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Stronghold: Invasions » Cptr II The Iron Isles

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Cptr II The Iron Isles

Author File Description
(id: Jax Omen)
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
The battle at Fraymoor castle had been a whirlwind of blades and fangs. Prince Vons’ father disappeared in the onslaught, and so he ascended the Throne.

Although technically a victory, Fraymoor was all but levelled, and Lord Fangs Werewolves poured through the country. Unable to stop them, Vons army was pushed back to the coast. Much of it was left splintered and without leadership, becoming little more than small uprisings against the new rulers. Lord Fang summarily crushed every last human leader except three.

While Von is fighting among the Highlands, Captain Ismin has been left in command of the area commonly known as The Iron Isles. A mighty set of three castles which are almost impossible to attack. While mustering his troops to join up with Von and Commander Dren, the third leader, he was put under siege.

Lord Fang has placed his best Lieutenant, The Pig against Ismin. While not as subtle as the Wolf, the Pig relies on a mass charge, brutally slaughtering all in his path.

Ismin has placed barricades along the beach leading to the isles, and put his best officer in charge of a legion of men there. While they are unlikely to hold, they will buy time for Ismin to mass his troops.

He must hold. He must join with King Von.

Can you survive…?

An ingenous Island battle, with tense fighting and a creative opening battle.

The .Zip file contains:Iron Isles Invasion
Story file
Various backup documents

Part two of a series including: I Fraymoor Castle
II The Iron Isles

With thanks to NAT and Docweasel for playtesting!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Blood Hawk
Map Design4.0
Ahh... yes... it's another fine map from Jax Omen. This is a fairly large scaled battle map that makes you have to fall back to the next line of defense and regroup an awful lot. That, is what makes this map challenging...

Playability: 4
I had quite a bit of fun with this one. Large sized invasion forces attacking a seemingly impenatrable fortess. The giant invasion forces came charging through the fields to get me. I frantically tried to gather all of the soldiers all over the Iron Isles in order to create a formidable defense. The replayability of the map is somewhat limited, but still, the map is quite a joy to play out the first, second, and third tries.

Balance: 5
I personally thought the balance was in perfect working condition. Easy mode was easy, and normal mode was a normal challenge. It was very wise of Jax Omen to have the invasion forces come in smaller groups so that the sprite limit would not overload. The balance was flawless, great work Jax Omen!

Creativity: 5
I would give it a 6, if possible. The Iron Isles fortress is littered with eyecandy and the story is creavtive as well. The castle design was inspired, I do wonder how long it took to create such a design? The causeways were well done and the defense lines were very useful. In my opinion, Jax Omen did the best in the creativity category.

Map Design: 4
The map was very well designed and very well thought out, especially in the scripting. The castle design was magnificant. However, I think that the terrain could have been given a little more attention. I think more stones and maybe some more grass or dirt could have been added to the field area. The islands I think could have been more rugged and more unfriendly looking.

Story/Instructions: 5
Jax Omen did superb in this category. There is quite a bit of documentation, story, and other useful notes that really contribute to the gameplay of the map. The story and documentation about the units was well done. No suggestions or anything to question in this section of the review. Great work, I hope this fantastic story and documentation continues throughout your future maps!

OVERALL: This is a must download. At a few points, the landscape is a little bland, but that is soon drowned out by the highly entertaining gameplay. I can tell that great attention was paid to the story and the castle design. I truly recommend this map to add to anyone's collection!

-Lord Blood Hawk

Map Design4.0
"Iron Isles - Sorry No Iron!"

Playability: 4/5
I liked the "fall back to the next defence" idea. Not too easy and fun to play. You just lose out on the replayability of it though - Its a little too fixed in the way it has to be played. Different ways to complete it would solve this.

Balance: 5/5
Near enough perfect balance! Normal was just about completeable. Well done!

Creativity: 5/5
A nice gather your troops and defend the castle objective. A type of map I haven't played for a while and feel better for doing so. The story and the playability just mean I have to give a 5!

Map design: 4/5
Well designed castle, nice landscaping (I could go on), but the water? How about a couple of shipwrecks or something. A few rocks. Just something to liven up the open water, but otherwise very good.

Story/Instructions: 5/5
Well written, entertaining story. Really does give this map something special!
Only thing I could pick up on is the usefullness of the cyan troops. If you are going to do that again I'd recommend writing it into the story. They could be neutral to you, and have been forced back into a trap between your castle and the enemy. (Ok so that wouldn't fit here - but you see what I'm getting at)

A must play. Gets my "Full of fortified goodness" award! Well done Jax!

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Map Design4.0
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