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Stronghold: Sieges » Kranen Castle

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Kranen Castle

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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Kranen castle is a key stronghold in the kingdom. You have owned the castle for some time now. The area has prospered under your rule and has become one of the leading provinces in the land.

This morning a scout has reported that a large army of the rat is coming to your castle. The Rat having little land in some insignificant area has become jealous of your prosperity. He has organized a huge army of mercanaries and is marching to the castle destroying everything in his path. People from all around have been coming to the castle in droves. They tell you that the Rat is destroying the land and taking no prisoners. You send some men to estimate the Rats forces and slow them down. Some battered soldiers come back telling you that the Rats men are only a days march away an have killed the rest of your men.The first wave came and destroyed most of your outer defenses and a good portion of your troops. Most of your buildings were destroyed. You thought that was the last of them but you were horribly wrong. Another huge army comes out of no where and charges your castle. You send some men to slow them down but you know that it will not be enough. With your limited pitch supplies you boil oil. The extra time the units you sent out bought you helped arm all of your troops and make traps.You strip down any useful building and use it to make anything to help with the defence. Your soldiers know this will probaly be their last day but they will fight to the death. The Rat is not the greatest general but he knows how to fight when he outnumbers the enemy. You here a horn. HERE COMES THE RAT!!!
-You have limited pitch use it at the right time
-throw pitch on armored units first
-Bring all your soldeirs to the front then pull them back once the first gate goes down
-reccomended difficulty is hard
Comments and constructive criticism is appreciated.
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
lollard97367 Playability: 5
This got all fives from me. First things first.

Playing Level: 10,000
Troops Lost: 50%
Score: 15,000

Now on with the reasons this got a perfect five from me. Its a great siege period. It has all the elements: strategy, luck, archery challenge, close quarters fighting, functional eyecandy, oil logistical headaches, and oh yeah a thrilling seige too! You look out from your well prepared castle and see an ocean of enemy massed! Then you begin to go to work, every pikeman or armored knight that is shot and killed, is one less to fight in the keep. You just need to think about archery lanes and keep the oil a flowin'! Put this at the top of the list of this type siege map, because its the best Ive played on here!

Balance: 5
Because I had to fight all the way and it was a struggle but they never got IN the keep, that puts it at the pinnacle 5 level for balance for a siege. Remember, sieges dont have an economic part, so this is definately not all fives as an eco-vasion map for example. But as it stands for balance on hard difficulty (as recommended by designer) this is a 5 and not a 4 because its a well balanced challenge and fun.

Creativity: 5
Some examples of the creative ideas on here:

Lowered walled market compound with archer guards.

Theres a small bridge and excellent ruins work

Working water driven mills.

Stables with wooden corral.

Keep on using the awesome eyecandy and design tricks. This uses the design tips on the main site well and doesnt look all bunched up with random buildings. Good work.

Map Design: 5
This comes in at a 5, and believe me I thought about this alot. I cant find a thing wrong with the map, I tried. The attacks dont bunch up. The oil is pretty simple to use, but this is intended. Getting back to the gatehouse with the oil is harder than the actual dumping. The map uses lowered walls and doesnt try to over do it. Also its hard to make ruins work WITH a map, but this designer did it well. Its a siege so again this is a 5 for that particlar type of map and if switched into some kind of economic challenge, this would not work. Its a fight to the death, inside a partially ruined stronghold. I think thats what the designers of the game wanted to represent when they designed this (very addictive) game.

Story/Instructions: 5
Even though the story is only on the description page, I gave it a low five. There are enough details, plot, and intrigue to get the low five. Some minor spelling, but thats not important to me to knock this to a high four. So, FIVE nonetheless. Im just saying that because I dont want to be questioned about why I gave this siege map all fives. I did because its good, period. Add a mini map so people can see the beauty.

Additional Comments:
"Thumbs Way Up". This map will get many downloads for years, because its good enough to rise above the normal maps posted on here.


[Edited on 11/29/05 @ 01:22 AM]

Jasper Tudor I am sorry to say I can't really share Lollard's love for this map, but all reviewers has their own taste and see things from their own perspective.

Playability: 4
Funny, not much else to be said though. I'm not really in to sieges, but atleast I had to move my troops around a bit.

Balance: 4
It was good, as the author mentioned too easy at Normal, but it gave quite a challange at Hard.

Creativity: 4
Nothing that hasn't been done before, but I don't want to complain about such a small thing.

Map Design: 4
Hard to judge really, the map features a lot of eye-candy, but that doesn't automatically bring it up to a 5. The map looked mostly unnatural (except the nice marshy islands to the south) and was overcrowded with stuff which wasn't needed, as Lollard mentioned, this would never work in an Invasion. The castle was actually a 3, tower at the inside of the walls (one of the most common mistakes), some very weird design and layout and very odd fading into the hills.

Story/Instructions: 4
Well written and functional, not an excellent story but it sure works.

Additional Comments:
An overall good map, but think a lot more of the map design next time, don't overdo it.
lollard97367 To each his own. I liked it. It incorporates everything that is needed for a low five. But, if someone has a different opinion, GOOD!

File Author
Thanks for both of the great reviews
File Author
You got the idea of my map Lollard thanks
File Author
Added a picture to the map

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