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48 - Hades

Author File Description
Sparrow Mission 48 - Hades

This won't be the first time you've seen this map. Among other things it was used for the Crusader demo, and with you in the same defensive position. You're near the southwestern edge of the map facing the combined forces of Richard II to the north, Richard I and Caliph to the northeast across a ford, and the Pig to the east across two fords with an island between. You all have 10,000 in gold apiece.

Your keep is situated in a somewhat restricted area bounded on three sides by two rivers that would appear to converge just south of the map edge. The rivers have created multiple islands, two accessible via fords, and the rest not. Of the accessible ones, the largest is to the east, lush with arrible land and trees between you and the Pig. The other is a tiny stepping stone island to the south leading to very generous deposits of both stone and iron in a well protected area and on around to a narrow strip of land in the extreme west. Between that western strip of land and your keep area are four inaccessible islands well suited to place hovels. I have presumed the peasants are able to paddle.

What may at first appear to be a meager supply of farmland will actually support six wheat farms within the castle I propose. North of the keep expands to a large, open and desolate area that must be secured with walls and towers as many attacks will come from the north and northeast across the ford. Likewise some attacks will use the eastern fords.

This mission can be a tough struggle if you don't establish control early. Harassment by armored ground forces, fire ballistae, and lots of catapults can make life very difficult if allowed free reign. A fast setup is of the essence to be ready for the first attacks. If you let yourself get a little behind you could be in for quite a sustained and tough struggle.

I have seen gripes about how you don't have fire or tower ballistae, trebuchets, shields, hops farms, breweries, or the ability to produce crossbows or leather armor, etc. in this mission. You also can't dig moats, make killing pits, use good or bad things, and can only use square and lookout towers. But it really doesn't matter all that much. Just adjust strategy a little and you're on your way to a satisfying win.

A fast setup is of the essence to be ready for the first attacks. This walk-through uses a very precise sequence of events to achieve the following:
1.) Grab your farmland, stone and iron deposits immediately, before enemies do.
2.) Hit the ground running and establish your hovels, farms, woodcutters, quarries, mines, inns right up front.
3.) Get your eastern tower up the moment 35 stone hits the stockpile to prevent construction being stymied by enemy farms.
4.) Have the first stone delivered to your stockpile by October of year 0.
5.) Have your remaining defenses and missile troops in place by November of year 0 ready for the first attacks in December.

If you can meet these challenges, you should do just fine on this mission.

You must get the upper hand in controlling the catapult threat and the assaulting troops, so it's very important that you know ahead of time how you will set up your quarries, mines and farms, etc. Practice will undoubtedly be required before making a real go of it.

There's a fair amount of open land between you and most of your enemies so many successful defensive strategies could probably be employed. The one presented here attempts to make full use of your available resources and places towers out a bit into your enemies faces to counter the persistent catapult attacks. They are used in an offensive manner as well as defensive. The mangonels will target catapults, and will also do damage to castles in range and take out some wall and tower troops, as will your bows.

For me, the key to beating this one is a super quick setup. You must beat your adversaries to the ample deposits of stone and iron, and claim your share of farmland before they do. This will help you get a good economy going and generate a nice cash flow. Plus you must setup your eastern tower before the Pig's farms block your construction, and then set up two more towers to handle the threats from two other fronts before your enemies are on the march. You will also need walls to complete your castle and a couple of gatehouses. While doing this you will be building a wheat based economy to run on double rations, full ale coverage and a religion bonus of at least +4 or +5. This will allow taxes of -20 on a population approaching 120 or even more.

Fletchers and tanners are not available so missile weapons will have to be bought, or use the mercenary post to purchase Arabian bows. I very seldom use Arabian bows, but they will work quite well in this mission. I much prefer the superior killing power and hardiness of crossbowmen, and while a little more expensive (103 gold vs. 75) and more involved to train, are usually well worth the expense and effort. However, I played it both ways on this mission and I think I prefer the mercenary solution here. Simple, single click production, cheaper, therefore more bows faster, and they seem to be adequate for the job. Your choice, but I'll refer to the mercenary solution throughout.

I will use the phrase "swordsmen" to refer to whatever unit or combination of units you choose to use for melee combat. You have a wide choice. I very uncharacteristically used Arabian swordsmen, going the full mercenary route. You can make your own pikes, maces, metal armor and swords. I did establish blacksmiths and armorers. They can be used for maces or swords to produce European troops, or sold for good income as I did here.

With proper placement, mangonels, and a full compliment of Arabian bows, the three towers should handily keep the enemy at bay, especially all those catapults, although constant repairs and reinforcements will be necessary. The initial attacks may be quite furious and keep you quite busy patching walls and sending fresh troops. Things will be especially hectic for the northeast tower initially as it will be under fire from the Caliph's lookout towers plus a multitude of ground troops and catapults from the Caliph and Richard I. When the Caliphs towers are cleaned out things will be a little easier. The attacks will gradually subside and things will become surprisingly quiet. When the situation is stabilized, you will build up an invasion force of your choice and crush each enemy in turn.

Practice the startup until you get it down. It's well worth it. Once you can do it you'll have things under control quite rapidly and have a strong economy and income to finance an invasion strategy of your choosing. I have noted the months indicating when preceding steps should be completed.

First slow the game speed down to 20 and be sure you know how to make good use of the pause key (P). Every second counts. If you haven't used it much before, practice. Don't forget, when you want to use the market, once it is selected you can invoke pause and buy and sell goods with the game stopped. Vital.

Lay down two stockpile tiles southwest of the initial one. Site the #1 and #2 iron mines to block ones from Richard II and the Pig exactly as shown in the screen shot (Their precise positioning will allow six quarries to follow).

Lay down another three stockpile tiles to the northeast of the original one. You'll now have one row of six tiles in a northeast/southwest orientation. Site your granary on the northwest side of the stockpile, five land tiles north of the keep. Place its southern corner right on the rock. This leaves space between it and the keep for mills with a one tile space on either side.

Site a marketplace northwest of the campfire area and as far southwest as possible while still being on that side of the campfire. Buy 450 wood (for a building frenzy). Now place 6 hovels on the southern ends of the inaccessible islands west of the keep.

You don't have to use the layout that follows, but it makes pretty good use of the resource area. If you can't get them all in it won't be the end of the world. We will end up siting six quarries, 5 iron mines, and 15 ox tethers, but we must get all six quarries up immediately before the Pig and Richard II mess up our layout with their own iron mines and quarries. Lay down the six quarries in sequence. #1 as far northeast as possible and against the rocks, #2 butted against #1 and the rocks. Both #1s and #2s stone platforms will be on the south side and not the north. #3 slips in the extreme southwest corner, then #4 one tile northeast of #3 and three tiles northwest of #2. #5 drops in and butts against #4 and iron mine #1, and #6 against iron mine #2 and quarry #5.

Now quickly lay down wheat farms #1, #2 and #3 (see screen shot). You should beat the Caliph and Richard to it. If your timing is on the mark, some of the initial stone supply will have transferred to the stockpile. It should have just passed the 35 stone mark, enough for a square tower.


IMPORTANT: You must setup the eastern tower and gatehouse as soon as 35 stone is available to prevent your construction being hampered by enemy farms on the island! Interrupt previous steps if necessary.

As soon as there are 35 stones on the stockpile place the first square tower on the eastern island's west shore, just north of the ford, butting against the trees on its northeast and two tiles southeast of the rocks. Now place a gatehouse on the tower's southwest side, facing southeast, one tile away from the rock on its northwest side. Fill in the gaps with walls between the tower and water, and the gatehouse and water. Place stairs on the wall to the southwest of the gatehouse. This gives tower access even with the gate closed and will deny access by the enemy if the gatehouse is breached.

Wheat farms #4 and #5 need to be placed whenever their spots are clear of traveling workers. Wheat farm #4 goes south of the stockpile at the western end, #5 butts up against #4's southeast side. Place six woodcutters as shown. One woodcutter can go on the thin strip of land in the west, one on the tiny island east of the quarry site, and two just north of the trees near the southern edge. Two more can go near the trees among the wheat farms.

Send a spearman to destroy any enemy iron mines. Place 16 ox tethers as shown in quarry layout screen shot above.


Then add four more hovels on the largest of the western islands, bringing housing capacity to 90 peasants. If any hovels are destroyed by catapults, replace immediately. It shouldn't happen more than a few times. You can also put hovels on the far western strip of land.

Place three inns which will give you full ale coverage to 90 peasants. Inns #1 and #2 go southwest of the campfire. Inn #3 goes on the extreme south side of the tiny island east of the quarries. Breweries are not available so buy ale as needed.

Now place an armory and, depending on your preference, a barracks or a mercenary post (or both). When I place weapons production buildings and armories I usually keep a one tile space all the way around for pathways. I placed my armory in the third building slot southeast of the stockpile and inline with the northeastern edge of wheat farm #4 next to the stockpile. Add a second armory extending southeast. Next a barracks or mercenary post northwest of the keep near the marketplace. If you position it two tiles northeast of the corner of the keep there's room for a chapel later between the barracks and the marketplace. Sell all iron, pitch and hops. Hire Arabian bows as peasants are available (or if using crossbowmen buy 50 each of leather armor and crossbows and start training). Send the first 15-20 to the eastern tower. The next 20-25 will be for the north tower to be built next.

Erect a second square tower in the north, directly north of your keep. In the grass patch near the slight curve in the river, the bare sand forms sort of an "L" shaped notch in the grass (see screen shot). Place the tower in this notch with about four sand tile spaces between its southwest and southeast sides and the start of the grass. Place a gatehouse southeast of the tower, a few tiles away, and set back a bit. Connect to the tower with wall tiles. Place a wall tile on the side of the gatehouse and near the keep end and attach stairs so the tower is accessible when gate is closed. Run a wall back from the tower, southwest to the water. Repair and heavily reinforce as stone is available as this section will take a heavy pounding.


Put a mangonel in the east tower. Erect an engineers guild south of wheat farm #5 by the ford to the tiny island. Train 2 engineers to man the mangonel. Send 20-25 bows to the north tower. Put a mangonel in the north tower and man it.


Site a mill between the granary and the keep.

Now start running a wall due east from the gatehouse. Also run a wall northwest from the water a few tiles north of wheat farm #3 and butting up to the trees. As stone is available join these two sections up into one long, bent front wall and repair and reinforce to at least four or five tiles thick once the third tower is up.


If the thin iron deposit northwest of the larger, main iron deposit is still free, put iron mines #3 and #4 on it when wood is available. If the enemy has built on it, remove him. Likewise remove the enemy iron mine southeast of your own ones, and place iron mine #5 there.

Place a second mill adjacent to the first and start placing bakeries on the northwestern side of the stockpile around the granary, then in a circular direction, clockwise, fill with bakeries around the northeastern end of the stockpile to the wheat farms. You should end up with about two dozen bakeries. Bump food to extra rations and taxes to -4.


If ale bonus has kicked in, increase taxes to -12. When enough bakeries are built and functioning, go to double rations and taxes to -16.

When stone is available Build a square tower on the outside of the eastern end of your front wall about 12 tiles from the water. Run stairs down from the wall behind the tower. Reinforce towers and walls as stone is available.


Install a mangonel and send bows as available. Try to get this up to 25-30 as soon as possible. Replace mangonel if destroyed. Add single and then double reinforced wall belting around the outside of towers. Keep walls and towers in repair and reinforced with bows. You will be targeting catapults, troops advancing to cross the ford, and the Caliph's tower situated bows. His bows, especially, will inflict considerable losses, but with adequate and continuous reinforcement your bowmen will prevail and clean out the Caliph's front towers. Attacks will also subside substantially as time passes.

Put a shield wall up behind your barracks to protect it from stray mangonel fire. You could start speeding the game up a little at this point. You can add more towers if you wish, but it really should not be necessary if you're reinforcing and repairing.

When trees are cleared a sixth wheat farm can be added inside the castle. Likewise there is room for a church near the southern edge. Chapels can then be placed. There are several planned slots for them. One is on the north side of the tiny island east of the quarries once the trees and woodcutter hut are gone. Another is just south of the campfire adjacent to inn #2, and still another between the marketplace and the mercenary post. Place as many others as you can to get at least a +4 religion and church bonus and increase taxes to -20.

You may need a few more hovels at this point. Be sure to place one more inn which will take you up to 120 peasants.

Spearmen can be sent to clear the Pig and Caliph off the island between you and them and you can set up your own woodcutters and more wheat farms. Just stay out of range of his crossbowmen or use walls as shields. Now set up 3 armorers and 4 blacksmiths producing swords between the stockpile and the armory. Sell swords, armor, excess stone, wood, and flour.

You should now be in control with a rip roaring economy and good gold income to buy troops.

As always you can choose your composition of troops to suit your personal style. In this mission, however, engineers are limited to catapults only. I chose to stay with Arabian bows freed up from the towers, 30-40 Arabian swordsmen, 12 assassins, and 100-125 horse archers to start. Keep reinforcements coming to maintain or increase strength.

None of the lords is that hard to take down. The Lionhearts and the Pig have very few missile troops and can be neutralized from outside their walls quite easily. The Caliph's bow defense will have been weakened severely by your northeast tower so he will be easier than usual. I used the horse archer's greater speed to take out mangonels, ballistae, archers and crossbowmen at the sides and rear of each castle while the bows assaulted the front. These missile troops effectively neutralize the entire castle and should eliminate any oil engineers and brazier stationed archers, eliminating fire risk inside the castle for your ground troops' keep assault.

Assassins move up and open the gates. Swordsmen are right behind, enter and kill any remaining troops and the lord. Bows can also then move onto the gatehouses and walls if needed, to target any stubborn units that could not be reached from outside the castle.

The Caliph takes a little more care since he has quite a few bows left. Watch out for pitch outside the castles. Approach cautiously until you are sure all braziers are unmanned. Horse archers especially will need lots of reinforcements.

First I went after Richard II to the north, an easy target and securing all lands on your side of the fords. Since there is no passage in front of the Caliph's caste to get to the Pig unless you smash through it, the Pig either needs to be next or last.

If first, you can go back through your castle and out the eastern side across the island to tackle him and Caliph next. If you feel bold you can attack both the Pig and Caliph simultaneously, or focus on the Pig by going to his southwestern side. Since the Pig's gatehouse is protected by the Caliph's bows, you can instead breach his walls from the south and go in that way. He will offer little resistance. You will however take some casualties from the Caliph.

If you attack both at once, you will need a lot more horse archer reinforcements and you will also take fire from Richard I's southern end as you advance north. It becomes sort of one long fluid invasion, advancing past the Pig, Caliph and then on to Richard I, and progressively surrounding him, taking out all missile troops along the way and neutralizing all three enemies. Assassins and swordsmen take down each lord in succession.

The alternative is to take the northern ford route, attacking the Caliph and Richard I before the Pig. But I think Richard makes a more satisfying final triumph.

Since Richard II and the Pig are quite light on missile troops, the Caliph has fewer bows left than usual, and Richard I, while having some nasty towers, is also quite sparse on archers, you could probably mount a large melee campaign and just smash through everybody rather than relying on missile troops. You do have catapults available.

Whatever route you choose, I hope I have shown you that it is possible to counter all those catapults and invasions right from the beginning, and establish the control you need to mount your own campaign.

Good luck,

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mithrawn This mission is tricky at the start and I have one word for you: patience. You need an abundance of that in the first oh, say... hour of gameplay.

You're going up against two Lionhearts, The Pig and the Caliph but... you're not allowed several kinds of towers (only the lookout tower and the square tower) and several kinds of weapons like the Trebuchet (bummer) and the fire-balista (double bummer).
But, you're all starting out with an abundance of money and goods, so play this right and you're home free.

Expand your stockpile with three extra slabs, to allow your freely given starting goods to accumulate (you'll need some stone and wood)

Then, what you wanna do first after that, is to place the granary in the bottom left of the screen, behind the natural stone formations, where the iron ore and stone deposits are.

Almost immediately, the Pig will have some mines placed there, but you can take those out easily with either the forces you start out with or by simply closing the entrance off with a gatehouse and wall with stone that should be in your stockpile by now.

Place a marketplace there as well, and also the baracks and armoury (you can remove them later when you need to access the stone and ore deposits).

Next you'll wanna place some of those firebaskets on top of your keep and then purchase 20 regular bows, fifteen crossbows + armor. Create those forces, place them atop your keep. Then buy 10 metal armor and swords and place these swordmen there as well. Those guys will take care of any forces the Lionheart and the Pig will throw at you in the first moments of this game.

Then start building up your forces. Begin to sell some of the excess goods. You don't need the iron ore or the pitch, and they fetch a good price to buy 10 more crossbows and armor. Then start building iron ore mines, as many as possible (Buy in some wood and place a house in the bottom left as well).
Make sure you place the mines correctly, for maximum yield. I got up to seven or eight there, and the income from them paid for the whole campaign throughout this game.

Now create the ten crossbow men and send them to the right, to cover some of the farms placed there by the Pig. He will send some crossbow men there from time to time, to cover the workers who are going to carry the iron ore from the deposits to your stockpile. You'll quickly find that you need to replenish those guys regularly if you don't have at least 10 there at all times.

Once you've got this setup going, build up your forces, replenishing losses atop your keep from time to time. I used mostly archers, crossbow men, macemen and engineers with siegeweapons to first take care of the Pig, then the Caliph. By then, it's quiet enough to also start building a quarry and start hauling stone.

Use it to place two square towers beside each other in front of your keep. Put mangonels on them, archers with fire-thingies and crossbow men.

Go from there and it's a walk in the park, and actually fun.
killer bunny This mission was very annoying to me.There wasn't enough time before the action starts.First thing what i did i just created a fat walls.But already caliph started crushing my walls with his catapults.This was very annoying.And that wasn't all.Soon the pig and richard started killing me.And caliph sent me his slaves.But i created a lots of bowmen and i created pitch ditches which was a good way to protect my walls.Well i defended myself until they were out of money.Meanwhile when they started gathering they money then i attacked my first target '' the pig ''.He had a lots of crossbowmen but i used my horse archers to kill them.I had them like over 250.I created them meanwhile i defended my castle from attackers.And i gathered money too.The pig was so simple enemy to me.I just killed his crossbowmen and crushed his walls by my catapults.And then i quikly created my slaves and i relesed fire in his town.I laught over him when he said:pig not like this,maybe pig in trouble.So i attacked his king with slaves.And i had some 60 horse archers left after taking down his crossbowmen.Many died too because caliph was near to the pig and killed many of my horse archers too.Many of my horse archers where killed by caliph's pitch ditches.But anyway after taking down pig's crossbowmen i had left 60 horse archers.Some were highly damaged.I took my survivors to the pig's castle.(near to his keep).When my some slaves were crushing his water pot,then the pig's king had came out of keep and i just killed him with my horse archers.This was the end of the pig.After that i gathered money to create troops.Meanwhile lionhearts had gathered their money and they had started attacking me.But i had a great defense so i didn't had to worry about them.It didn't take long time when i had a nice number of troops.I created 4 treubhects and 2 catapults and i crushed caliph's towers and walls.But i had to deal with his fire throwers on his towers and he had a lots of arabian bows.This was very annoying.But i created a lots of slaves again but they were all killed by caliph's bowmen.I thought how to kill his bowmen from the towers and from his keep.Tring to use these horse archers was pointless because they are fast but they'r gonna be killed easly from towers by caliph's bowmen and caliph's pitch ditches.And i din't had enough money too only somthing 4000 coins or little more.This is not much money if you want to create a lots of horse archers.So i had to wait until i get a lots of swordsmen(crusader).Meanwhile the lionhearts were attacking.I thought that they'r attacks are failing again but when i saw Richard's I army then i was realy scared.This was a big challenge.Richard II sent as usually.But i don't know what Richard I did that he had so much men.I had a great defense and i knew that i survive that but then my defense will be crushed too.Because there were a nice number of swordsmen.Richard II started crushing my walls with his catapuls but i killed them with my horse archers.But i was realy scared about Richard's I army.But there was an one good thing and that was a bridge or whatever it is.Theyr men were slow there.So i shot them much as possible.But his catapults and treubhects were already crushing my walls.His men died to by his catapults balls.When his pikemans were close to my walls and enough of his swords too then i released my traps '' pitch ditches''.Lionheart I managed to crush my gates and to kill many archers from the walls and towers but i defeated his army.But when i defeated his army the caliph has sent me some slaves.I had a thick city in my castle.I quikly tried to stop his slaves.But they started burning my Inn.I killed the slaves but a fire was in my whole city.And then i was shocked.I didn't create any water pots too.When the fire was over i quikly built up my city again and i created a lots of archers again.To defend my walls against invaders.And i created a lots of wells too.Meanwhile when attackers attacked me then the iron mines and quarrys producded a lots of stone and iron into my stockpiles.I sold my all stones i had left and i sold half of my iron.I had then something like 10000 coins.I quikly created a siege engineers,slaves,archers and swordsmen.I attacked the caliph.He managed to repair his walls and towers too.But i crushed them again and i sent my archers into his base i had them a nice number.I killed many of his archers from his keep and i sent my slaves to burn his town.Well the fire was released and i had to wait until the fire is gone.His peasants died in fire and he lost his granary too then he was in big trouble.When the fire was gone then i sent my swordsmen to kill his king.And caliph was killed too.And i had 2 enemys left.But theyr defenses were pathetics.I just sent nice number of my archers at his towers.They covered my slaves.Meanwhile when the archers are covering my slaves then i sent my slaves to burn his tunnelers engineer guild outside of his castle.When my slaves released the fire on the guild then the fire burned a houses inside of his castle too.Then i just sent some catapults to crush his walls and i creatd 40 slingers too to send them where the wall is crushed.So he can't reconstruct his walls again.I waited until i got over 20 swordsmen and then i attacked the lionheart.He didn't had any sowrdsmen and pikemen on his keep.He had there only archers(5).Well my swords killed Lionheart II then i had only 1 enemy left.He sent me a message that he attackes me.I waited until his attackers are killed and i gathered some troops again.He had a little better protection.I sent again a lots of slaves and archers.archers were covering and slaves went to burn his market outside from his keep.And his houses went to burn inside of his castle.I crushed his walls again with catapults and i didn't had to send slingers because he didn't had any stone in his stockpile.I just sent over 40 swordsmen because he was ready to attack again and he had a swordsmen and pikemans.So there was and little bloody fighting.But i killed the final enemy and i won this mission.VICTORY WAS MINE!
I tried that mission many times until i won that.IT was hard to me.
magdanos At first I thought that a corner position should be easily defended. Soon I realized that I am attacked from three sides - northwest, northeast and east. Since some weapons are not allowed I could not use towers with balists and mangonels meet problems dealing with catapults. So I decided to reduce the number of my enemies by killing one of them in the begining. Several times I tried to eliminate Richard II with different kinds of armies but non of them succeded. Then I turned my attention to The Pig. This is what I did to survive.
The game speed was reduced to minimum first. Then I put down some basic buildings for my town such as stockpile (2 tails southwest of the existing one and 2 tails norteast), granary (adjacent to the second stockpile from the north), armory (adjacent to the fourth stockpile), market place on the west side of my kampfire (south to the rocks) and 1 inn north of the marke tplace. When the first 15 stones appeared on the stockpile I placed barracks just below the green spot to the southeast of my keep. I bought weapons and trained 30 macemen to attack The Pig. For faster training I built 2 hovels on islands in the river to the west. These islands are unaccessable for viligers so only hovels could be built there. I sent about 10 macemen to crunch Pig's wall at its southwest side, away from Caliph's arrows. When the wall was almost down the other 20 macemen arrived and smashed to the Pig's keep and its lord. I met only a minor resistance as the Pig have not yet built its army. 500 gold received and a litle more space to stretch my legs.
Now back to my castle. Richard II was attacking heavily by this time so I had to take care of him. I bought weapons and trained at least 20-25 crossbowmen and placed them at top of the keep. An engineer's guild was situated southeast of the barracks and engineers mened 3 catapults. They attacked the south tower of Richard II under the cover of my macemen. It is very important to stop the catapults immediately after the tower is broken but not crumbled. This way it remains broken with no chance of repairing or rebuilding till the end. From this tower Lionheart could attack directly in my town. Once it is out I can take a breath.
Square tower (#1) was set up just on the north green spot above my keep. I signed a small gatehouse adjacent to it and mounted a mangonel and all my crossbowmen on the tower.
At this stage I was running out of resources. So I bought bread and wood and started building: 2 wheat farms between keep and the barracks, 2 mills on the north side of the keep, 3 bakeries around the granary, several woodcutters huts near trees, 1 chapel north of the inn, 6-8 iron mines, 2 quarries and 8 ox tethers. I raised taxes and placed 3 chapels and 1 church to compensate popularity.
When stone getthered on my stockpile I set up square tower #2 with small gatehouse on the south river passage (shallows) leading to the area where Pig used to be. I sold extra goods and recruited 15 crossbowmen to send up there. Mangonel was equiped too. Three more bakeries were added to ensure foodstuff and 2 additional inns. I bought about 30 flagons of ail and 25 leather arms and crossbows.
The last square tower #3 I situated somewhere northwest of #2 so that if you imagine a line connecting #1 and #3 the line should be horizontal. Same way if you imagine connecting line between #2 and #3 that line shoud be inclined to the left on about 60 degrees. I hope you understand my mathematical explanation :) This tower #3 have no gatehouse related! I connected the three towers with thick 4 or 5 layers wall. Later I realized this is ticker then needed. 2-3 layers are just enough. I had my castle enclosed now. I left gatehouse to the world outside between towers #2 & #3. 25 crossbowmen were trained and sent to #3 along with mangoneliers. I completed the defence with some repairs.
If you are at this stage you should be pleased with what you did. The hard work has been done. Now you can concentrate on creating an attacking force. I used the extra iron to produce metal arms, pikes and swords. Increasing population forced me to add 2 more bakeries.
While waiting the weapons I sent about 40 slaves to set Richard II's houses outside his walls on fire. Soon his whole castle was burning and he was paralyzed. When the fire was down I sent another 40 slaves. This time Lionheart was so confused that his archers onkeep did not even try to shoot my slaves. Fire was set on outside hovels and slaves walked behind Lionheart's castle and set his quarries on fire too. After this fire wave most of Richard's buildings collapsed. It was only a matter of time to eliminate him. My army was composed of about 35 pikemen and 20 swordsmen. They marched to Richard's keep with almost no loses. And here something strange happened. They faced only 4 swordsmen and about 20 archers and the Lord Richard II himself but my army gave so much casualties that surprised me. My last 3 swordsmen managed to kill the lord and they were too damager to take part in other siege so I started training new attacking force. Anyway it was worthy. With no Lionheart around I was much better.
I trained numerous pikemen and swordsmen. Then I killed The Caliph first and The Lionheart Richard I second.
At the end I had:
Population: 66
Taxes: -12
Food: Extra rations
Religion: +3 (1 church and 3 chapels)

8 bakeries
3 inns
2 mills
2 quarries
9 ox tethers
7 iron mines
2 wheat farms
1 poleturner
2 armouries
2 blacksmiths

[Edited on 11/07/06 @ 05:21 PM]

Lord Deathmaster i am currently playing this mission and i am in march 1 and i looked at the lionhearts unit count and it said 1019
is that even possible????
i could use some tips if anyone has any
just beat this jul 6 lioheart 2 died
pig in jan 11
caliph in aug 11
lioheart 1 in nov 15

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lukterran I do not know if anyone else has tried the rush yet on this mission?

-I just started the mission. Built 5 stockpile elements, granary, market place, 4 hovels, 2 armories.
-I then bought enough weapons to equip 50 macemen.
-Placed a small chapel to help increase recruitment and switched taxes also to help get more peasants faster.
-As soon as the stone as available built a barracks and started producing macemen.

I sent out all mace men toward Pig and was able to take him out quickly.

As soon as I got the Pig defeated message I redeployed the macemen to the Richard directly north of the keep. I bought enough supplies for another 35 or so macemen and sent them all to take out Richard who also was defeated easily.

I then used sold my remaining supplies bought more macemen and attacked the last Richard from the north avoiding Caliph. I was able to breach his castle with the 70 or so macemen I had left and defeat him.

My problem at the moment is Caliph is now at full power and attacking my keep. I cannot send macemen at his castle without them getting burnt to a cinder.

Although with only 1 Lord to worry about I think I can handle the mission and defeat it.
Lord Of Crusader huh how can make the richards big gatehouses and 1 richard primitier towers or something
arabmaster at the beginning i sent 25 assassins killed the big
i destroyed lionheart quarries in my area and placed mine instead of them
i finished them in 33 game years on speed 62
but i have to say it was difficult mission
lcriz I for some reason prefer early rush method. In the beginning I created 25 macemen and killed Pig. Then I used the money I got from the Pig to buy some more macemen. After that I finished off the closest Richard (up in north).
After that I settled down and took defensive position, because I didn't have enough resources to take down any of the remaining enemies. I put up two square towers close to Caliph, so I could do some harassment with mangonels. And also bought around 30-40 crossbowmen to keep Richard's pikemens and swordmens away from my walls.
I built up my economy using iron and stone. I put up 4 weapon maker huts to create maces. When I had around 40 macemen again I finished off Caliph who didn't have much left because of the mangonels. After this I bought some 50 horse archers to take down richard's mangonels, then used catapults to take down his two gates and finished him off with macemen.

This was the strategy that worked for me. I tried to kill only the Richard closest to me... but keeping three enemies away was too much to handle. I once tried to kill 3 closest enemies with early rush, but that one didn't worked either. So, two in the beginning and two later on was the way that worked for me.
LordxDragonfire I find this mission extremely annoying. Mostly because of the fact that only the player is hampered by the restrictions on this map, which is unfair imo. Your opponents can just build anything while you can't even build a fletcher/tanner.

I did it by eliminating the Pig very early, and then just train Arab archers like there was no tomorrow. I was able to defend myself against the initial assaults, and after that the AI stalled for some reason. Easy victory.
Lord Blobby The restrictions on this map are annoying, but a good way to win is to build about 4 square towers with mangonel pummeling the yellow caliph and any troops coming at you. Another 3 with mangonel pummeling the blue Richard. Build up to these once your economy is getting the stone/iron and food coming in. The posted walkthrough has excellent placement of the stone/iron buildings, I wish I had read it first after a number of my workers were "stuck" or buildings weren't working due to blocking off of paths to get to them.

Once the mangonel towers are up and running with support from archers/crossbows, the mission is a cakewalk.
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