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Stronghold: Invasions » Carisbrooke castle

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Carisbrooke castle

Author File Description
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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Carisbrooke castle - Invasion

Victory objectives:

Eliminate all enemy units.

Aquire goods: 750 gold

Aquire goods: 300 stone

Aquire goods: 185 iron

Aquire goods: 200 bread

Should be finished within 14 game years.

NOTE: Iwe worked with this map for about two mounths so I think I earn a 5 for creativity

As always my Invasion maps are unlocked and my economics maps are locked

A short history of the castle:

At one time the capital of the Isle of Wight, Carisbrooke - no larger than a village itself - embraces a fine medieval castle. This Norman structure, set high on a hill, was based on a Saxon fort that occupied the site during the 8th century.

The original 'motte and bailey' castle was laid out in the 11th century, and the polygonal Keep was added in the first half of the 12th century, built on an artificial mound. About the same time, the stone curtain walls were built, with their square flanking towers at the south east and south west encompassing the bailey. On the western side of the curtain wall lies the twin-towered Gatehouse, where it is still possible to see evidence of the portcullises. This imposing Gatehouse, dating from the 14th/15th centuries, replaced an earlier gateway built during the time of the Redvers family, who ruled the island until 1293. Following the family's departure from Carisbrooke, the castle was bought by Edward I.

Two medieval wells still exist within the castle: the Keep houses the first well, which is some 160ft deep and is reached by 71; and the second well is contained in a 16th century wellhouse in the courtyard. This well has been in constant use since the 12th century, following a failure in the first well, and it is thought that prisoners were used to tread the waterwheel. However, in the 17th century, donkeys were introduced to drive the winding gear, and they still give demonstrations today of how this fascinating piece of early engineering drew up the water.

Many of the domestic buildings at Carisbrooke date from the 13th century, including The Great Hall displaying an impressive fireplace provided by William de Montacute. Although alterations were made by each generation, it is remarkably easy to identify every phase of remodelling or reconstruction.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the Governor at that time, Sir George Carey, undertook a large-scale refortification programme to counteract continued invasion threats from Catholic Spain. These included the vast earthworks surrounding the castle, and the landscaped gardens. Interestingly, only the foundations of George Carey’s mansion exist facing onto the courtyard.

One of the sheer delights of the castle is the much restored 13th century chapel, commissioned by Countess Isabella, but which has suffered severe damage over the years. Despite it's near demolition, the beauty and opulence of this wonderful chapel as seen today is based on the original design of the Countess. During the 20th century, the chapel was finally restored as a memorial to King Charles I, who was imprisoned at Carisbrooke for over a year. Later still, it was decided that the chapel should become a memorial for all the people of the Island who died during the First and Second World Wars.

Carisbrooke Castle is a compact and unusual arrangement of building evidence spanning some 1200 years. From fragments of a Saxon wall running below the Norman Keep, to the Elizabethan and Jacobean influences seen in the various additions and enlargements to the basic 13th century construction.
In the 13th century the castle was raided by vikings from Norway.

Now if you´w downloaded this map and played it let me know what you think of it just write it to me good or bad, write anything

AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Sir Lurchalot Just a note to players/downloaders: For a while, I couldn't figure out why this map didn't show up in the game. When I looked at the file, it was named incorrectly. It has no file extension. So by adding a .MAP extention to the name, you can access and play it.
File Author
woops I´ll update the map. thanks for telling
Supersephiroth Very good map

Playiblity:Good and fun to play.The invasions were nice and big(just how i like them)and you gave space to expand to prepare fro invasions as such.

Balence:Nice invasion sizes for the level at your at.The map gave space and wasent overloaded with scenary.Maybe the deer could be spaced out more?

Creativity:You spent 2 months doing this.The map design was fantasic with a few eye candy and the motte and baily design which you folloew through the picture was very realistic.

Map design:This was a good thought out map not to over crowed and not to open.The lake gave the map some life and the use of hieght was good well done.

Story:You were gave a full detailed story line

Overall this map was a good motte and baily design and a good invasion map i reccomend it to any Invasion fans.Well done
TheGoldenGoat WOW. This is a very good map.
Plability 5:very fun Balance 5: I have actually not made it but it was very close one time . its very fun having to think about both the invasions and the economic. Creativity 5: 2 months?? A clear five!! Map design 5: that picture look excatcly like the map. the nature around the castle is just great. Story / instructions 5: Long and good story.
(id: Jax Omen)
I have played through the map again in complience with the authors wishes. The scores have been edited appropriately.

New Improvements:

The playability issues have now been fixed, and either due to changes made by the author or because I was in a good mood the map seemed much more fun.

This time round I found the map to be much more completable, with smaller invasions, However, the A.I. still has issues when attacking the castle (can't really be helped), such as only attacking one partof the wall.

Original review:
A nice little historical map, which was unfortunatly flawed in several areas.

Though this map starts well, you have abundant resources, and only really need to build 2/3 stone mines, and a bunch of oxes on the limited stone available. After that you can spend time boosting popularity, so as to afford the iron. Near the end of the map, several large invasions arrive, which have well scripted character voices. The massive size of the invasions, means you Unfortunatly, in between gathering stone and iron, which dosen't take long, you are sat around waiting for the battle. With no fires or plagues etc happening, you are sometimes left at a lose end. This shouldn't detract from what is, at heart, a fun map, however.

Serious problems here. Although getting the economical goals is fairly straightforward, it is all but impossible to stop 200+ swordsmen breaching your keep. Despite the heavily guarded front gatehouse, their is a back gatehouse, through which the A.I inevitably goes through. It is physically impossible to defend this gatehouse from the enemy (at least for me). This meant I spent masses of stone fortifying my back, which meant i either could complete the stone requirement, or survive the invasions, not both.

Maybe a 3.5, but it was nice to have a relatively free reign over your kingdom, making every go different.

Map Design-3
I don't belive in eye-candy carrying a map through here. While the bridge, irrigated farms and pallisade were nice, the map it self had several areas of plain, and many rough edges. The river/lake had elevation under it in many places, which meant it looked somewhat scruffy.

You won't normally find me awarding a 5 to a story this short, especially as it wasn't in game. But it was of a good length, and seemed as though you had researched it well.

Although I disagree with the other reviews, this map could be as good as they say with a little work. Neaten up the map, perhaps by littering stones and bushes around areas of empty plain. Also, test the map to ensure how the A.I behaves.Although it is acceptable to funnel them in one direction, I didn't think having ONE gatehouse between them and you was fun.

Although this sounds negative, I did in fact enjoy your map, until I lost. I played it through as an economic, and then played it through preparing solely for the invasion. If these were combined in a comletable way, the map would be exceptional.

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