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49 - The Mother of All Wars

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Stratego Mission 49 - The Mother of All Wars

Five opponents: Richard I, Lionheart
Richard II, Lionheart and Richard III, Lionheart
Pig, Duke Truffe and Pig, Duke of Pigsbury

Two allies: Caliph “The Scorpion” and Sultan Abdul

Starting capital for player: 3000 gold, high quantity of start resources, low number of initial units.
Starting capital for each opponent: 40000 gold, high quantity of start resources, medium number of initial units.

In this Skirmish mission #49 you are facing numerous and hard adversaries, especially the three Richards. However, you can count on your allies and a huge reservoir of resources that will help to develop reasonably, even if only 3000 gold coins are available in the beginning. The best thing to do is slowing down game speed to 20 or 25. Build up your settlement without a church (catch it up later) in this first stage and don’t waste too much money for Arabian archers.

Start with your granary, 3 or 4 woodcutters, 1 market place, 1 apple orchard, 1 dairy farm, 1 mercenary post, 1 barracks, 1 engineer guild, 1 armoury and 1 hops farm.
Now, the trick is to recruit a strong army of crossbowmen, and simultaneously to mine on a massive scale the northern iron and stone deposits. It must be your urgent intention to get a packet of gold for the purchase of leather arms and crossbows in this early phase. Raise your taxes (moderate) upwards systematically in accordance with your popularity. Buy various foodstuffs in the sense of a higher popularity and as soon as your ale production gets going, you’ll be able to add two or more inns for a stable high popularity. You will need al least 5 iron mines and 4 quarries for a “flourishing workflow”. A big reservoir of iron will also be necessary to equip your offensive troops (swordsmen, pike men, and knights) with armours pikes and swords and on the other side to satisfy your “partners” with requested iron deliveries. As soon as your amount of gold has increased, you’ll be in a good position to erect one cathedral for an additional religious bonus. I personally concentrated on producing bread and apples. If you should suffer from lack of food or wood, don’t hesitate to buy in such “goods” with regard to a smooth capacity to act.

The first squared towers (approx.4) and walls you should erect south of your keep. Later, if you’ll get bigger quantities of stones delivered into your stockpile you’ll be in a good position to wall in the whole settlement. Staff your towers exclusively with ballistae, for you have to repulse numerous catapult attacks by all five opponents. There’s no need of more than 7 squared (or round) towers manned by ballistae, in my opinion. In all, you’re pushed for time until the first assault will start and you are under pressure to send enough crossbowmen up on to your towers. You also should secure your Lord’s keep by crossbowmen beating back all entering hostile troops. After the first attack, you’ll certainly be able to protect your position by a complete wall and numerous additional crossbowmen, so that you nip all following assaults in the bud without severe problems. Just see to it that your ballistae take aim at the approaching hostile catapults.

Your ally, the Caliph, probably will manage his part very well and without your assistance, particularly against Truffe. The Sultan, your weaker neighbour right on your side, will get lots of problems to consolidate or to hold the fort. Support him by aiming with your ballistae at hostile catapults. If you succeed recruiting enough crossbowmen and swordsmen for the Sultan’s direct support, you’ll be able to keep him alive, but that’s not necessary unconditionally. Sooner or later, you should start your offensives in any case by forming powerful forces composed of (approx.) 30 crossbowmen, 100 swordsmen, some trebuchets and fire ballistae. Start the offensive against Pigsbury and carry out your siege until Pigsbury is suffering from the lack of gold. Then he will be paralyzed to recruit additional “fresh” units furthermore, so that you can take his castle by storm with your swordsmen. Get all the remaining opponents by the same way. Take care of Duke Truffe to relieve your allied Caliph from enemy’s pressure. By the way, you should actively support your both allies with requested goods.
This siege strategy against the remaining three Richards might become very lengthy, because of their huge reservoir of gold, which they collected in the course of the mission.

Now it’s on you and try your best…!

Good luck!


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moonknight6 Actually this was very easy mission. I used 3000 gold to quickly produce 30 assassins and rushed the pig near the caliph. Then, with captured 9000 gold aftrer killing him I set up my economy and some defence and ...
me_cool This was a very hard mission. First i sold the stuff i didnt need and pumped up 50 assasins, i instantly marched them on the Pig next to the Calif. I recived about 9k and made some crossbow men in sqare towers and afew balista (by this time i had good population and i was taxing them). I made about 30-50 Macemen, with those Macemen I destroyed all the seige they had when they attacked me. Every time Calif asked for goods I would send him them and if he needed help I would send him some horse archers. After i saved up an army of about 150 Macemen i used them to depleat the second Pig. By this time sultan should have died. (Dont waste men on the sultan let him die). Then i gave Calif about 10-20k. I made about 150-200 horse archers and dominated the middle lionheart i sent about 30 macemen on him. I instanly switched my attack to the Grey Lionheart after the middle one died. I made about 50+ more horse archers and killed the last Lionheart
Venomrider I found out that rushing is a very bad way to complete this mission when the lionheart slaughtered all my assasins with his swordsmen and the boiling oil men that I was unable to avoid and pig had laid out extra killing pits which defeated the idea of an assasin rush(which takes the fun out of the game anyway).I built up normally and set hordes of crossbowmen on the towers with the money i got from selling the El Dorado like resource piles and after boiling pitch and getting more guys on the walls it got very easy to play this one like any other old mission without too much of a challenge.
Im an idiot i struggled just to get to this level then when i got here it was a releif of how easy it was
vivek aka mrboo This was probably most enjoyed mission, yes killing of an enemy early is not fun.
I made sure i protect Sultan specailly after he was almost slaughtered to death by pig and lion hearts but miracloulsy he survived and I defended my castle and saved Sultan from death.

After garnering heavy resource i almost gave sultan 10k gold everytime after an attack on him to help him rebuild.

All of a sudden i noticed Sultan was teh greatest God because of my givings and he build a strong army. The problem in this mission is that you dont have enough Army to attack and defend as your army size is limited.

So I made sultan to attack since he obeys your command unlike Caliph. While Caliph was defending like Ironhands i gave him enough gold after an attack on him.

I demolished the pig's castle near sultan with my catapults and ordered Sultan to kill him and he did that efficiently, Immdly I asked him to defend me so his troops were safe on my Kingdom.

next I launched an attack on the other pig near caliph and I killed him with just 6 swordsman after blasting his castle with catapults.

Remember Lionheart will be sending big troops meanwhile on all sides, so dont ever remove your troops from defence.

I had 7 square towars , 2 saving sultan and 5 defending me. I also walled Sultan and Caliph so that the enemy forces has to break my wall firt to enter my allies, strangely they never borke my wall since they always wanted to enter through a small gap that i left btw me and Caliph.

After 2 pigs were slaughetered, I took 10 catapults along with 50 crossbowman to attack the lionheart on the left top and ordered Sultan to kill him.

With my catapaults I broke Lionheart gate walls and Sultan finished the job with another kill.
Same idea was followed through out the game and Sultan killed 4 out of 5 oppoennts for me.

This is a great mission since U defened and make your ally attack as you want.
Lord Deathmaster both my allies died and all the opponent's are still alive and attacking me
what do i do
edit:i just beat the level in october of year 48
ps no idea how

[Edited on 07/20/08 @ 01:59 PM]

xsfreetime I've had good success beating this level by using the one simple tactic that seems to beat so many other levels: I place towers, crossbowmen and seige units in a position to dominate the early action, and then I can build to my heart's content.

I start by placing 2 towers south, bracketing the palm trees, and load them up with crossbowmen, screens and ballistae to overlook the center area of the map. Almost all of the early attacks come through this channel, and controlling that area prevents any serious damage to life and property. With the addtion of thick low walls these towers should last the whole game with minimal upkeep.

I try to get the troops, screens and ballistae there simultaneously, since it takes all 3 to make a stiff defense. I start with at least 10 crossbowmen plus a couple of screens in each tower and build the troops up to 25-30 each and add more screens as necessary- usually 4 to a tower. I then build 3 more towers north of the first 2, framing the southern end of my castle proper- enough to post 3 ballistae to take out most of the siege weapons that come from the sides, with the help of the 2 center-tower ballistae and any other defenses I've built. That will leave a gap between the center towers and the castle but with thick walls that area becomes a killing zone anyway, with invaders taking fire from 4 or 5 directions at once. I use trebuchets liberally, usually about 8-10, to take out the worst offenders, and I wall in my castle as soon as I have enough stone to also build a few more towers covering my flanks and the northern end. I don't generally help my allies; I'd rather use the resources to fortify my walls or build more troops.

I'm not recommending that you slow down the game speed as some walkthroughs recommend (game speed 20? puhleeze...). That's one of my pet peeves in these walkthroughs- the ease with which some authors recommend what is essentially cheating. It's like your playing softball and telling the other team "Your batters get 3 strikes, but our batters get 7". I couldn't enjoy winning that way. I also do NOT use the Pause button, and I do NOT place my industries outside my opponents' gates to prevent their movement. In other words, no cheating. If you have to cheat it to beat it, then you can't beat it.

Have fun!
rollno141 This stage is not that much tough as "Thunder Hill",Plains of autumn","Misty River" and one with the three wolves.but defending sultan continuously is a headache.
1:Place a square tower in the cover of a small hill but be careful to place it in such a manner that u can place another tower but dont place the second tower.
2:Place another tower in front of the pig's castle such that his gate is in ur archers range.
3:move engineers to equip ballista on both the towers.
4:move ur king on tower which is in front of
pig.dont forget to remove the stairs if not using the gate house.join both towers with a wall.
5:place woodcutters near the oasis to cut down the wood near the keep.
6:place apple farms for quick and cheap food.
7:place stone queries near the keep and place iron mines as well.
8:gather stone by industry or by selling food.
9:recruit more Arabian archers and place another tower with the first tower.add ballista as well.
10:recruit more archers for sultan.keep on recruiting as many as you can.
11:place another tower near sultan to defend him from the pig and lion heart.
12:recruit Arabian swords men and move them to sultan's keep.

And please dont try to cheat using the woodcutter huts or ox.Its not the way to play.
ZEUSSTRONG please help i'm still fialure
duc of castles
(id: Duc of Castles)
1. Slow speed down to 20
2. Place granary (in east, towards Sultan), marketplace, mercenary post, 2 hovels, 1 inn
3. Turn granary consumption OFF (-8 popularity, offset by the ale)
4. Turn game speed to 90
5. Train 50 Assassins
6. Game speed back to 20
7. Send assassins at pig next to Caliph as suggested by others
8. During the time they're walking, set 2 quarries, 4 ox tethers, some iron mines, woodcutters, hops farms, and brewers.
9. Make sure the assassins walk thru the opening where the gatehouse is supposed to be, not try to climb over the wall! (Yeah, assassins are stupid -.-)
10. Once Pig is dead, you will get a nice 9k or so. Send the assassins back to help defend Sultan.
11. Meanwhile, you should be under attack by the black Lionheart. Place barracks and armory, and buy 25 crossbows and leather armor, and train 25 crossbowmen to defend your castle.
12. After defeating the initial force, place 3 round towers with ballistae south of the keep, in the green grass, towards the center, with a large gatehouse to get in. 40-50 crossbowmen total on those towers will suffice.
13. Next you will have to save Sultan. Place 3 round towers around the southern part of his keep, with a large gatehouse to get into them. Put mangonels on them, targetting the Pig's castle, and station 50-60 crossbowmen there.
14. Place another round tower near Caliph's castle (I did it on the southernmost tip -- be sure to not block his fire ballistae), and fill it with a ballista and 30-40 crossbowmen.
15. By now, you should have lots of money from the sale of stone and iron (you have abundant resources). Around this time, I expanded my granary so I had 500 space, and then placed apple orchards. I then turned on double rations, placed a Cathedral and Church, and multiple chapels around my clusters for religious bonus, and turned taxes to -20.
16. You will now have a good defense that can repel the invasion forces, leaving you time to be able to build up your own invasion force. I did wall in my castle, but I later found that rather unnecessary.
17. You can have Caliph and Sultan attack first, to soften up the defenses, then swoop in with some macemen to finish the Lord and take the money reward. My strategy was same as usual: use horse archers to sweep the mangonels and ballistae, while my crossbowmen moved into position outside the castle and slaughtered all troops on the keep. Once they were all dead, I opened the gatehouse with an assassin and marched in with some macemen.

Note: Caliph often sends the slave train, which sets opponents' castles on fire. Wait for the fire to die before moving in with macemen
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