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Cede Of Mad Baron VonHendricks

Author File Description
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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
Cede of Mad Baron VonHendricks

Cape Foulweather is a rugged coastal region famous for its bad weather and high winds. The area is ruled by its infamous resident, Baron VonHendricks. VonHendricks used to be a fair and just man, who ruled his coastal lands with a kind heart. But madness gripped the poor Baron years ago, and ever since his decline into insanity, his men have terrorized the area. VonHendricks is now seen rarely in public, usually when he wanders his castle at night in a sleepwalk type state. During these episodes, the unfortunate Baron mutters apocalyptic predictions and occasionally his echoing screams are heard for miles. When not mumbling these dire predictions, the Baron hides deep in his castle and plots his next act of lunacy. Lately, the nightmares of VonHendricks foretold of betraying priests and abbots. VonHendricks acted on this, and ordered his men to burn down some of the surrounding churches. The resident priests were later tortured and killed. Things are not well at Cape Foulweather!

You have been given command of a small army by the Duke. The Duke learned of the situation and decided to take the unstable Baron out of action. His first attempts to lure the Baron out of his castle failed. Now someone must go in and kill VonHendricks. That someone is you. The good news is that once you take over the castle, the Duke intends to make you the new Baron.

The castle is quite strong, but luckily the whole company of archers the Baron usually has on the walls are not present (He sent them to shoot up a neighboring church). This is the time to strike. Some local engineers who worked for the Mad Baron have turned sides and built a siege tower. They left it in the SE corner of the map for you to use in your attack. As soon as you take over the castle, be prepared for returning armed gangs of VonHendricks crazed men to commit acts of banditry and hooliganism. Also the Barons ally, The Snake, will not be pleased when he hears about the Mad Barons demise. Build up a army to defend your new castle against the Snake's counterattacks and eventual siege.

The people of the barony are used to the hard life. Use bad things to make the peasants feel at home with their new ruler (you).

As always, please comment and rate.


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Jasper Tudor As always I've taken water above my head (if that expression exists in English...) and I am quite busy creating a new map, but I'll download this map and play it as soon as I get the time.
File Author
"In over your head"


"Off the deep end"

are two expressions you might be looking for!


Hint: Protect the iron mine at all costs!


[Edited on 11/26/05 @ 01:48 PM]

Jasper Tudor
Map Design4.0
Haha, you really caught me at this one, Lollard. I decided just to take a look at the map once before continuing at my new map, and then I ended up "playtesting" the map, and then I couldn't let go until I had beaten the map.

Playability: 5
Incredibly fun to play, the opening siege is superb.

Balance: 4
The opening siege was very hard to complete (but I made it without using the siege-tower). The first invasion is pretty tough, and the bandits are REALLY irritating. The only dissapointment was the final invasion, which was very easy.

Creativity: 5
All cedes are creative, and this one is no exception. Nice use of the shadow in the ocean (don't remember what the trick is called).

Map Design: 4
Mostly flat and grassy, but the castle and the nicely done coast brought this up to a 4.

Story/Instructions: 4
Well written, and a nice story aswell.

Additional Comments:
This is a really funny (and sometimes even frustrating) map that I couldn't stop playing until I'd beaten it. Superb work!
File Author
Glad you liked it. I didnt want to make the invasion at the end too tough, but you can play it on hard or very hard to make it more challenging.

Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
Fun to play nothing wrong with the map

Balance: 4
A little to easy but the constant bandits made it quite harder and the limited build space

Creativity: 5
Nice cede map with a cool castle design

Map Design: 3
The land was mostly flat but the scattered apple trees and the shadows in the ocean were nice

Story/Instructions: 5
Story sets a perfect idea of what is happening

Additional Comments:
Great map Lollard cant wait until your next one

[Edited on 11/27/05 @ 08:41 AM]

Captain Diablo Aye, I'm definetly playing this!
File Author
Get your farms set early and protect them, the trees are invaders too! Glad everyone is playing it and rating it too. Have fun with the siege in the beginning, try new strategies.

Jasper Tudor Just to mention: I beat the map at normal without using the iron mine, although in aftermath i figure that I would have done much better (more iron to sell=more money) with it. But it's possible to win without using it.
Captain Diablo Oi, the seige is nearly impossible!

Any hints?
Jasper Tudor Never mind the siege-tower, clear the wound tower with a stair leading to it, get your archers and crossbowmen up there and kill the Lord. That's how I did.
Or else just take the tower, guide it to the gate, and then easily get your maceman up in the keep, killing the lord.
I noticed that the longer you wait with taking the castle, the more bandits (macemen) there will come, and when you finally capture the castle, they will all cede to you! This way I didn't need to produce any other weapons than crossbows and bows.
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