmen, and 3 Fbals we're placed in front of my main gate, the gate houses too was overflowed, it wasnt long before the second wave, Richard 2 send over 150 troops, and a small wave from Wolf, the north wall from my castle was penetrated, and my granary was decimated, so pikemen and swordsmen flooded the castle, i was rescued by 7 archers that stood in my keep. by then, i spyed on Richard 1, that was not producing troops, and i just flooded his castle with 60 + assasins and i got 17000+ gold, so my total gold was 45000+ XDDDDDD Richard 2 was more challenging, but he died, it's just wolf......

Wolf finally died, i made a massive army of pikemen, horse archers, and crossbowmen, and i still had 27K + XDDDD

[Edited on 06/18/10 @ 02:57 AM]

archpaladin This was a game where I never felt threatened and played in a laid back style. I fortified myself at the beginning and set up 2 square towers. I had about 15 x bows + mangonel on each of them. One Quarry, a windmill, a brewery and a bakery. Rest of the wood went to basic building and iron. I had 3 lumberjacks. What's more cool about the way I handled this one was that, I set up a TON of armorworkshops. I rarely had over 10 iron, I was using iron so well. I then sold the armor pieces [for some reason I feel that armor production is faster than sword production]. 2 iron gets converted to 4 armor pieces and armors sell for more as well.

I used the money I thus gained to buy wood and occupy every tile of stone and also buy more xbows and fill my towers. Soon I had 5 more round towers filled with archers and there was a steady income as well. I trained about 120 horse archers took down richard I's defenses and killed him. Made a few ballistae, set fire on richard II's base while killing his defenses with my horse archers. Richard II died to fire. For Wolf, I invaded his backdoor, I took down defenses, broke his gatehouse with about 40 crusader swordsmen and I took down wolf. Whole mission took me about an hour at 40-50 speed. I lose about 100 units killed about 1600 units =D

Oh, if I were to repeat this, I would focus less on defenses, once all my iron and stone tiles are occupied and once I have a good deal of defense - I would pump horse archers and take richard I down. He gave me 16k gold. I could have wrapped this up in 40 mins had I done that.
Lord desert Hey, archpaladin..

The first time i played 39, Richard I made a barracks, and i was under attack from 3 directions, because Richard's castles are usually big, many of the maps that has Richard, involves in him not building a barracks, thus, no rush attacks. either is it because of terrain or space, or this was done one purpose by FF studios, if Richard made a barracks at level 21 or 39 the difficulty would became hard or even impossible....
A Thanks for FF studios if that was done on purpose XD

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