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40 - The Dunes

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Kester Mission 40 - The Dunes

This mission is a welcome relief from the difficult missions leading up to it! The human lord begins with 4000 gold, while the AI lords all begin with 2000. This time it is you against four versions of the Pig. You have a useless ally, Richard the Lionheart, who in this mission will request several things from you, but decline to ever come to your aid. That's ok, though... you can safely ignore his requests. His main purpose in this mission is to gradually wear down the last two enemies with his siege weapons and provide a castle wall for your troops to hang out behind while you regroup between attacks.

When I started this mission, I did the usual economic things: granary, woodcutters, marketplace and quarries. There isn't any farmland nearby, and hunters aren't available. Except for the stone necessary for the barracks, you can sell all the stone to buy food later when needed.

As for the military set-up: barracks, armory, poleturner, and a single fletcher should be enough. I bought a mercenary post in the very beginning, thinking to buy Arabian archers to combat the lions which suddenly appeared, then realized I had been provided with more than enough archers for that initial lion attack. So the mercenary post is unnecessary.

Buy the equipment to supply 15-20 macemen, and when you have 5-10 spearmen to go along with them, attack Pig "The Old Boar" (in purple). In my game he was defeated in June of year 1.

Replenish your supply of macemen and spearmen, and next attack Pig "The Hog" (in gray). He put up little resistance and fell in September of year 1.

Again bring your army up to level, and march on Pig Duc Truffe (in yellow). Here is where you will see Richard Lionheart's contribution, as the Pig's walls will be in shambles. This was kind of a double-edged sword, however, as he didn't stop firing, causing me to lose a few soldiers to friendly fire. Still, Duc Truffe is easily destroyed, and in my game died in May of year 2.

The last opponent, Pig, The Duke of Pigsbury, will also provide small challenge. Watch out for the open area in his castle, however, as he uses killing pits. Send your macemen to the side of the castle to break down and enter through the wall (as in the picture at the bottom), and you will have no problem with him. The last enemy was defeated in January of year 4. I would have finished sooner, but while I was conducting the first three attacks, I neglected my own keep. My popularity level fell drastically, so I had to make the people happy again in order to acquire more troops for the final attack.

This is a quick and easy mission - enjoy!

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rdryan12000 Mission 40 is as easy, really, as any of the late-beginner levels.
You can't farm here, so put up a couple of inns and a brewery, and buy up about 35 baskets of hops. Turn off taxes, and you should also be able to turn off food consumption, thus taking care of the lack of food problem.
Immediately upon beginning this level, put all your spearmen and archers on top of the keep, as a pride of lions is on it's way in, and the best way to deal with lions is archers on a tower, or top of the keep, in this case.
After the lions are dispatched, put up about 8 woodcutter shacks in the wooded areas between you and Richards' keep, and go directly north to a stone site, and set up 5 quarries and 7 ox tethers.
Stone will be your main source of income in this one.
Site an engineers post and a mercenarys' post. I hired all my troops for this level and trained none.
Once you get about 15 arabian archers, add in 8 arabian swordsmen and 6 engineers, and head them north, to a point just east of your own quarries, next to a stone quarry area where Richard is mining. Build 3 catapults and start knocking down the walls of the Pigs castle. When his walls come down, move your archers in closer, they will take care of the enemy crossbow men inside the Pigs' castle.
Then you can march in your swordsmen at will and dispatch the 1st Pig.
From here, it is really easy. Turn stone into cash, hiring enough new troops to bring your army up to 45 arabian archers, 15 arabian swordsmen, 3 catapults, and 3 ballistas.
Head directly south, along the west wall of Richards' castle, and attack the pig furthest south. Catapults will knock down his walls and towers, the archers and ballista will mow down his troops, and then your swordsmen will waltze in and smash the Pig Lord himself.
Continue in a northern advance, taking out the next 2 Pig Lords in turn.
I had some requests from Richard for supplies, which I kindly gave him, but he did not offer any help whatsoever, so if I were to get bored enough to ever play this level again, I would probably ignore him altogether.
SlashCo This was a surprisingly easy mission, especially compared to the ones before and after it. The key is the fact that the AI opponents start with little gold, so they'll never be able to mount a proper defense.

All I used to achieve victory were 6 fire ballistas (later increased to 9) and a couple dozen assassins. I'd roll the ballistas into place, neutralize the few crossbowmen and macemen in the castle, set fire to a few buildings, then march the assassins in and dispatch the lord. Rinse and repeat.

Economy-wise you will have no access to farmland, and limited access to stone and iron, so make the best of what you have. Set up a few woodcutters and fletchers (I had 4 of each), set them to craft crossbows and sell them for food. On half-rations with a chapel to balance the popularity, I did quite well.

Richard doesn't do much to help, but at least he serves as a shield between you and the four Pigs. I was never attacked once during this mission. Have fun!

[Edited on 08/18/05 @ 03:45 PM]

me_cool First I got ale up to +8 (I bought about 50 ale). Then i got my fearfactor up +5 stoped feeding them and taxed them a little. I made 2 lookout towers with 3 of my starting archers in each, they should take out any maceman that comes past Lionheart. Then I made a small gatehouse. I dug mote around me and inclosed my keep. I made lion heart 2 sqaure towers and put Magonals in them. They took out basicly everything the pigs had. because of taxes I made a little bit of gold. I maned all the sqaure towers with little crosbow men and they helped, then all I had to do was march about 30 macemen on each lord and they fell befor me. (Dont run your macemen through the gaps in the Pigs walls because he sets up killing spikes there so just simperly attack his walls).

Good luck ;)
Mane1730 easy stratgie: buy beer and rush with assasins^^
ThreeTowers Can someone tell me why missions 25-39 are harder than 40+ ?
ibballin ThreeTowers, it's because they want to offer a "break" so to speak. This could've well been switched with any mission prior.
archpaladin 20 macemen to rush the first pig. Have 7 lumberjacks. Make poleaxes.

Buy Iron make armor. [I played at 80 speed after first pig died]. use poleaxes+armor to make pikemen. Pikemen are MUCH more better than macemen when it comes to handling crossbowmen fire. I needed only 10 pikemen to beat the second and fourth pig. [Fourth pig is the northwestern most pig that's smothered by richard]. The third pig needed about 40 pikemen, that was overkill btw, I lost maybe 10 of them. Oh and I brought down the walls of the third pig.

And no, Richard isn't useless in this encounter. Richard smothered the second and the fourth pig making it a cakewalk for me. The third pig was kinda outta range, so had to deal with him myself.

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