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Octavius Maximus
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
"My Lord," a voice implores from behind, "You must see the healer. You're side is..."

You wave a hand at your advisor, grimacing at the pain that wells up from even this small movement.

"Go, Tarric," you growl through gritted teeth, "See to yourself and leave me in peace for a moment."

You hear the soft sigh, and then the sound of shuffling steps moving away down the stairwell of the shattered Keep. You slump down against the parapet before you, and look down at the sword slash which sundered your armor and creased your side deeply. That sword would have finished you on the next stroke but for the brave actions of your advisor. Tarric had deflected the killing blow, although the attack had defeated his defense and gashed his leg deeply.

You think back to the waning moments of the vicious battle as you look about the devestated castle at Thelgaard. The forces of the Snake and the Pig have been crushed, but your forces have been decimated, and the Keep is in ruins. The population has fled in terror, and all of the stone and iron industries have been destroyed. You have recieved word from the King congratulating you on breaking the will of the enemy alliance, yet imploring you that your former commander in the Royal Gaurd, Jerrod, is pushing intensely for the his abdication.

He has requested you move against the traiterous rogue as quickly as possible, but you know you must have time to recoup your losses and attempt to restore some semblance of peace to this devestated land.

"My lord!" the voice of your advisor calls from below, "Some of the people have returned, lord, and they report bands of the Pig's troops are banding together and pillaging the local villages. Shall I get the men together?"

What men? you think cynically. Only a handful of your troops survived the terrible seige, and not tremendous weariness and wounds from the pitched battle.

"No," you call down, "Send word to the villagers to come to Thelgaard. We will have to rebuild this place, and recruit a force for its defense. And begin recruiting men for the iron mines and the quarries. We must get those industries functional as quickly as possible."

As your advisor moves away to follow your orders, you begin formulating plans for the assault on Jerrod. You must move quickly, before word Jerrod's depridations can lead to the downfall of the King.

This is part IV in the "Return to Glory" series.

Part I: The Plains of Esregoth
Part II: Defenders of the Faith
Part III: The Price of Blood

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0

Playability: 5
Octavius Maximus created a well-playable economic map, which certainly isn’t too hard to play even for beginners. The first sight of this heavily damaged castle sent shivers down my spine and I felt the cruelties of war looking at the weird landscape. The environs are spraying breaths of death, and on this deserted territory, you’ll find traces of devastation everywhere. In view of the demanded objectives, you should realize at once that there would be lots of work to do. Reconstruction and economic recovery against all odds will restore former human life here. Moreover, you’re absolutely free to manage the tasks as you like.

Balance: 3
It’s hard to say, but in my opinion, it is quite easy to handle without any serious problems. You will get the bandits under control and the wolves seem to be very lazy and they prefer attacking bandits instead of your men. On the contrary, a few bad events like plagues, fires, mad cow disease etc., will occur keeping you busy. It’s advisable at any case to be prepared for these troubles. However, the toughest objective should be the sword and armour goals in this scenario. Because of the iron deposits, located in the east, far away from your stockpiles, it might become a race against time if you are careless. Fortunately, there are stone deposits that you should mine as fast as you can. The building of chapels and churches will provide bonus points for popularity and the sale of stones will fill your cashbox with gold, necessary for different projects or the purchase of bread from time to time, if you are occasionally suffering from the lack of food.

Creativity: 4
I was taken with the imaginative story and how the author transferred all the written components into a perfect map design. The timeline, all the objectives, map design, as a detailed solid work and the triggered events are sensitively coordinated and adjusted. Octavius obviously has got “a good nose” for an excellent composition and he impresses by a vivid imagination.

Map design: 4
Three stone bridges are leading across two arms of a mysterious sea towards a ruined castle that reflects the glamour of former times in a strange way. The countryside represents emptiness and loneliness, where nature is right on the point of spreading out and of reconquering lost terrain. The stone and iron deposits look very naturalistic and the course of a river nearby reminds me of jellyfish tentacles.

Story: 5
Well, it’s an entertaining and captivating story, well-written in a figurative style. Most of the tasks are packed up in a clever dialogue between the Lord and his advisor – very nice!

I really enjoyed playing this interesting eco-map by Octavius Maximus and especially I liked the mass of cows, to say nothing of the cowpats… ;-))


Madd Sir John
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
So this is how the castle will look if its destroyed. The map is easy on easy normal on normal .....

Balance: 3
Destroy Whats left of the towers and pit traps for a big boost in supplies. Now I could block the bridges with a simple wall and nothing attacked.

Creativity: 4
Its a re used map, but a really good map to re use.

Map Design: 5
You can really feel the desparation and desolation when you first start.

Story/Instructions: 5
I always skim the stories to see if any hints are there. If you bother to even have a story you deserve a 5.

Additional Comments: I enjoyed this map, and found it a challenge right away, even with my blockade on attacks.

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Map Design4.5
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