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Stronghold: Invasions » The Tortured Road: Act III - Return of That Thing!

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The Tortured Road: Act III - Return of That Thing!

Author File Description
Andy Baz
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Act III - Return of That Thing!

It’s bob’s worst nightmare, the once dispatched Pig is back, bigger than ever and wanting bloody revenge for the death of his brother! Pig junior not content in causing destructive havoc wherever he goes is out to pay back the mighty King Bob and set his record straight.

The History.
It was a long, long time ago when Bob killed the Pig in a brutal war, Bob himself was a young man and the ace in the pack when the people of the land fought for their freedom against the tyrannical communistic state. He led the way in turning over the powers that be and gave back democracy to the people. The long aggressive struggle was eventually rewarded with Bob being crowned King of England.
The hugely popular character made England great again (no easy feat) and throughout the land encouraged science as a compulsory subject. Pushing forward pioneering technology with generous grants, he made England the envy of Europe. But the idea of free and peaceful England was never a sustained memory in his mind, his life long vision of harmonic utopia constantly tainted, clouded by the unscrupulous people who reek havoc with blinding evil. Bob never seemingly reaching that perfect satisfaction he had dreamed of.

Now older but still very much the wise strong man, Bob’s ready to put an end to the last remaining evil figures residing in central England, he has but one sturdy blueprint for victory!

1 week earlier the King made a huge decision that would shape England’s future significantly, he had to decide whether to entrust the help of the Eco warriors to battle against the Snake and the Wolf a few hundred miles away in Baulders Pass. His logic being to keep the strength at the castle and thwart any attack that may happen in the course of events. But at the same time to use the aggressive green tree people to neutralize any unsavory attempts of extracting the valuable stone that sits there.
To this date, a week into the Eco warriors accepted challenge news has reached the castle that things at Baulders Pass are going well. Bobs decision it seems was indeed an inspired one.
But unknown to Bob at the time, was the fact the Prophetess (long standing friend to the King) had visualized the coming revenge of Pig junior. The King unaware of this fact still went ahead in using the Eco warriors for the very reason that a possible attack could occur at the castle! A decision proving 100% accurate in the scheme of things and nicely adding substantial weight in silencing Bob’s critics that were willing to send an army away from the castle. - Bob once again pulls out the right decision that enthralls his people, they celebrate hailing the King of England – Bob prepares for war.

Days after the prophesized attacks the King organises his armies and starts to make provisions for the forthcoming assault on the castle. Bob leaves nothing to chance and with only weeks before the start of the campaign things seem to be in excellent shape – Bob a modest man at heart anticipates another victory.

THEN! Out of nowhere the most dreaded thing happens! It could almost be a sign from Satin himself! The village and castle suffer bouts of the plague that can at best be described as ‘terribly horrific’. No man to date experiencing a scale of death this great before! Not knowing what to do and what can be done, everything save the lucky few perish within the castle and village. Medicine for what it was worth offering nothing more than psychological comfort to the deadly poison.
With the plague unleashed, people dying in their hundreds, it’s mighty furry too much for mere mortals. Day by day almost everyone and everything in it’s vicinity succumb to the Black Death, no one exempt from the puss filled boils, unsightly scabs and lung rupturing coughs!
The plague takes many victims to an early grave and those who were fortunate to survive lost their lives during a huge fire that swept the countryside. This the by product of sheer blind panic! Life for many, sadly no more.

The date stands at Feb 1195: Castle and village life have been beaten badly from the recent disaster, King Bob one of the lucky ones to be still alive is left to pick up the pieces. Armed with a few villagers and a small army he’s got his biggest challenge of his life yet!

With Pig junior on the way, the economy at a standstill and no army as such it’s looking bleak for King Bob. ….A miracle is indeed needed!

Are you the savior? The miracle?

Accept this challenge, become King Bob and resurrect England’s heart land. Good luck!

Game Objectives (Normal): Achieve a population of 115
Bank 6300 Gold Coins
See off the invasions from Pig junior
Get 50% of all the people happily drunk.

All the best. Andy.
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(id: Jax Omen)
Map Design5.0
Wow! What an excellent map!

This map efficently combines economic and military objectives, in such a clean, efficent way. The fact that the majority of your farms, churches, stockpiles etc. are behind the wooden barricade, means the A.I. pays them little attention. This makes for almost two games in one, and is almost relaxing (except its so gosh darn hard).

This map is a challenge. I confess that the first invasion wiped me out on my first go as I was completely unprepared. he nsxt few times I got gradually better, and eventually finished it. On easy. However, I am getting better at it on normal, and the map condems you to a life of trying again. Which is fine if this is the map you are playing.

Apart from the somewhat seperated scenarios, nothing really new. A good ecovasion, nonetheless. Not much else to say here.

Map Design-5
Superb. Apart from having one of the best designed castles I have seen, and the best bridges, and some of the best landscape, and a realistic river, and great hills...
No, the map is flawless.

A lot of backup documents, the greatest ever hints document, and a running story from cptr 1 give this section a clear 5.

Well done Andy!
Can't wait for the next intallment!

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Map Design5.0
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