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43 - The Desert Warriors

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Stratego Mission 43 - The Desert Warriors

Seven opponents: Rat – Duke de Puce, Rat – the Marten, Rat – the Weasel, Rat – the Ferret, Rat- Duce Camembert, Rat- Duke Souris, Rat – Duke Morceaux

Starting capital for player: 10000 Gold – low number of units
Starting capital for each opponent: 10000 Gold – high number of units

In all the seven opponents are the weak characters of the Rat, but these Rats might become a quite severe problem, if you endow them with a high amount of resources, military units, and gold. Besides, your starting position is located in the midst of a desert without any green fertile areas, and just restricted access to wood and stone deposits at the beginning. For that reason, you must bring your initial gold coins to bear.

Site 1 granary, 5 stockpile elements, 3 woodcutters north-west of your keep, 1 market place, 2 huts, 1 inn, 1 engineers guild, 1 armoury and barracks. Raise the taxes up to “high taxes”, and then return to the market: Sell all your stocks of iron and pitch and buy stones for at least six squared towers. Place them close to your keep, two of them north, two east and the remaining two south of your keep. Connect them by walls and staff them with mangonels and engineers. Order “Attack here” in aiming at those deploying hostile units or their offensive ways in and outside the castles of the Ferret (south), the Weasel (north), and Duke Camembert (southeast). After that, buy in crossbows and leather arms as much as possible and recruit many crossbowmen as mad.

Immediately send them up on your towers. Repeat this procedure several times and supplement your defensive garrison by some Arabian archers (erect one mercenary post!). The assaults of the seven Rats will be in full progress, so that you should replace a few destroyed mangonels. As soon as you count about 70 crossbowmen and 30 Arabian archers, your position will be under control. Eventually add more squared or round towers to strengthen your defensive position by staffing the towers with additional archers and crossbowmen. Use the western stone deposits by placing two or three quarries and five ox tethers. Destroy these hostile quarries there with a handful of Arabian swordsmen mustered at the mercenary post. With the help of this massive stone production, you finally will get a proper commodity, good for sale on your market place. Use these necessary gold funds for the purchase of various foodstuffs and “fresh” troops (Arabian swordsmen). Step up ale production before ale reserves are running out. When your three direct neighbours are isolated, you’ll be able to attack them with one or two battering rams assisted by a small group of 20 Arabian swordsmen and a few Arabian horse archers or crossbowmen. Now you can use those former hostile green oases for your own food production.

The four remaining “Ratty” opponents you should eliminate by reliable siege methods: Crossbowmen, fire ballistas, battering rams and swordsmen. Besides, a few churches or one cathedral is very useful to achieve a high popularity, and logically for higher taxes! When the Green Rat and the Orange Rat finally are fallen, you will be even in a position to mine iron quite near their former castles on the southern map’s border. Then you’ll be able to build up an autarkic weapon machinery based on iron, like blacksmiths and armouries (to recruit pikemen, knights or swordsmen).
This Skirmish mission #43 isn’t as hard as many others before and a quite relaxing scenario, revealing many possible solutions for every kind of player.



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rdryan12000 Well, this was a rather mundane one!
Put up the granary, the armory, the barracks, and buy in enough leather armor and maces to produce 30 macemen. Immediately march them north and dispatch the Rat located there, before he can muster up any real defences. You get a bunch of gold for killing him, so use this to buy stone.
I then built a round tower on the southside of my keep, (attached to the keep), a gatehouse a little to the west, and another gatehouse to the south, and walled off the area, forming a square large enough to fit just my priciple buildings inside. Hovels I later sited north of the keep, outside the walls.
Put a ballista in the round tower, man it with engineers, and buy in 30 bows (NOT crossbows!).
Produce 30 archers, putting 15 in the tower, 5 on the keep, and 5 on each gatehouse. Produce 20 crossbowmen, buying in their arms, and put up 2 more southern round towers. Man each round tower with 10 crossbow men and a ballista.
I also recruited 5 arabian swordsmen, and placed them on the keep.
At one point, during an attack by an outrageous number of enemy spearmen, they broke through and reached the keep, but the swordsmen there stopped them in their tracks pretty good.
Now you can concentrate on production. Put up 10 woodcutter shacks in the small clump of woods just north of your keep, and let them cut the area flat. When they clear this area, knock down these shacks and set them up in the far north of the map. You should have also placed 2 hops farms and 2 wheat farms up there. I also put up 4 stone quarries west of the keep, along with 12 ox tethers.
Stone production picks up pretty good, and use the cash to buy up arms for 50 crossbow men and 8 ballistas. I also built 5 catapults.
Then, begin a systematic attack on each of the rats in turn, first heading south, then southeast, then east, finally north.
This small force should be enough to take care of all the rats in the game, who don't seem to be very interested in doing anything at all.
Towers are not an issue here, but Rats do build some mazes of castles, so I used the caapults primarily to make a, shall we say, straighter route into their keeps.
Macemen were used to finish off each of the Lords in turn.
The last 2 rats I got bored of smashing with catapults (it seemed like overkill, after all), so I recruited 5 assassins and used them to open enemy gatehouses, allowing my macemen to enter and dispatch the rat lords.
Interestingly, while marching toward the rat located in the far eastern corner, I watched as about 200 enemy rat troops walked right past me. I don't know where they were intending to go, or what they were intending to do, but they sure didn't seem to have a problem with my crossbow men mowing them down.
Out of about 200 enemy spearmen, I believe 12 made it successfully accross the river, and with no losses to any of my troops the entire time!
Anyway, this level is a sleeper. If its a battle you want, look to a different mission. Someone put the rat troops on 'dumb' pills for this one.

Skasian LOL.. what do i have to say, the Rats greatest weakness is that he doesn't uses and armoured unit. With 10000 to start with this mission is EASY EASY EASY.

Start off with granary, 2 houses, mercanary post. PUMP Horse archers like mad. Then Get Quarries/Ox tethers up and Produce bread for food (buy wheat). Once u have like 20 horse archers take them for a walk around the top rat's base and continue to produce more horse archers, then assains once all his archers are dead. Build all ur building north/northwest of your keep as once the north rat is dead there will be no resistance from the top. I didn't even bother walling my base at all. Just run horse archers around every rats base then, assains to finish lords off. SOOOO EASY.

The oncomin spearmen at the start are not that many and your 5 archers that you start with are sufficient with your LORD. More your lord outside your keep and actually GO and FIGHT the spearmen! until u can get enough horse archers the come down and defend. I prefer horse archers as they are agile and can move while they are fighting and will beat any AI Army if you have 100 of them and the can be used for both offense and defense easily with not much skill required. If you want to go seige machines then feel free to do so.
Colonel32 this misson was so much fun...

Granary, armory, 2 houses, merchants, barracs... buy maces and leather armour, buy macemen, attack the guy to the north, keep buying macemen. when one rat is finished, take all the macemen and race to the next one. Everytime you kill a rat you get some gold, so keep buying new macemen and enlarging your army. You can take them out all using just the macemen
apuya24 oh man this mission was easy...

granary, 3 woodcutters merc post, barracks, armory, 2 quarrys, marketplace, a couple of hovels, crossbow fletchers, then an engineer guild. i also bought some wood as my woodcutters were getting sawed by archers and spearmen.

waht i did next was buy some stone, place some towers and stuffed them with arabian archers and mangonels as soon as possible. then i got about 30 assasins and killed the rat north of me and east of me. haha when the rat in the south ventured out of his castle to kill my archers in my nearby castle, i got my own lord to kill him...the rest was really easy

[Edited on 07/11/06 @ 12:48 PM]

liberty too easy for this far on !!!!
i used 50 macemen at the start to kill the three nearest rats straight off . then built a wall with 50 archers on in two small defence towers . mined stone , made ale , chopped wood , and set up 10 - 15 fletchers making crossbows purely for profit.
my archers handled any assault with ease.
i then set religon up to +8 and ale coverage to +8 . this let me function without food and raise taxes.
the rest goes without saying
stronghold_girl i tried this one and got killed the first 2 times, but then i got it. i killed the three rats, then got their farmland. i rased a huge army, then attacked the last 4 rats. this was prety hard though.u won't get through it on yuor first try
XGrimorgX Like many people said, quite a simple scenario and very fun to rush. Recruit like 20 horse archers and put them on patrol outside a rat's base and then like 20 assassins and trigger the barracks first. He can't recruit any unit anymore then and you get a lot less resistance of just built troops as well as more gold. Repeat the trick while recruiting more horse archers and you can wipe them out in one big sweep! The best rat killed 9 of my units :P
marshalln this mission is so easy!!

first set up all the, armoury,ect.

buy 30 maces,30 leather,make macemen(of coarse) attack the rat to the north... once he's dead buy another 10 macemen and with the macemen from that you already have you can take the one to the south..then another 10 or 20 macemen and attck the one to the east..and the rest is easy!!!EASYY
wallywal Here is a small tip for this mission:

right at the start get your lord to kill the rat north of you. Than you get about 5000 gold, use that to kill the rat south of you.

Lord Dredde
(id: lord dredde)
This was the easiest one,just train horse archers then use them to lay down surpressing fire,while you concentrate on building your army-i used pikemen/archers but macemen are just as good-the rat is useless in military terms,akin to an itch,remember in sh1 where he says 'like i would brush a fly' well he is that fly!LD

[Edited on 03/31/08 @ 06:25 PM]

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