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Author File Description
Duke of York
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

Shipwrecked in a terrible storm on a deserted archipelago of islands, you and your crew are stranded. Fortune has it that you were able to salvage enough supplies to establish a small settlement to begin your quest of building a ship large enough to get everyone off the island and back home to Florence. You must use your skilled merchants to aid in building your defenses and gathering the necessary food stuffs to survive this harsh environment. Friendly natives from nearby villages have agreed to trade some goods with you in efforts to help you off their lands. At times, they may send assistance in the form of archers to help protect you against the Dread Pirate Red Beard (the Snake) and his marauding crew. Beware, he frequently uses these waters for debauchery & revelry. He will allow no one to reach the outside world and reveal his secret hiding place! If you defeat Red Beard, you may even capture one of his ships in an attempt to escape – but don’t count on it.

Victory Requirements:
1000 Gold
200 Wood
150 Meat
50 Ale
25 Iron
30 Game Years To Complete

Player Notes
Critics be prepared! I have recently received a lot of comments from folks saying my scenarios weren’t as challenging to them as they used to be. I have brewed up a little something entitled “Archipeligo” to challenge your skills. In this “place your own keep” invasion scenario, you have the freedom of starting from just about anywhere on the map – living or dieing with the consequences.

“Archipeligo” is a series of small islands that aren’t large enough to hold your entire castle. You must choose wisely where to place your keep, establish your economy and set your defenses. This isn’t a terribly difficult scenario to play, it will just require some thought on your part.

As always, I hope you enjoy the scenario and have as much fun playing it as I have had creating it. I look forward to constructive criticism and comments at


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability and Balance: 9/10

Another superb map from DoY! This unusual map from Doy provides you with challenges you don't usually have to face. Your first one is where top place the keep, personally my favourite position is the circular like island in the middle of the map. It is one of the largest islands and has relatively easy access to all the resources on the map. It is however quiet vulnerable to attack. You quickly realise that stone is key with this map. If you don't get in stone quickly you can't build a barracks and so you instantly lose at the first invasion. Stone is also needed so you can block off the entracnes to your sprawling settlement. You have to build on many different islands which spreads out your castle and makes it hard to defend. It is easy to concentrate too much on the eco goals and forget military. was doing what I thought was quite well on my second attempt on normal, with the eco goals on target but I was defeated by the second wave of invasions. I only had the 10 crossbowmen, a handful of archers and 15 spearmen, not enough to hold off the horde approaching! Still it is a challening map that forces the player to use tactics and techniques he may not normally use. One thing that was quite irritating was the fact that you needed at least 4 stockpiles to hold the goods required so you have to be very careful when placing the keep or there won't be enough room to place the stockpiles.

Map Design and Creativity: 9/10

The map is very creative, a great idea from DoY. The islands are well spaced out with various resources in different areas. Choosing a settlement location is tough, there are a ferw suitable spots which is a nice touch. It makes the map very balanced. The islands are well designed and the fords between them look very natural. Good work from DoY, nearly a 10/10!

Story/Instructions: 5/5

The storyline is quite simple but it is a very good idea. The site description is well layed out, with a minimap and a few notes on the map itself. A neat and tidy description that si very easy to follow. Good work!

Additional Comments:

Great map, recommended especially if you want to try something a bit different than the odinary stronghold invasion. It's a creative and challenginf map to play. Keep them coming DoY!
King Of Rohan
Map Design4.0
Map Design5.0

Dive into the magnificent world of islands, called Archipelago; I’m quite sure you’ll be enchanted by its mysterious charm and singular beauty. The question is where to site your keep right in the beginning. There’s a multitude of different small-uninhabited islands that you can select for your starting position. Don’t depend on those apparently advantageous islands quite near the stone or iron deposits southwest or northeast of the map. After several vain attempts to establish a well-running economy, I decided to choose the central position, and this turned out to be the best strategic point both economically and with regard to the defensive measures.

I used those flat islands spread around and concentrated on producing wheat and bread (6 wheat farms and 6-8 bakeries), so that I was soon able to lock meat consumption for a faster acquisition of this demanded goal. From time to time, you’ll get reinforcements (a few archers) and you can recruit spearmen, pike men and mace men for defence.

All islands are within reach through shallow fords looking like reefs or something similar, where enemies and your peasants have to wade through. I’m not sure whether it’s more challenging to meet the economic requirements (gold, wood, meat, ale, iron) or to withstand the increasing invasions. Anyway, you are always under pressure, and plagues, bandits, wolves or crop failures are keeping you on your toes from time to time.

I admire Duke of York’s individual style of creating aesthetical maps, especially his unique ability to reproduce very naturalistic looking landscapes. The variety of this fictitious world of islands reminds me of some archipelagos of the real world, e.g. offshore islands in Finland or New-found-land.

BTW, a nice story telling us about the fight of survival “man against nature” and at war with pirates.
As always, an exemplary good creation by Duke of York; don’t miss it!


[Edited on 10/09/05 @ 10:22 AM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
took a while to finish.
i had to do it three times before finishing.
and i like you idea of attacking with bandits first thing was great.

Balance: 4
balance that has you place you keep anywhere and balance of attacks is good.
it's all great!
Creativity: 5
lots of islands+iron on one side+stone on other=lots of creativity.

Map Design: 5
:)= A+ = marvellos map!
Story/Instructions: 5
i understand that the story was very good.
Never ever got lost on the story.

Additional Comments:
my rating 4.3/5
This is a great fun map! Lots to think about while you are trying to win :-)
Alias00 Man, How does one even beat that map on VH?

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Map Design4.5
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