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Golden Hills Castle-Updated!

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
I really really really need people to rate this map! The story goes something like this: Lord Gaebril has gone off to the crusades leaving only half his army to defend his castle while he is gone. In his greed (and because the hills surrounding the castle are full of gold)Duc Volpe mobilizes his massive army to destroy the castle and claim the surrounding lands for himself. Lord Gaebril's men have sworn that the castle will never fall while there is at least one man standing.

The map should be pretty hard (it took me a few tries to beat it) but I know that most people may be better/worse than me at defending castles so I would greatly appreciate feedback on this map so I can perfect the balance, terrain, ect.

Here's a few screenshots (sorry if they're small)

Ooooh new picture!

Some changes:

-Made the landscape less boring by adding some brooks and stones and swamps and trees and bushes and animals :-D
-Made the invasions bigger toward the middle years to break up the monotony (there are different troops too like macemen and stuff)
-Scripted some fires and a touch of plague to make the map more challenting
-Took out 80,000 gold! I also disabled a few things in the market.

p.s. I thought of putting in siege equipment but rejected the idea, if I get enough of a response for it though I'll add some to the invasions! Thanks for the ratings NAT and lollard, it's much better than it used to be (I hope).
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File Author

[Edited on 10/25/05 @ 08:07 PM]

NAT Be patient please!

Playability and Balance: 7/10

This map gives a good play but it could be better. The initial wave of invasions did a lot of damge to the castle and i was struggling to hold on, very soon I was pushed back to the inner castle across the river. However there I made my stand. The invasions did not get any bigger and my archers and crossbowmen now concentrated on a smaller wall had no problem in taking care of the invasions. The enemy crossbowmen did a bit of damage but I was always producing my own missle troops to replenish the walls. After about ten years the final invasions occured, they broke through my final wall and into the keep. However I had had so much time to build up an army they found over a hundred swordsmen, fifty macemen and two hundred spearmen waiting for them. You give the player in this almost game an unlinited amount of gold - it is very easy to build up a huge force. I recruited as fast as the peasants arrived at the fireplace! The problem with the map was that there are about ten years of very monotomous play, it seemd that the invasions were just repeted - I didn't have to do anythig really to hold the castle. The last few attacks becasue at the end it was suprisingly close.

Creativity and Map Design: 7/10

The map looks nice and the castle even better, pretty solid performance here. The countryisde is good but again could always be improved, you may want to look at the SoD articles hosted on the site if you want to improve your map design skills. Overall though the map looks good and there are no major design flaws that hinder the map's gameplay.

Story/Instructions: 4/5
The storyline is short but good, I enjoyed the site description, the pictures realy added to it. It was well layed out and I think worthy of a 4. Good work!

Additional Comments: A nice map, some good moments and nice castle design but still soem room for improvement. Look forward to your next map!

File Author
Thank you NAT, and sorry for my impatience, 2 out of my 4 AP teachers are down with the flu and a third is on a month long hiatus so I'm not getting as much homework and can work on maps. I'll take your advice and reduce the amount of gold, maybe add some rocks and animal life in good places on the map, and clean up the invasions. Thanks for the rating :-D !

p.s. I think I might add a bit of fire to break up the monotony...and maybe a touch of plague :-O

[Edited on 10/23/05 @ 09:54 AM]

lollard97367 Playability: 5
Nice to be able to play stronghold 1 maps now that I have the warchest edition. I gave this a 5 playability, because its probably one of the most fun invasion maps I have have played in a long time. Its epic in its fun. Once in a while you play a map that makes you say, whoa this is what the game is about. Most of the battles took place in the castle, right up close and personal. This is not one battle, but a whole war. Like a Battle of Bosworth Field, that lasts 15 years. If you like classic mass combat on a thrilling castle scale, this is it. I took them on armored knight vs. armored knight, inside the main 1st inner courtyard. I lined my interior walls with whatever crossbowmen I could gather, and reinforced with armored knights like a mo fo. The gatehouse in the lower corner fell right away, so the enemy streamed in that lower side and the courtyard became a battlefield. So, it was a series of attacks, withdrawls, charges, regroups, feints, struggles, flanks, and eventual defeat! But I made it to the last battle. Last man was killed May 1082, as he and his friends (there is no king) made a last stand in the keep. The scout that is killed in the beginning set this stage (great writing in the intro).

Balance: 5
The timing and numbers on the invasions are perfect. I say perfect alot when I give a map a 5 balance. This map is better than other "perfects", because the playability is epic in scale and this makes the whole effect more enjoyable. Since this is such an immense 'run and gun' war, you are always moving troops around, reinforcing, buying arms and armor, and then making use of the barracks. Thats the beauty. The author did good. The excitment comes from the fog of war, which I like. Some areas of the castle were slow to get involved. But eventually everyone came down to the central courtyard battlefield to see what was going on, and of course (sadly) give their lives. The banging of swords against plate armor rang throughout the castle (100 armored knights fighting each other is loud!). The only sound louder was the screams of the charges. I like the way the weapon availability is balanced too. I ran out of money!

Creativity: 5
Because the castle is superb in scope and intense battle sequences, its a 5 in creative power. To get a large, multi gated castle to work this good takes alot of thought. Good work.

Map Design: 4
Im docking a point because there is no king. I know that was intended, but its a tiny let down and only dings the overall quality of this running battle.

Story/Instructions: 5
Landing on an arrow that you are shot with, as described in the story, sounds gruesome and good. Nice written work.

Additional Comments:
If you are going to download and play something today, this is it. Look no further.


[Edited on 10/24/05 @ 01:40 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the review lollard! 4.8 ^^ I'm so happy, I hope you like the updated version just as well and maybe even better :-D

[Edited on 10/25/05 @ 10:41 PM]

Sir Steele whoa lollard you have both crusader and stronghold? nice

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