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Stronghold: Economic Scenarios » Seaside Conspiracy

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Seaside Conspiracy

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

For many years now, the war between the sea-people, a warlike nation of the Northern Islands and King Ralph of Arkanian continues on. The country can no longer tolerate the hatred produced by the sea-people. Through betrayal of our vassel, The Rat, the sea-people succeeded in conquering countrysides with rich resources, and to cut us off from most of our trade routes both from land and water. Only your region in the south of Arkanian still has sufficient resources for weapon production. The last battle is approaching shortly. The King needs weapons and gold in order to build up his troops. Since the trade possibilities are to a large extent lost, you will have to supply the requested gold in other ways. Many people will perish in this great task and your citizens will work hard to help, But take care! The sea-people promised that traitor, The Rat, to leave him your area for exploitation. He will bribe bandits to prevent you from fulfilment of your task. Do not disappoint the King. You are the last hope for Arkanian and its people.

This is the first scenario I ever made. The map has a beautiful landscape around the sea. It is tested for easy, normal and hard difficulty. The goals have to be fulfilled within a given timelimit.

I hope, you will enjoy the scenario and should you want to play the whole campaign, so here are the download- and description links for the other two missions of this campaign:

Seaside Conspiracy2:

Seasside Conspiracy3:
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability - Great scenario, Hanarky! I really enjoyed playing it even though it got a little boring in the end, but in general it was fun to play and I really felt like wanting to finish the scenario and not exiting it. Perhaps there could have been some more events, like fires and thefts, but still a nice scenario to play.

Balance - About balance I could say that it wasn't really too easy but not too hard and I was able to finish the scenario the first time I played it, so perhaps it could have been harder. The amount of gold in the victory condition could have been bigger as it wasn't really too difficult to gather the gold. Another thing that might be a good addition is a victory condition for food as it is possible to gather a lot of food (I was able to gather over 970 units of fruit on normal difficulty ).

Creativity - Creativity was good. The story was nicely implemented in the scenario and the map structure was clever. I also liked the castle with its lighthouse (?) and dock.

Map Design - Map Design was excellent. I really liked the map structure and the beautifully carved forests, beach and sea. There was plenty of details which I think is important in a scenario which takes a long time to play. The map was very playable.

Story/Instructions - The Story was nice but not very unique to earn the highest score. It was quite an ordinary story about a war between two kingdoms. Improved story-telling and more unique view of point on the war would have given a better score.

In general, Seaside Conspiracy is a very good scenario and should provide you with entertainment for some time. I'm looking forward for more scenarios like this from Hanarky!

Review update: Story/Instructions (written comments)
Map Design5.0
Playability - 4 - This mission was fun to play on the whole. A mix of objectives kept me interested, and the map/castle itself was so interesting that it increased my pleasure.

Balance - 3 - I feel the mission should have been slightly harder. I won at Hard on the first attempt and with many years left on the timer. A few more negative popularity events would have increased the challenge, as would have a decrease in fertile land.

Creativity - 4 - An excellent map and a good story increased the creativity points for this mission. More varied events would have probably meant an even higher score.

Map Design - 5 - A really beautiful map with natural looking and varied styles of landscape. The castle was also very very impressive, just looking around the map gave me pleasure.

Story/Instructions - 4 - A good story, well written that fitted with the map.
Map Design5.0
For a first map, this was sure a fun one! The castle was beautiful and the map as a whole had a great design. I would have varied the events a bit though, maybe throw the plague at us sometime or another. I played this map on "normal" and didn't think that I would be able to complete it in the time allowed. Once I got things up and running I was doing okay though. I look forward to playing other maps that you have created.
Lord Ephraim Wow, nice and pretty map, stunning landscape and realistic-like looking castle!!! I will DOWNLOAD IT right away! Thanks for making this BEAUTIUL MAP!!!
peter2008 Seaside - Land of Stairs.

Before he made his wonderful first map, the author had learned the tricks for economic maps and how to block them (for me the meaning of "conspiracy").
- No wood trading! For buiiding up a huge city you will have to fully rely on your wood cutters.
- No food trading. Gold from food can come by taxes, by more people only.
- No weapons trading. You need iron mines and workshops to meet the goods targets, but then they are quite useless.
- No replacing of the stockpile because it is not available! Clever.
- No stones trading. No-one may come and smash the castle walls to give them away for money.

The land is full of wolves and bears. Some outlaws and archers trained with the initial bows will run across the entire map to shoot the hostile animals. (Funny how bears always try to hide away when archers approach.)

Of course, the author did not want to prescript the player's strategy for placing the granary. Here's space for the "classic" one and for that in the valley.

The castle is giant, flanked by thick outer walls. To make the ways people walk shorter, I implemented additional gate houses and - stairs, lots of stairs, particularly at the eastern walls and inside the castle. Had fun and took the freedom to smash the inner ward anyways, for more space. (All is fair in love and sea war.) Also, stairs fit at the canyon rocks.

The initial gold, not being applicable for more wood, is best used to place bad things.
In other words, the author allows no way around the castle outline, so let's go the way inside the dynamics of the SH1 eco. Stunning how well it works. Played the map on normal to get an idea of it. Played it on very hard, keeping up a -5 fear factor along with the growing population, and finished the map far earlier than I had done on normal. Score = 29.692.

Hope, some other players will discover this enjoyable map.

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Map Design5.0
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