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1067-The Saxon Rebellion

Author File Description
Alan Spencer
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal

Title: 1067-The Saxon Rebellion
Version: 1.11
Map Type: Invasion
Install to: stronghold/maps

The year 1067. Following the Battle of Hastings six months ago,
Saxon England as been subjected to the deprivations of a harsh
winter and even harsher Norman overlords. However, William the
Conqueror has recently returned to Normandy and the few remaining
Saxon lords have judged the time ripe for rebellion. While the
main rebellion occurs in the north with Scottish support, you
are charged with raising an army in the Marches of southern Wales.
Ruthless Norman lords are however aware of your plans and you
are likely to first need a strong castle to use as a base for
your rebel army....

Historical Note: The Saxon rebellion of 1067 failed dismally.
Can you change the course of history?

This scenario places you in a wilderness area which will initially
hinder crop planting, thereby requiring careful economic management
in the early stages - though the local trader deals in some food
and wood if you find yourself caught short! You will need to erect
formidable defences and a large army within about 40 years, before
the local Norman lords gather their forces and attack you in strength.

This scenario has been thoroughly tested and is winnable, but a
medium game speed is recommended as you will find that there is
much to do within the early years.

Tip 1: Success in battle will bring more disenchanted Saxons
rallying to your banner!
Tip 2: The local quarry is only small so be sure to begin early
Tip 3: You'll accumulate plenty of wood while clearing the
wilderness - Think twice before you just sell it.
Tip 4: Don't underestimate the strength, ferocity and determination
of the Norman army!

1.10-1.11 : Minor changes have been made to improve game balance.
and a new screen shot
1.00-1.10 : Minor changes have been made to improve game balance
and to limit the means by which an easy victory is possible.

Have Fun.

Alan Spencer

PS. If you enjoy discussing strategy games check out the above url!
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
oh what fun, this map is!!

Playability: easily a 5, especially for the beginning of the scenario, balancing the tough economic challenges the invasions, the wolves, the fires, its starts off all enjoyable action.

Balance: i found that if you can survive the early few years the rest was fairly easy, as i had heaps of time to bulid up a massive army with heaps of crossbowmen to kill off invaders, the first time i played it so i guess only 3 for balance as i thought it was too long, but still high for fun rating!!

Creativity: good, excellent use of map/resources, mulitple attack points keep you on your toes.

Map design: another 5. i love maps where you need to clear fell forests in order to place farms to feed a growing population. lots of resources, but you need to work to get them. excellent.

story: cant fault it, lots of pre game and in game commentry, loved the historical element, go the saxons!

The Red Baron
Map Design4.0
I really liked this map. It was my first download off SH Heaven, and has done nothing but encourage me to keep on downloading.

Playability: Gave it a 3 because it was a little long and the last half of the game was relatively predictable. I will say though that after losing a few times, it was really satifying to completely destroy the later invasions. The first half of the game was really excellent. The invasions and other surprises were well timed.

Balance: 4 Mainly because it took several times to beat. I liked the fact that you had to pay attention to detail early. The fires and the early invasions were crippling and so wells and carefully placed defenders were important. If you get lazy early you will probably lose.

Creative: 3 Nothing really stood out especially. But I have to say that a good old fashioned "build and defend bloodbath" can be tons of fun as this map was.

Design: 4 I loved the restrictive terrain. The keep on the hill with the partially finished wooden fort is great. The trees often had to be clear cut and still the hills and elevations would block farming. Placing the stone and iron away from the stockpile with partially destroyed walls was also well done.

Story: In general I don't get into the stories much, but I loved the historical background. I have to make special mention of your note in the story that the Saxons failed dismally. That is great writing and adds extra edge to the scenario.

Overall, if you only like economic requirements and quick scenarios this probably will not be your cup of tea. But if you want some real challenges and chances to lose early, lots of killing late and a few surprises along the way this was a thoroughly entertaining map.
Dalan Doordouwer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I'm a bit torn between a 4 and a 5 here. If you like quick, action packed scenarios, this one is not for you. However if you love to micromanage your little realm to efficient perfection and are willing to put in a lot of effort (and time), you'll love this one. Therefore, a 5.
Balance: 4
This scenario will tax your defending skills. You cannot afford to slack off at any time during the long building process. Start getting ready for the enrelenting attacks of your enemies or you won't stand a chance. This is the scenario that finally forced me to pay more attention to my castle's defenses once the outer curtain has been penetrated. Attacks are many and fierce, maybe a bit too much so. Either way, if you like a challenge, this will provide one.
Creativity: 4
I don't think Alan has tried to create something singularly unique here. True to his nature he's produced a solid straight-forward scenario. The true strenghth lies in it's tough balance and great map design.
Map design: 5
To me, this is the kind of map I love to play on. The map has the kind of limitations that keep you on your toes, economically as well as military. On top of that it has been polished to look very natural.
Story: 5
I've come to enjoy Alan's instructions. Not only are his historical references very interesting, but he also manages to create a scenario that gives you the feeling of being placed at that specific time in history. This one is another good example.

If you are like me; play it!
Map Design4.0
Well... I've downloaded about 25 different missions from this site, and so far this one is my favorite. The historical elements; and the wooden moat and bailey castle setup are awesome. The forest definately forces you to carefully manage your food resources. And the overall look of the map is natural and engaging.
I found the invasions a bit too difficult my first few times (you definately need to complete the partially started curtain wall if you want to survive) and the length to the final battle is too long ( I played 3 times for about 3 hours each time and still didn't finish.) This is the only reason I didn't give 5's.
Really fun and fast paced!! Lots of management, and big invasions. If your not a stronghold wizard (which I am NOT)try playing this one on easy to prepare yourself for the fun!!

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Map Design4.5
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