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47 - The Lost Sea

Author File Description
Stratego Mission 47 - The Lost Sea

4 opponents:
Sultan Abdul,
Sultan Ahmed,
Saladin, the Wise Man,
Saladin, the Just Man

Ally: Richard, Lionheart

Starting assets for player: 3.000 gold, high quantity of resources, low number of units
Starting assets for each opponent: 40.000 gold, high quantity of resources, medium number of units

Skirmish #47 is an easier task, but it could get out of hand in a vicious battle. Those two Saladin characters will always guarantee a lengthy siege mission!

Erect your granary southwest of your keep near the southern map’s edge. Build up the first three squared or round towers west of your starting point. Staff these towers with 3 mangonels and about 10 archers on top of each tower and tear down one wall stairs element. The mangonels should attack the heart and centre of Sultan Ahmed’s castle. He won’t be back on his feet again by applying this siege strategy.

The basic and essential buildings are:

6-8 stockpile elements, 3 woodcutters, 3 apple orchards, 3 dairy farms, 1 market place, 1 mercenary post, 2 huts, 2 quarries and 4 ox tethers, 1 engineers guild, 2 churches, 3 inns, 2 breweries, 3 or 4 iron mines, 5 fletchers (crossbows!), 1 armoury, 4 tanners, 1 barracks, 3 blacksmiths, 2 armourers, 2 or 3 stables (for knights!).

Additionally erect two squared or round towers next to Richard’s castle manning them with ballistas and some crossbowmen. Thus, you’ll support your ally against the first assaults especially by Saladin the “Just Man”.
First of all eliminate Sultan Ahmed, your western opponent by ordering about 30 swordsmen, 20 crossbowmen and one battering ram in front of his castle. Clear the way with your battering ram, break through the walls and take his stronghold by storm with your swordsmen. After that, immediately aid your ally Richard by sending numerous crossbowmen up on his walls and towers to put a stop to the attacks of Saladin the Wise Man. Then start conquering Sultan Abdul’s castle in applying the same siege tactics that worked well before against Sultan the Just Man. In all probability, Richard Lionheart will do his bit with some catapults.

From now on you should coordinate all your activities and final attacks by asking Richard for help against the two Saladin opponents. Protect your ally’s catapults and attack with your swordsmen simultaneously with Richard’s advancing forces. Plenty of resources and time are available for you to eliminate these two remaining enemies. By the way, watch out a little for your western defensive line…!



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rdryan12000 This is not a difficult mission, but it is best attempted in small steps.
Set up the usual economic marvels south of your keep. Then, put up 2 round towers, side by side, as near to the western Sultan as you can go. Build a barracks and armory and buy in 30 crossbows and leather armor. Recruit 30 crossbow men and put 15 in each round tower. Also place a ballista in each tower, and man them with engineers.
You can decide yourself if you want to help out Richard in this one. I did, by buying 15 bows and recruiting 15 archers, which I then placed in Richards' southeast square tower. Richard attacks the east Sultan pretty hard, and with the help of my bowmen managed to reduce this opponent to not much more than the keep. At this point I casually walked in with 15 arabian swordsmen and killed the Sultan, claiming 7300 gold.
I also took out the Sultan to my west side with 2 trebuchets, which I used to blast down a gatehoue, and then turned it on the his mercenary tent, as he was producing a lot of home guard troops with it. I had to keep destroying the mercenery tent, but managed to keep it down long enough that the 15 arabian swordsmen managed to get to the keep and take out the Sultan.
Now, you can relax and grow. Richard holds his side of the map well, and you can concentrate on the western Saladin. I tried an attack on the eastern Saladin first, but walking past Richards' keep killed off half my troops, as Richards' tower mangonels were on constant fire, and he kept striking right into the middle of my troops. So I turned them around and went the opposite direction.
The Saladins are somewhat tougher, as they man towers with mangonels and ballista, but a couple of trebuchets, well protected with 60 crossbowmen, managed to take the towers down one by one, and then the crossbows moved up to the wall and mowed everything down.
An alternative approach would be horse archers targeting the tower troops as they ride past, the a battering ram to take down a gatehouse, followed by an invasion force of 15 swordsmen or so.
Or, even more fun, go in with 4 small groups of assassins and get them to take the nearest towers and the gatehouse, then march in 50 slaves and set the place on fire. A dozen swordsmen should take care of the rest.
Anyhow, both Saladins fell in turn.
There was no real defensive component to this mission...Getting off to a quick start by putting up the 2 round towers and manning them with crossbow men proved effective in holding off any enemy attacks I had to face.
The Saladins worst attacks on my castle involved groups of horse archers, so I created 15 more crossbow men and placed them right on my keep, and they held off this threat very well.

I must stress that when you kill a lord in this level you aquire a large amount of gold.

Start - I suggest you build the bar bones (barracks, weapons store, grainery, two hovels for fast unit production, market, and a few stockpiles).

Generate 40 bowmen via the market. While you're waiting on the pesant respawn drop two round towers as close to your left most enemy as possible. Run your bowman to the top and knock down the stairs. In short order they should bring this lord to his knees and inflict enough damage to his merc. swordsmen that you can kill him with ten macemen with little trouble.

NOTE: This should be close to the end of your money, but fear not. This pound the face, supressive fire method paid off with 9,000+ gold for killing the lord.

This puts you in an intersting possition. Your left side is defended by these two towers full of bowmen and the Richard to your right can hold his own (maybe throw a tower over there to back him up). This gives you 10 G's to build a massive infrastructure in complete safty, no hiring of defensive troops draining your 10K. I bought something like 600 wood and just went crazy. Full coverage on the iron deposit, four quarries, six fletchers, 100 population, full ale coverage, wheat to bread food supply, the works.

Then, I basically worked counter-clockwise around the map taking out lords (i found my Richard ally helped out quite a bit).

I won't get into too many details, but if you make this big score from dropping the lord to your left in the first minutes of the game you can't loose. The amount of money and arms you'll be generating from putting your winnings into production is unfounded. I almost felt like I was cheating. I'll also note that the Saladin in grey gave me 13,000+ gold when I dropped him. I stopped all porduction, bought 5 extra weapons stores, purchased everything I thought I might want arms wise, and converted all my people into troops. My finger literally got tired from clicking. 120 cross bows here, 90 mace men there, it was work. The numbers were out of control. I won't go indepth, but I did construct 38 catapults.

These fire at a lower trajectory than trebuchets. Thus, everything in front of the target is taken down as well. I had so many I simply marched right at the last stronghold until I could target the back towers (who cares if i loose a few in the process with such a surplus). One click and three vollies later I had complety deleted one side of the castle. Change targets to the other side, fire, and there was nothing left. It was the COOLEST thing I've ever seen in this game. I completely deleted everything but some walls in the back.

Suprisingly easy level and I found the Saladins, who ussually require an active/long siege, went down very quickly due to the Richard ally softening them up with constant catapult hurassment.
Lord Deathmaster this was a lot easier than i thought it would be

i started by putting up my granary and market place then i added 3 stocks to form a square
i then put in 5 wood huts the barracks and a merc post with an armoury. also i put in one quarry 2 oxen and 3-4 iron deposits. for weapons i made 8 fletchers on normal bows to save money
i then built a wall that went from the northern rocks to the southwest until i hit a tree then i brought the wall south
for food i had one apple orchard 4 wheat farms 2 cow farms 9 bakeries and 2 mills
i put the starting archers along with 20 more i bought from the market on the walls then when i had enough stone i built 2 square towers along the southwest wall and added a small gatehouse
i put a mangonel and a ballista in the towers
by now somewhere's in this walkthrough the lionheart starts to get destroyed
i sent 32 of the archers that my fletchers produced to help him and he was fine
a fire ballista wouldn't hurt to send to him either
when the lionheart was back together he wreaked havoc on the sultan near him. I waited until he was almost gone and sent some assassins to finish off the sultan for extra cash
after this defeat the lionheart didn't stop he attacked the sultan beside me and killed him before my assassins could get there
i added to my weapon now to test what was best against the saladins
i ended up with macemen xbows and fire ballistae
send the ballistae in first to ruin the economy and then use xbows to protect the macemenfrom arrow fire while they knocked down the gatehouse and walls i killed the saladin on the left while the lionheart destroyed his saladin with loads of siege units
all in all not a hard mission when you're well defended

Lord Kripta Pice of cake.... start as above mentioned, grenery, 4 woodcutters, stockpile and the 2 round towers as near to your left enemy as possibele. 40 arcshers and keep the enemy busy, sell all the iron, and piches and make 20 maceman and wait the right moment to attack the left one.
After u've done u get 9k+ gold... now go mad and fill up the iron depozit to make more gold
make chrch chapel and chatedral, 2 inns and rise the taxes as high as posibble, make also 4 houses during all of this. make mill, farms and all economy stuff to gather food.
Now, make 90-100 horse arhers and 40 moks(these guys are realy hard in mele combat)
Now, go and eliminate the naighbor of Richard (first the 100 horse archers than bring in the monks and kill the lord) Urecive more gold
make more horse archers(~+50) and also 50 macemen (the previos 20 or what remained, keep them at your towers just in case)
Repet the previous strategy with the blue player and during bombarding his archers destroy his baracks.. and repeat the same thing with the last player... so simple... if u have a good start u finish this mission in 6-7 game years at least.
Good luck

P.S.: sorry for my spelling mistakes :P

[Edited on 03/05/10 @ 01:29 AM]

shareef Simple piece of cake, started with granary, market, 10 or so woodcutters, as many houses as you need, two square towers left, mounted with balista, and 30 Xbowmen, (buy weapons and train), buy more wood, place 5 or 6 quarries, enough oxen tethers, full use of iron deposits, make a few offensive melee troops and execute Sultan Ahmed to the left. (That doesn't need to be macemen, 35 slaves can easily kill a lord, so any melee cheap unit can do).

I got 9600 gold for doing so. Mount the other tower with Xbowmen and shields, and build a tower adjacent to the north-eastern tower of the lionheart, I filled that one with 50 Xbows and no shields, I also placed 25 HAs near the south eastern tower and 5 balistae near south western one, that way, I was immune to any attacks from any side.

Lionheart began bullying sultan abdul ... I wouldn't call it an attack, it was just bullying ... so I decided to put sultan out his misery and killed him.

Now to the 2 saladins, I tried to kill the one to the north west normally, a few catas to bring down the walls, and a macemen rush to get rid of the Lord, but that didn't work because he had 250 troops stacked on his keep and my 80 macemen died.
I tried again, but it didn't work either. So I launched a full scale attack, it consists of skirmishing, breaching, clearing and killing.

50 Knights took out every building outside the castle: farms, quarries, everything then I started building the army, 75 Xbows 50 or so shields, 20 catas, 15 fire balistae, and 30 macemen, and I trained 1 more knight because one died during the skirmish, I cleared off his outside buildings (again) cleared off every one inside, burned down the castle, and moved in for the kill using macemen. Simple. I did the same for the other saladin... Have fun

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