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Defenders of the Faith by WarLord Designs

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Defenders of the Faith
By WarLord Designs

Greetings to all, before you begin the lengthy read I would like to remind you that this is entirely fictional yet draws on events and characters in history and is meant to read like a historical write up on actual events that have shaped the course of history including fictional battles events and character accounts, I hope you enjoy it.

The Second Crusade

During the Second crusade Saladin’s control of the Holy land had increased to a great extent, like the merciless sun his forces baked hard the chances of a European control in the region, seeking only peace and control of his land Saladin the Wise offered peace to the Europeans and wished to restore trade throughout the kingdom.

Even those of Christian faith were allowed their prayers, for Saladin only through peace could he see a future and only through that intention did others seek to stain the sands with blood once more. Christians were allowed within the jewel of the Holy Land, and the truce between Muslim and Christians was upheld in the city of Jerusalem. Yet time and anger were a deadly mix and soon the call for swords and knights would be heard loud once more, the pope demanded European control in the Holy land, the peace hadn’t lasted more than two year, Rome’s words echoed across Europe, and so came about the Third Crusade.

We hope you enjoy the map, see zipfile for full storyline.

WL_D, Alexus and Arthus.
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Dougleass Without doubt, i'm giving it a try -.^

[Edited on 12/11/05 @ 06:55 AM]

Jasper Tudor Wow, this map is HARD...well, honestly, I beat it my first go at normal, but that was due to some bug causing the enemy to not move on to the gate and get stuck at the rampart. I'll be giving this a rating once I beat it fairly...
lollard97367 Some notable features:

-Cross shaped stockpile

-unique castle design, and wall access

-extreme difficulty, even on easy

-dont try to improve the castle with extra wall, its made to run the way it is. At least at first.

-spearmen and archers take on armored knights, they need god on their side if you want to win here (or just a solid defensive stance)

-I use woodcutters for extra reinforcement in the invasions. If you block the back door, the woodcutters go out the front and chop up the incoming knights (this will not be enough to win however)

-get the two iron mines up and running early.

-everytime you have 100 extra gold, build a poleturner

-cow farms seem to be more productive than the other farms because of disease

-listen to the warnings about no well in the castle


File Author
Thanks for that mini hints write up Lollard,
I think getting an oil smelter operating as quickly as posible will be the way to gain victory along with as many pole turners as possible,

thanks for all the ccomments guys, cant wait to read you reviews,

Andy Baz
Map Design5.0
The castle lights go out for another day and the faint sounds of running footsteps peter out into the darkness. Erie shadows form shapes of monsters and strange wild moans fill the blackness. The year is December 2005 and off the main corridor of the mighty Germanic castle is a room that’s still awake, still alive, still buzzing! There is no sleep for the people in this room…not tonight anyway.

HIC, HORRAY, GULP! “How the people will love this one!”

The Warlords do what Warlords do best and celebrate the completion of their latest Stronghold assignment and from what I already know it’s worth every swig of beer. Apparently they were inspired by this very castle itself and called it ‘Defenders of the Faith’. How the people will love this one.
There is no mistaking the quality on offer here, it oozes the class you come to expect from the Warlords; some folk reckon the castle and landscape reflect the true skillful talents of these Warlords! Then there’s the game play! I sit back in my chair, having played the quality that simply delights – and wonder why these mystery folk are so laconic?

Deep inside the Germanic castle the beer fueled party is in full swing, the priest is however no longer the teetotal gent everyone saw him as and it’s clearly a distressing sight for all. Fredrick Barbarossa’s alter ego is revealed when he’s reduced to a karaoke embarrassment, but there’s no denying the theme of the night ‘Defenders of the Faith’. Where all around them falter Warlords work shines through and this master piece is on the lips of everyone.
I have only hazy memory of the night but what I do remember I want to share with you, especially the better quotes of the evening.

Saladin said on the landscape:
“There is something profoundly interesting about the landscape, don’t you see how the terrain manifests itself with sporadic raised ground; this clever illusion deciphers the architecture of the environment and turns the ruggedness of the land into something more…it is quite magnificent!.”

Fredrick Barbarossa hits the right note with his thoughts on the game play:
“I found and I conquered! There was a time when I thought I’d didn’t have the strength, the energy to ward off the enemy, but I dug deep into my pocket and all my efforts paid off. I didn’t want to lose, and I certainly I didn’t want to give in – For that I credit this map. I knew when I found the right tactics I’d achieve victory – how glad I found them!”

The priest speaks about balance before he turns his thoughts to beer.
“If God is my witness I therefore seek his approval – I attacked with arrows, spearmen and boiling pitch – not very Christian I know, but boy did it work well. With sufficient time given before and between attacks and a self sustained economic system; ‘Defenders of the Faith’ welcomes challengers to fend off enemy warriors in a beautiful fortification. This map is not unreal, but a fun doable experience that I distinctly remember. Although on ‘hard’ the first wave of invasions saw me rethink all my tactics, but the large ominous force only inspired me to refocus my efforts into winning ones.”

Fredrick Barbarossa speaks about the creativity:
“Impressive ideas have once again been transferred onto the Stronghold canvas. The landscape is original to a certain degree with the hilly mountains and a dominating stream. But for me I find the beautiful concentric castle with its back garden the pick of creativity.”

Saladin salutes the map design:
“The Stronghold community is most fortunate to receive such a quality map.”

The priest’s thoughts on the stock pile:
“My church goers will be pleased with seeing this cross, although I was questioning myself when I deleted a square or 2.”

Eventually the party ended and everyone said they had a great time. But it was ‘Defenders of the Faith’ that was the biggest hit of the night and the most talked about.
Jasper Tudor
Map Design5.0
I mainly agree with Andy, but I'll try to give my opinions in less words.

Playability: 4
The maps was great fun to play, building up for the invasions took all the time and effort I could put up, and yet I was down to the keep at each of them.

Balance: 4
Phew! Hard, perhaps a little too hard. With the right tactic, the map was actually pretty easy at Easy (surprising, huh?), but at Normal this map turned out to be an almost unbeatable monster. Though I finally managed to beat it.

Creativity: 5
The perfectly circular-shaped castle, the cross-shaped stockpile, the few and simple means and the unique landscape makes this map worth a 5 or more! The story alone could have brought this up to a 4.

Map Design: 5
I actually found the map a bit unnatural looking, with all the odd stone-pillars, but in this case, that doesn't matter, since this map looks really great. The castle and it's unique entrance being the best part.

Story/Instructions: 5
Long, containing not only historical facts, but also takes them to another dimension. It's somewhat like a medeival Indiana Jones-story. Great work, very inventive as well!

Additional Comments:
Wish I could create maps at this level...
Andy Baz hehe, Jasper maybe less words but at least we arrived to the same conclusions. :)
File Author
And as the WarLord climbed their hill and looked down into the valley that lay bellow, what mannor of riches were found, such honesty, frienship and complements for all to see, they had their reviews, and in knowing they had brought enjoyment to others, were happy for the rest of their days. :)

Thank you both for your reviews, interesting write up Andy. We appreciate both your reviews honesty and the time you took to give us some feedback on our latest release.


[Edited on 12/16/05 @ 05:28 PM]

Jasper Tudor I just have one question: how the **** did you do the main entrance? I've looked at the map from all angles, with walls down (Spacebar) and I just can't figure out how the entrance works out. Now that's clever map design!
File Author
Im not entirely sure what you mean, a little more deatail might help me out.

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