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Stronghold: Invasions » Ruins of Albight Wood

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Ruins of Albight Wood

Author File Description
Captain Diablo
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard
The trees of Albight Wood shuddered as a great gust of wind blew through the ancient forest. The snow covered wood was a little less covered when the snow was thrown off and tossed onto the thick icy floor. Four rangers trekked onwards toward their destination.
“It’s so bloody cold! Why did you drag me along Jenny?”
“Because you said yes to the offer, Tyre.”
“Well if I had known where we were heading, I would have refused.”
“And you would have refused rudely at that.”
“Silence, Belvoir, you only came along because you’re dead in love with Jenny.” The small band stopped, and Jenny turned to face her comrades.
“Who says?” Belvoir growled.
“It’s so God obvious.”
“You picking a fight Tyre?”
“Will you two stop? The ruins are up a hill and I don’t feel like dragging one of your unconscious bodies around!” The two men scowled at each other.
“What’s at the ruins anyway?” Tyre said, ignoring the chastising look of Belvoir.
“Antioch should be coming now at any second, to tell us.”
“Aye, why do you want to know?”
“Because no one else knows.”
“Because no one cared!”
“Apparently you did, accepting the invitation Tyre.”
“I didn’t know where we were heading!”
“Try reading, it works wonders.” Belvoir chuckled.
“Now you’re picking a fight Belvoir?”
“Only to renew the offer you so graciously gave me.” Belvoir bowed low, a comical bow though.
“You mean the offer where I break your teeth?”
“No, the offer where I drag one of your bodies up a hill. The offer I refused.”
“Aye, Jenny. We’ll play nice.” Tyre said. The rangers sat there for a good half hour, mostly arguing, partially waiting for Antioch to report back. At last, the three fellows could hear the thunderous hoof beats of Antioch’s noble black stallion coming forth.
"Jenny!" He called.
"Antioch, what did you find?"
"Well, there's some hostiles there, I almost got hit from an arrow!"
"Your a fully trained Knight!"
"Yes, Tyre. But I was concentrating on this bloody cold that's in the air!" They all looked at Jenny.
"What?" She chirped.
"Nothing, let's go get those hostiles, so you, Ms. Jenny, can study the ruins." Belvoir untied his mace from his belt. Jenny and Tyre drew their respective bows, and Antioch readied his sword.

Author's notes: Ahhh, finally... a note to playtesters; I made some changes to the invasions, due to the lack of AI intelligence for the archers after my change to the river. You can't sell stone anymore, can't build killing pitts, but you can buy pitch, have oil engineers, and have pitch ditches. The screen is centered on the troops. But you can't have access to the ballista, as it's too powerful for the length of this map, and it's there to add to the effect of the ruined castle. And obviously I've added a story. :) Enjoy!

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jasper Tudor Finally up to play. Looking forward to this one.
STreTcH23 I will rate this soon
lollard97367 Im going to be playing this tonight. Will rate when finished.

Jasper Tudor
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This map is great fun to play. You have to put a small, but still efficient economy. And to balance between food producing, brewing ale, producing weapons and recruiting troops and woodcutting on such a small area need some planning.

Balance: 4
Well balanced, but I found the map a bit easy, only lost 29% of my troops at Normal, however, that doesn't mean that the map is too easy though, because you had to be alert all the time.

Creativity: 5
Love the idea with the frozen river, a nice throne (if I understood it right) atop one of the hills, and a great, and this far unique, lowland.

Map Design: 5
To be honest, I beleive that the hilltops could be improved, but this is easily compensated for by the great lowland area, with all the little dots of river, giving it a very fertile and welcoming look.

Story/Instructions: 3
I don't think that a dialogue is enough for a really high score, but the little story there is is nice. Try writing a longer story next time.

Additional Comments:
This is a small, and beautiful little invasion, that is a true pleasure to play, aswell as looking at. Keep on designing maps of the same quality!

[Edited on 12/13/05 @ 10:57 AM]

Captain Diablo
File Author
Thanks Jasper! I really thought the writing/instructions was going to be higher, but, 4.4 is a good score! Now I'm waiten' for the others, which I'll say thank you in advance.
lollard97367 I played this and its quite fun. I didnt use much oil, will rate tonight when I have more time.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Map was fun to play. With a small amount of land you had to start an economy with invasions coming to distrupt it.

Balance: 3
I played it on normal and found it somewhat easy. The invasions are easily countered with the close wood source which gives the ability to produce massive amounts of bows and spears. I didn't use pitch. Overall it was a fairly good challenge

Creativity: 5
The ruins work fits perfectly with the title and setting of the map. The idea of an iced up river adds to this. I like how you started the cede just as the story ended
Map Design: 5
The ruined mountain stronghold functions as it should with only some of it able to be used. The map design goes right with the story.

Story/Instructions: 4
The idea of the story sets the picture of the map and the dialogue sets up for the coming cede

Additional Comments:
A great map which I reccomend for all players. Good Job
Captain Diablo
File Author
Yay! A second review! And soon to be a third by Lollard! Thank you all!

Edit: But what I can't figure out is how everyone got so much gold to produce troops and poleturners.

[Edited on 12/14/05 @ 12:29 PM]

lollard97367 Still working on this map, will rate soon.

Jasper Tudor I only used one fletcher and one poleturner. I bought no pitch, and used no macemen. Just place them close to the stockpile (and place the armoury close too) and the production will be real fast.
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Map Design5.0
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