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45 - Sandstorm

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Stratego Mission 45 - Sandstorm

4 opponents: Sultan Abdul, Sultan Ahmed, Sultan Mustapha, Sultan Hashim

Starting capital for player: 3000 gold, high amount of resources, low number of units

Starting capital for each opponent: 40000 gold

The four enemy characters of the Sultan cut out the production of siege equipment, so that you can concentrate on an initial defence by archers. Moreover, the four Sultans altogether are defensively minded, so that you will get a lot of time until they launch the first attacks.

In the beginning, of this mission erect the following buildings: 1 granary, 5 stockpile elements, 2 apple orchards, 1 dairy farm, 4 woodcutters, 4 huts, 2 quarries and 4 ox tethers, and 1 market place. Then you must buy more wood continuing the further expansion of your settlement: 4 iron mines, two or three pitch rigs, 1 barracks, 1 armoury, 6 fletchers (4 crossbows – 2 bows!), 1 brewery, 2 inns (high taxes!) and 1 engineers guild.

After these preparations of your basic structure, you have to secure your position by a simple wall to enclose your keep, completely! Later on, after the first stones have reached in your stockpile, you should strengthen your wall by crenellations. Add four wall stairs and build in one big gatehouse and at least two squared towers on each corner of your castle. Afterwards, go to the market, sell all your pitch, the grain, and iron for the purchase of leather arms. Immediately recruit all available archers and crossbowmen and send them up on the northern walls, the gatehouse, and the towers. Until the Sultans will attack, you should have a defensive garrison of about 30-40 archers standing by.
For a stronger protection, it’s always helpful to dig moats around your castle. You can use different units for this job like macemen, archers, slaves, or engineers, whoever seems to be qualified subjectively. I also placed pitch ditches in front of my castle as a deadly firetrap against the hostile attacking troops.

Continue recruiting more archers and crossbowmen – I guess, 70 of them placed on your walls should give you the security to repel all concentrated enemy assaults, even by four opponents at the same time!

Now is the time to muster a “small” army of about 80-100 archers and crossbowmen for your offensive. Go east with these forces accompanied by about 15 engineers and start your siege with the assistance of 3 or 4 trebuchets placed in front of the long and sandy dunes leading straight across the map (by the way, don’t forget using shields!) Beware of those sleeping lions in the little wood nearby! In the meantime, recruit about 40 swordsmen in selling iron and stones for purchasing armours and swords. Order this group of crusaders towards the eastern Sultan Hashim, where your archers and crossbowmen are advancing closer to the Sultan’s Castle, so that he will be prevented from repairing any destroyed walls and gates. This is the right moment for your swordsmen to take the castle by storm. Fetch reinforcements and eliminate the remaining Sultans by applying the same (or similar) strategy, that shoul work at any case!
Enjoy and good luck!


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rdryan12000 Here is a fun one. With ample stone resources in your backyard, and enough gold to set up, defence is the first thought in mind.
Don't buy bows! The Sultans attack with hoardes of arabian swordsmen and you need crowwbow men to effectively penetrate their armor.
So here is what I did:
Set up 2 stone mines and 2 ox tethers directly south of your keep. Then, also south, and up against the back wall of the map, place the marketplace, a barracks and armory, an engineers guild, an inn, a mill, a bakery, and a brewery.
Put up 2 wheat farms on the grassland located beside your keep.
Then, buy in some stone and put up 2 round towers just a bit north of your keep and on either side of it. Connect them with a wall, and bring the walls right straight down to the bottom of the map, so that you get the Keep Is Enclosed notice.
Put ballista in the towers, and buy in 30 crossbows and leather armor, recruiting 30 crossbow men, placing 15 in each tower.
I also recruited 12 slaves and had them dig a moat all around the outside of my castle in a big upside-down U shape. Careful with enemy archers hiding in the north...they pick off your slaves pretty quick. I had to keep a close eye on my slaves the whole time, and retreat them back inside twice when threatened. But they should get the moat dug eventually.
By now, stone should be hitting the pile, so sell it and buy in 30 more crossbows and leather, doubling the men in your towers.
I had put up woodcutter shacks around the stone mines to cut down the trees there, and as wood came in, I added 3 more stone mines, 4 ox tethers, 4 iron mines, 4 more bakeries, and 3 fletchers set on crossbow.
With some more stone, put up 2 more round towers on the left and right, connected to the walls, and man them with ballista and, as cash allows, 10 crossbow men each.
By now, with the crossbows helped by the moat, defences are stable and you can concentrate on building an army.
I put up 2 more inns and a hops farm, and with ale flowing, I turned off taxes and started selling bread.
Pretty soon I had 75 crossbow men and 15 fire ballista for a strike force, and, after setting up a large gatehouse and drawbridge on the western side of the moat, marched them out to attack the western most Sultan.
They each had a couple of towers with crossbow men, so I constructed 4 catapults back home, moved them up, and took down the nearer towers. Then it was a simple matter of marching the army up to the wall and having them mow down everything inside.
10 macemen were then sent up to take out the enemy Lord.
I continued in this manner east until the last Sultan fell.
Even though they had sent some pretty good sized gangs of arabian swordsmen against me, I found that their castles lacked much of a challenge.
Really, the most fun in this one is defence. For even more fun, skip the moat dig and rely on your crossbow men to take out enemy troops. Some get through and in to your castle, but I held a reserve of 6 arabian swordsmen on top of my keep, and they protected my Lord well enough.
Skasian To hold off pretty much all of the 4 Sultan's attacks, directly north of your keep, not too far out. Build 1 round tower and then enclose ur keep however u like. All u need to do is fill up this round tower with at least 25 crossbows and you can survive for AGES... sultan always attacks there and will never attack from the sides.
SlashCo This mission is pretty straightforward. The enemies start at a reasonable distance from you and aren't especially aggressive, so you shouldn't have trouble defending yourself. The Sultans don't use siege equipment, so a few towers filled with crossbowmen & ballistas will be enough to repel their attacks.

The biggest problem when attacking them is that due to their large supply of cash, they'll keep spam-creating arabian swordsmen virtually as fast as you can kill them, so try taking out their mercenary camp then targeting the campfire with horse archers, to take out new peasants as soon as they appear. Battering ram brings down the gatehouse, then your own swordsmen should finish the job.
me_cool This mission is extreamly easy. I tried this stratergy just to see what would happen: I placed woodcutter huts outside everyones gate house exept mine. I took out two of the four Sultans that way but then the other two destroy there walls and marched about 1000 arabian knights against me and I got absoultly dominated. The way i beat it was: I made walls and sqaure towers and put ballista in them. I also put a heap of crossbow men i them and they depleted evey attack given to me. I made heaps of iron and stone prudces. I made heaps of gold this way. I always use stratergys to defeat missions so I felt like a change. I made about 400 arabian swords men and killed them all.

Good luck.
stress I find it useful to build a MOAT. Nothing easyer then that, none of the sultan's troops dig moats. Put up like three towers with crossbowen behinf the moat and you should be fine. As for the attack, use crossbowmen and swordsmen.
Lord of Games this mission is realitively easy to be such a high number ( excvept for the fact your up against 4 oppenets who have 40000 and a hilltop advantge). all you have to do is make 7 stockpiles 4 wheat farms in the place closest to you (bellow you)3 hoppes (sorry if thats spelled wrong i suck at spelling)to the left and 2 cow farms to the right.

then build a granary, market( buy 40 wood) 3 wood cutter huts a barracks a amroury a merc. post and then( yes i forgot to put periods) buy 25 xbows and 25 leather armour ( sell things if you have to)

for gold make 4 breweries and 3 inns and set taxes to mean or whatever gives -8 popularity. then make 6 bakeries and 1 mill. and raise to extra rations. ( forgot to put in build 8 hovels)

to get troops make 2 bow places, 1 spear place, 3 sword places, and 2 armour places.

make 3 stone quarries and 6 ox's. build 3 round towers when you can (build one near hop farms and another near cow farms and another as far infront of your keep as possibol) man the front one with 10 bow men and 15 xbow men and one ballitae ( 4 portable sheilds in each) and the others with 5 of each archer thing ( xbow men and archers) and ballistae.

to seige the sultan use 40 xbowmen and 15 swords men and 20 fire ballistae

i did leave out some things as i did not want to take 48 hours to type this.
XGrimorgX If you get your economy going it's one of the easiest missions. I used about all the gold on buying wood for wheatfarms, mills and bakeries for lots of food. Fill the 3 closest ironpatches with as many mines as possible and then the same for stone (like 12 mines with double the ox thethers)
That should get the cash flowing and by the time the sultans attack you have enough cash to get a load of engineers to make fire ballista's (I had about 8 for the first wave) and one or 2 groups of horse archers of 20 patrolling close to the fire ballista's. The archers and slingers are easy prey for the horse archers and his swordmen won't do much against a couple fire ballista's.
Next step was building about a dozen round towers and get some ballista's on top with a couple archers to stop the incoming enemies. By that time you have more cash than you can spend from selling iron and stone so building an army is easy. Targeting the sultans merc post with a catapult and then a few units close so he can't rebuild and then send in the heavy troops to finish him off. In the end I had close to 100k gold :)
marshalln lol i trapped the 2 sultans to the east and they just kept making swordsmen...seriously he had like 300 was nuts and when i let them out the first time i had all my crossbowmen behind their castle and they killed me!!

not makin that mistake again :)
Reid I havent quite made it to this level... But I know how easy it is to kill sultans... Just get iron, stone ect. and sell it, then hire a bunch of assasins. Sultans arent very good against strong guys.
Lord Deathmaster i found that if you can start out strong you won't have a problem
place you granary to your left past the resources but not too far away.

put your maket place anywheres close to the stockpile.
add 3 stockpiles to form a square.
buy like 350 wood and put down 3 iron buildings for now and 2 quarries each with 2 ox tethers

then buy enough stone to place 3 sqaure towers in a line in front of your castle about 20 tiles up(mine were 16 away and i was fine)put ballistas in all 3 an man them immediatly buy about 60 bows(not all at once) and put at least 20 bowman in each tower

you should survive the first attack easily (i had 10 archers in each tower and i lived)

for the offensive i used 20-30 horse archers to weaken the slingers and brought in maybe 12 swordsmen to kill the lords

after killing the the last sultan i had 11 horse archers and 6 swordsmen left

EDIT: i forgot to put the "1" in my attack force numbers
i attacked each sultan with 120-130 to weaken the slingers and 121 swordsmen

[Edited on 07/17/08 @ 07:28 AM]

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