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Stronghold Crusader: Walkthroughs » 44 - A Plague of Sand

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44 - A Plague of Sand

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Kester Mission 44 - A Plague of Sand

In Mission 44 you face six opponents, two versions each of the Pig, the Snake, and the Rat. They each begin with 2000 gold, and you receive 4000. This is not an especially difficult mission. It's rather straightforward, but it will take time to continually build up your army to attack each of your opponents.

My favorite strategy to use when I begin with more gold than the enemy is to immediately buy enough macemen to take them out before they can build their castle walls. I tried that in this mission, but it didn't work. Everyone in this game begins with more troops than in most missions: you will start with 50 archers, 12 swordsmen, and 5 knights. I did defeat the first enemy, but as he also had a stronger defending army, the cost was too high for me to want to continue with that plan.

Restarting the game, here is my strategy: Build up your economy first. Placement in this mission is ideal: you have a corner of the map to yourself with easy access to wood, iron, stone, and farmland. I used my initial financial advantage to set up weapon production: 3 shops of each type. To defend the farms and quarries, I set up a series of look-out towers and manned them with archers, crossbowmen, and Arabian archers. Place 1 or 2 macemen, pikemen or swordsmen at their bases to prevent the enemy from climbing up and killing your archers. Once everything is set up, it's just a matter of waiting for the weapons and gold (via stone) to roll in so that you can build your army. While waiting, build an engineers' guild and make several catapults.

I attacked each of the opponents in the same way:

1 - Set your catapults to take down the walls. Be sure to defend them with archers and other troops, or they'll be destroyed by enemy macemen and crossbowmen. This is a good mission to fling cows, as the enemy troops seemed to gather outside the castle walls.

2 - Send slaves to set fire to their fields, and spearmen to stop their stone production.

3 - Once the walls are down, send in your troops to kill the enemy lord. I had about 15 spearmen, 25 macemen, 25 swordsmen and 25 pikemen each time.

Except for Snake, Duc Beauregard, I basically worked counterclockwise. This was my order of attack:
1 - Rat "The Stoat" (aqua) - July of year 3
2 - Snake, Duc Beauregard (blue) - January of year 6 (I attacked him second, as he had become quite a nuisance sending troops to set fire to my quarries)
3 - Pig, Duc Truffe (orange) - August of year 10
4 - Pig, the Duke of Pigsbury (yellow) - July of year 14
5 - Rat, Duc de Puce (purple) - December of year 15
6 - Snake, Earl Doubletongue (gray) - October of year 17

Between the last two attacks the gold and weapons were streaming in. I built my army up to six catapults and 200 troops, deciding on overkill to trounce the final Snake.

Have fun!
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rdryan12000 This is a map we've played before.
Buy in enough stone to place 2 small gatehouses, one north of the keep giving access to the stone quarries and very near the mountain rocks, the other to the east, giving access to the nearest piece of grassland. Build 2 round towers, one a little bit south of the eastern gatehouse, and one north of that, positioned to protect both the grassland, and the quarry.
Wall the whole thing off, using the natural rock formations to tie in to and reducing the amount of stone you'll need.
Put up a barracks and armory, an inn, 6 woodcutter shacks west of the keep in the wooded area there, a stone mine on the northern quarry, 2 ox tethers with it, a brewery, a mill, and a bakery.
Don't forget the granary! Half rations!
Now, buy in as many bows (NOT crossbows!) as you can afford, and place 5 on each gatehouse, and the remainder divided up between the 2 towers. Set up braziers all around.
I also put up a hops farm and a wheat farm on the nearest piece of grassland.
Now begins production. Keep taxes off in this one, and concentrate on mining and selling bread for cash. The no-taxes will allow you to turn off food consumption early, selling everything you produce.
You will also need a large waterpot in the north, between your gatehouse and the quarry, and a small well next to your farms.
As wood comes in, use it to put up 6 iron mines in the southern area, and another stone quarry.
Sell stone as it comes in to buy bows and recruit new archers. I ended up with 30 in each round tower and 10 on each gatehouse.
I also put up 5 lookout towers, with 5 archers each, right next to the stone quarries, and as far north as they would let me go. Lots of enemy slaves run in through here, and stray arrows from enemy archers tend to pick off your oxen, which is frustrating, so it took this extra effort to make stone production start to run well.
When everything is secure at the quarries, put up as many stone mines as space allows (I had 8) and another dozen ox tethers, and watch the stone (and cash) roll in.
I also added another 4 iron mines, but who would want the job of these poor fellows? Carrying those ingots all that way?
Anyhow, with my stone mines secured, I added 2 more round towers in the east, forming a nice protection for my farms, and put up another 2 wheat farms. As more wood came in (when wood is available, wait for it to come in if you can instead of buying it wholesale), I set up 15 bakeries and begin selling bread.
With money in the bank, I began crossbow production by putting up 3 fletchers (for some reason, these 3 fletchers produced more crossbows than I've ever seen before!) and started buying in leather arms (cows are too hard to keep alive with so many enemy archers lurking amongst the bushes).
When I had 55 crossbow men, I put up the engineers guild and created 16 engineers, who then built 6 fire ballistas and 2 catapults.
I dragged this army, along with my swordsmen, south to the first Rat castle.
When they got close enough, the catapults pounded a hole in the wall and I sent my swordsmen in under heavy crossbow cover. The rat fell quickly, and after that, I headed counter-clockwise, taking out each enemy Lord in turn.
At this point I had by far the strongest force on the table, and, although I added a few macemen and some assassins(to open enemy gatehouses) at one point, the crossbow men and ballista force held strong till the end, with 21 crossbow men and 3 ballistas from my original force surviving.
One thing...make sure you congregate your macemen at the enemy Pig firepits, because his Lord is strong, and can take out a lot of macemen if you are sending them in there in a line. Pack 'em up on him!
Overall, this was a rather like an economic venture, as none of the enemy forces every really posed a serious threat. Even in the early stages, the biggest scare I got was a few Pig macemen knocking down a couple of short sections of my castle wall. But they were unable to get inside before my archers picked them off.
Enemy slaves coming down the northern pass and setting fire to your stone quarries can be a nuisance. Even with 25 archers in the towers right there, some quarries did catch fire. If you are having too much problem with this, use some wood to put a line of killing pits in the enemy slaves way. That is the best way to deal with them buggers!

vivek aka mrboo Rather easy mission at the end, I found mission 33 a lot tougher than this one. A simple plan is to build a Gatehouse near the stone query and place 30 bowman [Not arabian]

1]build market, 2 house, 4]stockpile and 1 Armoury. Buy 50 bows and and train 50 bowman and place 30 on the gatehouse built near the stone querry.

2]Build another Gatehouse near the souther side of the keep to protect slaves entering ur castle the other side, place 20 bowman in it.

3]Now dug moat and keep the castle enclosed.

4]Run the game in speed 20

5]PLace 6 wood cutters, and a church and two stone querry and some ox carts.

7]Build a granery, then 2 inn and 6 fletchers to produce crossbow.

Cross bow yeilds a lot of money in this mission.

8]place 2 ale forms near ur castle near your gatehouse and make sufficeint ale to meet your popularity.

9]I again tried negative popularity which worked wonders and this is the best mission to try it.

10]make some cross bowman place them on the fields, i would recommend 60 and stop the crucial economical funds for rat,snake and pig.

11]Now buy weapon and make 100 swordsman which will be enough to kill atleast 3-4 opponents. Another 100 swordsman will finish the mission for u

Rather easy mission, you can speed up te game once you settled.

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