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Gondor: Minas Tirith v1.8 - v2.0 By X29

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.2
This is the minimap from v1.5 but it hasn't changed all that much for v2.0. Thanks to Kester for helping me figure out how to post this.

File includes versions 1.8-2.0 in an attempt to avoid compatibility issues that have arisen.

This is my third version of the legenday battle from the Lord of the Rings Series, Minas Tirith. This is the first map I have posted on the internet, enjoy. I played other versions of the battle and was never satisfied, but they gave me many ideas on how to make a uniquely different one. (Thanks Warlord Designs and NAT!) The tutorials here on stronghold heaven and on stronghold knights also gave me some great tricks. Though the trick I used to script the seige equipment attacks I came up with all myself. Please post a link here if you know of another map that uses this trick. Also if you think there is a better version of the battel of Minas Tirith, please post a link to it. I would like to see them. I am desperate to know what you think of my map so please post some reviews. I would espesially like any comments from Warlord Designs or NAT.

When I created this map, I wanted to make it different from the others so I made it bigger, I made the walls perfect circles using graph paper, I used secret passages to link the sides of the city, I made the Tombs for the kings, and I scripted the seige equipment so that it would attack like in the movie. It took me three weeks just to build the city, and another two to get the battle to go the way I wanted it to. I specifically left out the riders of Rohan. In this version you are suppose to hold the city untill they arrive. Then you win. I am working on another level where you play as the Rohirrim arriving to a beseiged Minas Tirith.

You cannot defeat all of your attackers. There are too many, as in the movie. To win you must keep your people and troops alive untill Rohan shows up. Thats another thing that is different about my map. In other maps you just got to watch the battle unfold, not needing to do anything. Not so in mine. You will quickly loose if you just watch. Placing troops is crucial for success. Try playing my map on all difficulties. I have never beat it on very hard, but I think it is possible. For you lesser skilled players out there I have included a walk through in the zip file. Enjoy!

Version 2.0 The one major change is that I figured out how to get the .sav to .map trick to work on my map and now the peasants are there from the beginning. Also all of the Trebuchets have at least 100 rocks and you have no stone in the stockpile (or at least very little) son you cannot fix your gate house a bunch of times as you could before. All catapults have rocks and stay a little farther away from you castle to make it a little harder for your archers to shoot them. Still, they aren't all that much of a threat. Hope you like the changes and please comment either way.

Version 1.9 Just to let you know, even though, I have not followed the normal order (1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 etc.) I do have all 1.1-1.9 versions of this map on my computer. It is just that some of the changes I didn't think were drastic enough to warrent a full update for the map. For version 1.9 there are several major changes. I am trying to get my map to work for Lord Raganar. To do this I took his suggestion and used it partally. The outer wall is now only partly filled with land. Hopefully this will get the AI to attack better. Also there are now two other places where the evemy can breach the wall other than the main gate. I added some more invasions to make them more frequent. There is now only one gate per level untill you get to the top of the city. I put some custom towers in the level that were inspired by the ones I saw in Warlord Designs level (Note that your troops can exit these towers but not reenter them. Odd isn't it?). You now have to last an additional year with 50 more people than before. There is one last thing that I have changed for this update. The Nasgul, Wringwarths, of simply the Nine now attack you castle in the form of enemy lords (Unfortunately there are only 4 enemy lords). There are still some things I have yet to do. I have not done the .sav to .map trick yet. There is some trouble with the peasants getting stuck. The city streets still remain largely undetailed. IF there were still six months till Stronhold 2 came out you can be sure that I would take the time to put in a lot more detail. As it is... The large amount of stone is for you to give to your trobuchets, but you shouldn't get a chance to repair your gate now.

Version 1.5 I attempted to solve the balancing issues. I nearly doubled the amount of attacking seige equipment, and increased the number of attacking sowrdsmen by 50%. I don't know what to do if they don't even bother to attack though. They have allways attacked me when I playtest the map. Now you have to last two years longer against the waves of attackers than before. I also added some more detail to the fields outside of the city.

Version 1.1 I think that I fixed the problem of the enemy troops walking around the first wall. I sincerely appologise to those who downloaded this map before I realized this problem.=)
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