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Helms Deep by WarLord Designs

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Well it has been quite a lot of hard work but we are pleased to release our latest creation.

Isengard has been unleased and tenthousand Uruk-hai mark on the great fortress of Helm's Deep. Will you hold out against the darkness and all its evils?

We have to give a big thanks to NAT who playtested our map over twice so that we could come as close as possible to the perfect balance, Thanks Guys.

There are some custom messages included to make your experience all the more enjoyable. (note: Download the utiliy to replace original sounds once you are done playing).

Have Fun,
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File Author
Remember the Utility is to restore the original sounds.

Map Design5.0
Great helms deep map! When the "rohirrim sound" comes the horseman hasent breaked through all the walls, little strange i think. The enemie is attacking all the walls at the end isntead of attacking the final gate, but thats something you cant change. But thats the negative things. Really great detailed map, as your Minas Tirith. Generaly i like youre way of detailing the maps of youre scenarios. This is the only Helms Deep map when the enemie is actually DESTROYING the deeping wall. The fort is nicely made and has unique stone stairs (not maybe unique but very nice ones =)). To have LOTR sounds really pushes up the playability, very nice done. This Helms Deep map is the best one together with the one that talos_911 did, and maybe the best stronghold map ever... (together with talos_911 map.)
(id: Jax Omen)
Map Design5.0
Warlord Designs have really outdone themselves with this spectacular map.

This map is ever so frantic as you scramble to kill as many people as possible on the wall, while trying to defend your archers, and stop your main gatehouse from falling. The fight on the deepning (sp?) wall is nothing short of epic, as you send in your swordsmen to spots were your archers are being butchered. As you fall back to the final keep, it all seems hopeless, then the Rohirrim arrive. The map is so much of a joy to play, its hard to express.

This map was well balanced, but my only qualm was that it was a tad hard. I finished it on my fourth go, and found that I had to get my timing for moving archers and swordsmen, or sallying out to deal with rams just right. I could probably finish on normal easily now. Apart form that, pretty well balanced.

When people see this map, many will think "oh, just another Helms Deep map..." but I would implore you to download this map anyway. The way WL_D have tailored the map to the A.I. is excellent. In fact, i would go as far as to say that the A.I preforms better on this map than on any other. Normally Helms Deep maps suffer from either the A.I. not attacking the wall and only assaulting the "castle" part, or gaining the wall and massacring the archers from the off. In this map, both parts of the keep are assauted simultaneously. A big well done to the Warlords here then. Also, the sound files were very nice, and as I was using the LOTR mod music as well, it sounded great!

Map Design-5
The only word for map design here is "awesome." Although not as ig and detailed as their Minas Tirith map, it looks just as beutiful. The mountains and landscape are perfectly formed, and the river looks great. The castle looks ace too, and I quite liked the unique stairs used. The amount of effort put in this map is plain to see. I applaud you.

The story is pretty long and follows the storyline from the books well. I liked the fact that it wasn't just copied direct from anything, but was more an adaption of the script. The instructions for the sound files were handy as well.

So, an excellent map from Warlord_Designs. I take it you going to make more Lotr maps?
Dougleass You rock! This Helms Deep is the best!
File Author
Thanks for the reviews guys,
yes we will(when we have time)continue with making LOTR maps we just love giving our interpretations of the cities and landscapes.

To Dougleass and Fearalex,
I would suggest you read the reviewing guidelines I understad you both to be newer so to speak and We both (Arthus and Alexus)welcome you,

We think you are a bit inexperienced with the reviewing and would think it a good idea to read the guidelines before reviewing more maps.

Thanks again.
Fearalex I understand youre point about my reviewing and i think i know how do to a real review its just im to lazy to write so much (but yes, i am a newbie). I have an idea to you about a LOTR map. You could to a Osgiliath. I was thinking about doing one but im not so good at doing maps but you are so i thought you could to one.
File Author
Yes that is one we still have to do, but just because you are new doesn't mean you should stop. Have a go, I'm sure if you listen to the help from the great people on the site you will be able to learn a great deal.

I suggest you download one of my first maps, just search under Emperor Alexus and download a map called 1 cruel lands. You will see how I started off. Even take a look at one of the maps by Lord Arthus my design partner and you will see how we started out just like any newbie.

We would be pleased to help you out in any way with maps you make.

Fearalex wow... thanks. Its very kind of you to say something like that to little poor me. Well if really want to help me you could review my first scenario on this site: The greatest battle of our time. I have read the review guideline and im going do test youre scenario. Isnt strange that a badly made review can lead to a conversation like this?
PS, if there is any lacks in the spelling its because im from Sweden.
Dougleass I have already rated this scenario(go down a bit and you'll see it), and now i'm going to my first attempt to comment them. And i have slightly changed the reviews.

Playibility: 4 I never get bored when i play this map. And the sounds from the movie really makes it more fun. But there's something missing... But it is a fun scenario!

Balance: 4 It got a four, because many people i know manage to survive, but.... i don't! (hehe...)

Creativity: 4 Hmm... You're not the first one to do a Helms deep...

Map design: 5 You are awesome doing maps! You must have worked really hard to make all the stones and hills everywhere

Story/Instructions: 3 It is quite little instructions. Though everyone knows what happens. But it absolutely is not the worst one i've seen. It still has the great Warlord Design standard (Which is very high=D)

So...... Good work! Keep on doing these awesome scenarios!

[Edited on 11/07/05 @ 02:50 PM]

Map Design5.0
Yet again a great map from Warlord Designs

Playability 5/5 Great! It is so overwhelming at first that I didn't think it was beatable!

Balance 5/5 Perfect, the battle recreates the helpless feeling of the movies, but is quite beatable.

Creativity 4/5 As with any Lord of the Rings map, you yourself didn't come up with the map so IMO the best you can get is a 4. So basically it is extremely good.

Map Design 5/5 I was originally thinking of creating my own Helm's Deep level. One that would be better than all the others at least in looks, but then I played this one and it was just so good that I gave up on making one better. If it were possible to give a six here, I would.

Story 5/5 It is Lord of the Rings... enough said.

If you like Lord of the Rings maps, check out my Minas Tirith map, Gondor Part 2: Minus Tirith by X29.
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