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42 - Hope Valley

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Kester Mission 42 - Hope Valley

Mission 42 is pretty straightforward. You are allied with Saladin The Wise against three Lionhearts: Richard I, Richard II, and Richard III. You begin with 2000 gold, and the computer lords start with 8000 gold.

In the beginning place three woodcutters, a marketplace, one wheat field, one dairy farm, one apple farm, two iron mines, a barracks and an armory. The mill and bakeries can wait until after the first enemy is destroyed.

There's no need to build towers or walls in this mission. Three archers atop the keep are sufficient for defensive purposes. Your first inclination will be to attack Richard III, the grey lord, whose keep is to the north, which would give you control of half the map. Forget that idea! Richard I (in yellow) will constantly plague you and your ally with archers, horsemen and trebuchets, so attack him first. Your ally Saladin will already be engaged in battle against him, so it becomes a simple matter of marching to his aid with 20 macemen. Start the attack about April of year 0, and Richard I won't have his castle walls up yet. In my game he died in December of year 0.

Now you can build a mercenary post, hops farm, brewery, inn, bakeries, and mill. Use the money acquired from the defeat of Richard I to start weapon production: swords, armor, maces, and leather armor. Put up an engineer's guild and buy two trebuchets. Set the trebuchets against Richard III, launching cows to thin his ranks, as well as rocks to destroy his buildings. This is mostly to keep his forces at bay while you build your army. When your army reaches about 40 troops (any combination of macemen, swordsmen and Arabian swordsmen, but heavier towards the swordsmen), march against Richard III. Also, his troops spend a lot of time outside his walls by the oasis. Occasionally they'll get up and head north (for no apparent reason), leaving the castle largely defenseless... wait until they are thus preoccupied then attack. Richard III died in October of year 3.

Now is when the fun begins! Place additional iron mines to the north of your keep, and use the gold revenue to buy Arabian swordsmen. I built my army up to a strength of about 120, equal numbers macemen, swordsmen and Arabian swordsmen, plus half a dozen assassins. The macemen aren't very useful against Richard II, however they are very useful at taking down the gates if and when the assassins fail to do so. Order Saladin to attack Richard II a few game months before you join him. He'll agree, and Richard II's numbers will drop before you reach him. An army of 120 was really overkill, but I was enjoying my sudden wealth from the iron mines, and continually added troops as I watched Saladin attack Richard II.

During the final assault on Richard II, his castle will burn. Wait it out, rather than surrendering your troops to the flames (as I did a few times). Send just half a dozen macemen to his gates, holding back the rest of your army until the fire has depleted and the gates are down. Richard II was killed in June of year 9, and I still had 80+ troops at the end. I think I could have easily attacked sooner, but I was waiting in large part for his numbers to decrease first, as for much of the game he has the largest army.

A shorter mission than most, especially at this stage of the Crusader Trail. Enjoy!

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rdryan12000 A little tough to get started, but if set up right, this mission can essentially be won in the first 10 minutes.
2 things are absolutely essential:
1. Build a round tower as close to the nearest Richards' keep as possible, place a ballista in it, and a brazier, then buy 30 bows (NOT crossbows!) and recruit 30 archers. Place them in the tower where they can start raining fire down on Richards' castle.
2. As soon as his archers go down, send in your 3 spearmen and take out his barracks. For some stupid reason, he doesn't try to put up a 2nd one.
Now it's you who are in control.
Without archers nor the capacity to produce them, the nearest Richard gets mopped out by the archers in your tower.
By this time, you should have up the usual economic masterpieces; the granary (half rations!), an engineers guild, a marketplace, a barracks and armory, an inn, a brewery, a mill, a couple of wheat farms, and some woodcutters.
As wood comes in, increase iron production (for cash!) by placing 6 iron mines to the north.
Start placing bakeries (I ended up with 15), 2 more inns, a hop farm, and when all the inns reach +8 popularity, turn off taxes and food consumption for the remainder of the game. You will make a lot more money with food consumption off and selling vast mounds of bread than you will by taxation.
From here it's all elementary, Mr.Holmes.
Build up 12 fletchers set of crossbow, 5 tanners, 2 dairy farms, and start producing arms.
Buy in 10 maces and create 10 macemen to take out that close Richard, who should by now be nobody.
I used a force of 75 crossbow men and 10 catapults to take out the remaining 2 Richards in turn. The next Richard was engaging the Saladin so heavy that he didn't even notice me creeping up to his wall. The 10 catapults pounded him hard, and the crossbow men did a fine job. My remaining 8 macemen finished him off.
Same for the last Richard. I got close enough with the catapults to take out his nearest walls and towers, ordered the Saladin to attack, and when he did, I sent in 25 hastily recruited slaves and burned Richard out good.
By that time, the crossbows were at his walls, and he went down pretty easy.

Lord William I found that Saladin was able to keep the yellow Richard occupied, and even virtually destroyed him, quite easily. I focused my forces on the Lionheart to the North.

A well-placed tower or two can clear his walls and towers. After I allowed him to get enough stone to enclose his keep, I sent my spearmen near his gatehouse. They hid behind his tower, close enough for him to keep the gates closed, and his economy wa easily shutdown.

I wasn't attacked once during this mission, and with the two closest threats severely weakened, you can complete this one at our own pace. I dispatched the yellow Richard first, simply becuase Saladin was about to do so himself. Then the Lionheart to my North. Finally, Saladin and I launched a simultaneous assualt on the last rival and his completed castle. I simply rushed him with about 60 or more horse archers and the leftover melee troops from my attack on the other Richards. They consisted of 20 or so Arabian swordsmen.
Lord Dusthole Dear Kester, rdryan12000 & Lord William,

Are you SURE you have the same Hope Valley as I do?

None of your walkthroughs actually work because you all seem to have a much 'nicer' Richard III than I do. Mine decimates me the moment I start the game with overwhelming troops of archers, catapults and swordsmen. I get slaughtered EVERY time I try this battle yet you say such things as "I wasn't attacked once" !!!!

We can't be paying the same game, surely!!!


Lord Dusthole

[Edited on 08/12/05 @ 11:00 AM]

SlashCo As soon as the mission starts, set game speed to 20 and place a square tower as close as you can to the the Lionheart that's north of you. Fill it with archers and 5-10 crossbowmen, then demolish the stairs if you like. They'll keep the enemy busy and make sure he never builds up an army. Meanwhile, start training assassins and when you've got about a dozen, march in and dispatch the lord.

By this time, Saladin had managed to defeat the yellow Lionheart by himself, so it was us two versus the one remaining AI. I trust that if you've made it this far, it shouldn't be a problem. :)
stratter i dont know if anyone besides me downloads the files, but i can NOT get the file to do anything PLEASE HELP ME! IM DESPERATE!!!!
tallamtalli Stratter,

I have the file somewhere in mid way where in I am comfortably estableshed and I have a file just before I finish the last lord.

Howrever I do not know how to upload the same


Lord Duc Canard I know it, Just download it (red button) then it gets downloading.....ZZZZzzzz.....Then i get a file form Winrar.... i press 'close' and i copy the skirmish(.).sav to saves in the stonghold map....Done....
Lord Duc Canard About the game.... it was pretty easy. I got attack only 1 time (with 6 pikeman, 2 swordman and 7 archers. To kill the Richard north of you, you can also hire 5 horse archers, 25 slingers and 1/2 fire balistas (or 10 slaves), set alight his camp, most of his men will be killed if the fire reaches his peasant respawn place (next to keep). Then move the slingers/h. archers to his walls (his southern tower is still not erected by this time (when i played). and he has some stairs, then just move the slingers in 1 of his existing towers and hire 7 arab swordman (or your lord+5 spearman, if bad things not used), walk to his keep and kill him....Saladin has probably killed the yellow Richard, and will be busy fighting the blue one. Make some slingers and arab archers/horse archers (or use yours who still haven't died in the battle before). Now hire 15 arab swordman and go kill him....Easily done
Lord Deathmaster the walkthrough the 1st bud posted is too hard to follow
i didn't get nearly enough money from lionheart 1 to build up my economy and by the time he died my lord was gettin wrecked by lionheart north
what do i do?
vivek aka mrboo Very easy level, dont follow the walkthrough explained for this mission by the walkthrough author.

A simple idea, construct a tower close to lionheart castle and mount as many bow man as possible [Not arabian], buy bows since thier total cost is cheaper than arabian bowman.Place a balista over teh square tower.

Now important thing, use your slaves wisely to burn up the enemy barrack they constucted outside the castle. Once fire starts the whole castle of the lion heart will be in rumbles and ruins.

Your ally Saladin would have almost eliminated the other lionheart. Now build your economy, first thing to do is build mot so the third lion heart soldeiers doesnt enter your territory.Your tower placed near the 1st lionhear will kill him eventually if not march on with some arabain swordsman and finish him and you will get good gold for doing it.

Now use the same arabain swordsman to kill the lionheart near saladin, by this you willl get additional gold.

Building two more towers and placeing bowman near your castle will take care of defense.

Saladin might struggle intially agaist the third lionhear, but for sure he will kill him without even our help.
It took just 20 mts for me to complete this mission and I allowed Saladin lionheart fight without disturbance, and boy Saladin is real strong.
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