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The last stand

Author File Description
Sir Shadowed
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Easy
__The last stand__

A LOTR must have!

The time is well after the last victory of men at the Black gates.
The land is shadowed,evil lurks there where once forests stood,home of the great elves...Soil is poisoned,the rivers of life are long gone,the great cities of men lies in ruins...People tell stories that the Mountain of Fire is strong once more,there is no one who can stand against the armies of the Black Lord,Sauron.
After the great rebelion of the dwarves,who fought long and brave,the Evil advanced deeper and deeper in the lands of the men...If the dwarves should have got the much needed assistence,this might not have happned,but the elves had no chance nor the manpower to fight against the forces of Sauron on two places at onece..The great forest kingdom of the elves was burned and siged by another orc armie,with one purpose-to eredicate the great elves.
With the elves and the dwarves fighting for their homelands at the time,the human rase did nothing to help their old and trusted allies...
First falls the Kingdom of the dwarves,most of their kind is now at the bottom of the great mines,only a few escaped and tried to aid the overruned elves,but it was to late,the woods of the aincent keepers of life are destroyed and so the armies of Mordor march to destroy the human kind as well..
The valor and honor of men is now the only thing in the way of the Dark..With their allies destroyed,city after city falls,the lords of men finally understand what they have done by not helping their friends of old,they start to build the city of Nadash,sending messingers to all parts of the ruined land to find as much people remaining alive..This is where they will make their last stand...
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Yoda48 Playability: 4
Real fun map

Balance: 4
Not to hard and not to easy

Creativity: 5
looks like you put alot of time into this map

Map Design: 5
the map looks real nice

Story/Instructions: 5
nice story, but i thaught that all evel was destroyed once frodo destroyed the ring.

Additional Comments:
can u check out my map (Mansion Assassination) thx.
Lord Karpathea Playability: 4
Ok, this map was fun to play.

Balance: 3
Sorry, but way too easy. I had no problem beating it on Very Hard.

Creativity: 4
I'll give you a 4, but I think it should be a 3. I'm a rabid LOTR fan, and I found this was not a "must have", but because it looks like you put a lot of time into this, I'll give it a 4.

Map Design: 4
The map looked really nice.

Story/Instructions: 2
Sorry, but I found too many flaws for my taste. One right off the bat is you said this happened AFTER the battle at the Black Gate. Sauron was defeated, so how can he be in this one? Not possible. If you had done your research, you would have known that peace prospers forever. Orcs do not return ever. Mount Doom and the reat of Mordor fall into a chasm, and it becomes an uninhabitible place for even orcs. You can find this info in the appendix's of the book, The Lord of the Rings.

Additional Comments: Don't let it faze you. Overall this is a good map.

[Edited on 02/04/06 @ 12:36 PM]

black_sabat this map owns
i am a good fan of lotr
Sir Shadowed
File Author
1.You have to play it on verry hard
2.Lord Karpathea-I think you watched lotr too many times,its my map and therefore my story,the peace that lasts forever is not cool ok? have a little thing called imagination ok?
Orcs are back and mad,ready to kick ass once more ok? gawwd =)
3.It is my first submited map,but i have like 4 years of work still to submit,many invasions and multiplayer maps me and my friends played on lans so expect more maps from me i hope (depends of how many people still actually play stronghold nowdays)
5.Orcs are back ok? gawwd..
6.And thank you for the comments=)
Lord Karpathea Chill out ok? It's just my OPINION! Ok?! In your own words......."gawwd!" Oh, and by the way.......I said "book", not "movie". I didn't say your imagination was bad, just parts of the story. I mean, if you want to make up a new story, at least use a different bad guy, like for instance, Harridrim, the king of the Easterlings. Also, you said play it on Very Hard. I did, and it was too easy.

[Edited on 02/12/06 @ 10:30 PM]

Sir Shadowed
File Author
im sorry you are wright,there is too much money and its really not as hard as it should be,sorry again to have atacked you like that...
Stay cool!
Lord Karpathea Hey, it's cool.

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