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The Lonely Castle

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
This is the second Castle i have now made. Hopefully it's better than my last. Anywhy...

This ancient castle has been in ruin for hundreds of years. It has been baned by the Kings and Queens of the ages that it shall not be rebuilt. But, it has suddenly, almost instantly been rebuilt. You, as the Kings leading General have been tasked with taking down this Castle once and for all. The King has said, that if it is defeated, he will have dismantalled. But before you leave to the 'Lonely Castle' on it's lonely peninsula, you here a rumor, a rumor that the Castle has been rebuilt by and is garrisoned with the forces of the Devil. Is this true, you hope not.
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Lord Edy HI THERE, HELLO EVERYONE! (again) I was just reading lolard's review of Darkslave Master's "Koen's Quest Ch-1" when two maps appeared, right infront of me! So being the curious type, I clickt on this one, and from the minimap I thought it looked intersting. I did make the usual mistake of asuming that it was an invasion map (which it would not have made a very good one of...), but it did look different. I supose that you were trying to creat a peninsula-ed castle like "mission 21", "leeds castle", and "Glukemsburg".
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
I played this map twice. The first time I played it I set it on defending with a hard difficulty. I shot up first probing attacks by laddermen and horse knights. The enemy horse knights did a good job on taking out the wide killing pit area in front of the whole thing. Then I deleted the sections of moat so I had a clear line all the way to the back. Otherwise you cannot move troops around at all on this. Meanwhile, I moved every crossbowman to the front gatehouses. The sky fell in crossbow bolts.

Playing Level: 10,000
Troops Lost 0% = 10,000
Score = 20,000
Previous Best Score = 0

Then I played it on attacking on easy difficulty. This is a challenge because the enemy missle troops are elevated and behind a moat. There is no cover all the way past the moat to the gatehouses. So its multiple archers and crossbowmen with direct fire all the way. I think a commander would say that this is impregnable, and bypass it or just starve them out. No score on easy. Minor damage to the front gatehouses, but thats it. I gave this a 4 playability because I played it all the way twice without quitting in boredom.

Balance: 2
When I see gatehouses full of crossbowmen, I think of my old first maps. You could use the 16 starting attacking engineers in a slow pressing catapult barrage (with cows). You could then use shields to run up. The only problem is that ballista on the central front tower, it kills. And, you still have the huge lake of pitch to run across, and then you finally get to start digging on the moat. Its out of balance because of the number of enemy shooters, and over done on building.

Creativity: 3
Unusual design with interior moat areas that divide the towers, walls, and sections. Thats about as creative as it gets. If you worked on this about another month, with landscape, it would get higher here.

Map Design: 3
The map doesnt play well because of the amount of moat. Even if the enemy manages to dig in the front, you have a whole series of towers and moats to still cross. Also, use more of the map next time, or pick a smaller starting area. Otherwise the castle looks good on paper.

Story/Instructions: 3
Much time was probably spent on the story, because it sounds good. In D&D this would make a great module. All types of demons and demigods sometimes help out mortals and give them spells to cast that could make a castle. If the devil made this himself, then he needs to go back to engineering class because there is too much moat. I think the devil would use alot of pitch pits in defense, however.

Additional Comments:
I have to give this an official Lollard "Thumbs Down". But not way down. If developed completely, I would reconsider this.

Jasper Tudor
Map Design2.0
Playability: 4
The map is actually very fun to play, although I'm not able to win it.

Balance: 2
Doesn't really work. As Lollard said, the enemy crossbowmen eat up al your forces, and once the digging units (the archers, macemen and pikemen) are dead, you won't be ablöe to complete the map. And even though i built as many catapults (and in a later attempt trebuchets) they were all destroyed by the enemy ballistae.

Creativity: 2
It's a siege, and I've seen peninsula sieges before. I admit that making the castle completely water-filled was rather creative, but it just isn't good enough to bring it up to a 3.

Map Design: 2
Parts of the map jsut isn't very good, although the castle actually looks pretty good. For example the road ends at the signpost, and those ruins doesn't really belnd in. I also think the peninsula has an interestingly "thin" shape.

Story/Instructions: 3
Works fine, nothing special about them though. Would be a 4 if it wasn't for some mis-spelt words and grammatical mistakes.
File Author
My first castle was totally flattened. Use it wasnt perfect, but it was alright. All the reviews said to make the next one harder. So i did. Now you're saying it's to difficult. Make up your mind. What do you want it to be like. Tell me!!!

Jasper Tudor There's a difference between "hard" and "impossible". You tried to make your new map harder, which is good, but I think you've overdone it a little. Playtest you maps well before posting them, or ask others to playtest them.
File Author
I would have thought there was someone who could beat it. I've got an even harder one if you want to have a go. Or will you just give up and not try because you're afraid of getting beaten?????
Jasper Tudor If you want people to rate yuor maps at all perhaps you should try being a little more polite.
lollard97367 I think its time to have a big multiplayer game on gamespy 2 versus 2. Then we will know who is good and who is not. Plus if you want revenge or just to settle a score, you can get it done in the game. It should be a normal 4 player multiplayer game (I have many good maps) with 2 players on a side. Make it a deathmatch? Lets pick a time, and then meet up on gamespy in Stronghold. You can help your ally or not, its up to you.


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Map Design2.5
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