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Stronghold: Invasions » Brimmergate

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Brimmergate. The name of a city that has stood there for over 100 years. It's a wealthy, flourishing city and is said to be a timeless city... a peaceful city. But the tides are turning, and the 1300 century brings a terrible force. An army of Duc Volpe is marching towards Brimmergate. This is told by two men that managed to survive from Balinore, a city that now lay in ruins after an assult from Volpe. What makes the story even more frigthening, is that The Snake's armies was sighted at Balinore when it was attacked. Will he aid Volpe in the attack on Brimmergate? Will Brimmergate stand firm after and attack from two kingdoms?

This is not my first map submitted here. I used to make alot maps, maybe seven pages back. But they are nothing compared to this one. I've worked hard with this one. I hope you will enjoy it. It's a real time killer, lol. It's 22 years long.
I would like to thank Warlord Designs and Captain Diablo who playtested this map. If you want some early reviews of this map (though, it is slightly changed now of course) go see this.,2193,0,10

(just copy and paste...)

I know it's not much of a story lol. I'm not much of a writer... And sorry for my bad english...>.>
(There's a longer story that comes with the downloaded folder)

Here's a little teaser of an upcoming project.
I give to you ladies and gentlemen, the largest eyecandy in the history of Stronghold: The Colosseum. hehe, lol.

Just copy and paste. It's unfinnished there though. I'm still working on it, and the map.
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I haven't played the map yet. I just looked at the colloseum... Once again it seems I will need to find my old stronghold game and get back in the medieval groove.

I will play the map at some point (When I have gotten back to Stronghold) and review it.
lollard97367 Havent seen your work before. Nice. I saw the teaser of the colluseum and it looks amazing. I'm playing your map next and rating it as soon as I'm done.

Let me start by saying this map is indeed the best of the designers maps. I Don't feel the need for a lengthy review as i've given one in the map room, but being a playtester i feel the urge to rate it.

Playability: 4
I questioned this for a while. Ultimatly a 20 year invasion just isn't my cup of tea, however thats just me. I saw it to the end on several occasions and it deserves a 4. Cutting it down to the year ''13 may have helped raise the score but then would have come the balance issue...

Balance: 4
Quite aware of the fact i said a 5 would be imminent if bows were turned off in the market, i feel other tweaks ultimatly resulted in a different map to the one i tested. Still a challenge but with a handfull of archers out in the field to kill the approaching engineers i had absolutly no problem- still a worthy effort deserving of a 4

Creativity: 4
A tough one. Its very creative but doesn't have that extra something. Perhaps more of the same, a full front invasion but it still works well.

Map Design: 4
Here is my little problem. Being one who conserntrates on terrain and landscaping more than anything i feel more effort has been put into the great castle. A map is more than that, it needs an eyecatching environment which for me was a little bland, otherwise good job

Story/Instructions: 4
Nice size, not the most appealing but it gets the message across which is what needs to be done, 3.5 to 4.

Additional Comments: No offence intended but untill this map i didn't really wait for the designers next submission but this map has changed all that. A good solid invasion worth a try for all you average skilled players out there, its a good one!

Captain Diablo My review will follow soon, that is when I figure out how to beat it...

File Author
I'm doing a minor update probably tomorrow. I'm going to adjust the story that comes with the folder. I made it pretty quickly so it probably has alot of flaws.
i've updated the story now.

That colloseum is a building appearing in a new scenario i'm currently working on. Named Rome. It is, as I said, only a very....very big eyecandy. But it is functioning, and i'm still trying to improve its functionalism.
But do expect to be facing a long wait for its arrival here, since it will most likely take ALOT of time to finnish it.

[Edited on 11/11/05 @ 09:31 AM]

Captain Diablo Okay, got VERY close to beating it, will probably review tommorow, sorry for the long wait!
File Author
lol, well good luck. I don't really think you have to win to review. Especially when you almost made it to the end (it seems). But i'm looking forward to it.

In that shot you can see the stables. They are not used at all (except quick money and wood) because the horse knight is turned off in the barracks. But this map is a crowning accomplishment.

Rating coming soon.


[Edited on 11/15/05 @ 03:24 AM]

Captain Diablo
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
So after FINALLY completing this wonderful map, I realized it was a very good one! The game starts off and a huge sprawling city is laid before you. The people are off to work, or stopping to smell the flowers and stuff.

Although the castle was well done, some towers didn't seem quite right to me... but that changed when your mangonels started destroying the seige equipment!

After the Pikeman broke through the big gate- nicely worked into the story- it was basically 20-50 of my Swordsman slaughtering everything, something I enjoyed doing in Secrets of Sylvandell Chapter 5, and something I enjoyed more here. Since the fight took place on the road, and they couldn't get around my Swordsmen in the right positions.

Some nice moments, perfect playability.

Balance: 4
The whole thing for me is raising enough Swordsman to do my dirty work. Once I had enough, it was basically my 40 or so Swordsman against the entirity of The Wolf's army. But lucky for you, you put some good things to offset this unbalance. A four is deservent.

Creativity: 4
Other people have done it before, a huge castle against a huge force. I have-or tried to- and many people have. But only a few have done it well, you are one of them.

Map Design: 4
I'm not much of a Map Design expert, only mountains work for me in Stronghold 1. Some tweaks can be made, but overall it's excellent.

Story/Instructions: 4
A nice soothing story to go along with this castle, it's not too long and it serves it's purpose. Good job.

Additional Comments:

Great job! Hope I didn't take too long to review!
File Author
i know about the stables Lollard. But i made them only because of the.... eyecandy effect. Is that a bad thing? >.>

and finally Diablos review arrived hehe. I appreciate the time you took for it. (because it seemed like you worked hard to win). so thank you.
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