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Stronghold: Invasions » Dalriada: Monarch of the Glens

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Dalriada: Monarch of the Glens

Author File Description
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
Year: 499 AD
Location: Fortress of Armoy, capitol of Dalriada in Uliad.
Setting: Armoy a fortress built on a rocky mountainside at the top of steep glen called Glenariff. Many streams and rivers for defence and a lake behind a dam. (Dam explained later)
Main Characters: King Fergus of Dalriada, Brother Nathaniel (Monk), Vincent MacDunfry (Scholar), Connor Fitzgerald (Earl of Kilwaughter).

“Curse this blasted rain!!” grumbled Nathan, an outlying apple farmer. As he picks a rotten apple from a tree and throws it into a pile of boulders for a deer to eat later. He is surprised to see two children running for the apple and fighting to eat it. The two kids are followed by a group of fatigued adults. “What be your business in this weather!” called Nathan through the rain. “We have come to seek refuge in Armoy,” a man replied. “Well you look fairly bedraggled, have some apples for the journey. If you just head to that large boulder there, I think there should be a safe fording point. But the river’s that full these days so you might have to go a few more miles to a bridge. But once you cross the river and over yonder hill, you can’t miss Armoy. Just at the top of Glenariff. Well God-Speed to you!!” “Thank you so much,” they replied, “we haven’t had food in days and we’ve walked all the way from Waterfoot by the sea. All this rain has flooded our crops and yonder river there burst its banks and destroyed our homes so we have to come up here to high ground. Oh and by the way there will folk be more coming, probably for weeks. I hear that Knocknacarry was flooded as well.

Weeks later…
King Fergus is talking with his Scholar.
We can’t handle any more peasants! Dozens coming every day. There is no more room in the over flow villages and not much food either. They might starve before the harvest, that’s if there even is a harvest with all this rain. King Fergus discusses with Vincent his Scholar and Brother Nathaniel the head Monk all their options.

After a late prayer, Brother Nathaniel falls into a deep sleep. He has a vision and is taken to a large lake behind a colossal wall of biblical proportions. (Dam and reservoir). Early that morning when he woke up he called for Vincent the Scholar and they made plans for the dam that he had been shown. They presented their discovery to King Fergus and travelled to a prime location on horseback. “Well as I was saying, this would be the best location for the dam. This glen has a lot of streams running into it and the worst flooding seems to be coming from yonder river.” Explained Vincent. “Right ye be,” replied the king, “instruct our men to quarry stone from the outcrop at Orra Head. Tis good granite there, and then deliver it to either sides of the glen, oh and bring some stone blocks up to Armoy. The West wall needs repaired, tis made of limestone, not granite and all this rain has eroded it away. Inform the herald to ask for all healthy men to labour at the dam site and the quarry. There are plenty of refugees to help out. Off be with you! Ride fast! I want this construction started today!

As Vincent rode into the mist, Brother Nathaniel tapped King Fergus on the shoulder. “Yes yes Brother, what do you want?” said King Fergus. “My liege, I was thinking. I received a vision last night and we need to pay back God for blessing us with this idea. Most of the refugees from the coast are pagan heathens. We should convert them to Christianity.” “What do you suggest I do, as you are the head monk?” replied the King. “Well for a start we could have monks preaching at the work places, at the quarry and the dam. And some chapels for the over flow villages. It’s the least we could do to pay back God. And they could spread Christianity to the pagans along the coast when they return there.” “Go ahead with it,” said the King, “and we will spread it right through the lands of Dalriada!” “God bless you, your highness!” They both rode into the mist and to the great fortress. While over the next few weeks there was much work done, the rain still fell and the peasants continued to arrive at the castle. But many were converted to Christianity and some joined the Brotherhood after working on the farms as Lay Brothers.

A year later…The dam was complete. The rain had stopped before harvest time and a good crop was reaped but the downpour started again in early October and continued into Spring.

The Earl of Kilwaughter, named Connor Fitzgerald, nick named “The Snake”. (One of the only Pagan Earls, hadn’t converted to Christianity when St Patrick was about. When St Patrick eradicated the Snakes from Ireland, Connor liked to think of himself as a rogue snake that didn’t leave.) Connor ruled over some lands in the southern Glens and his coastal villages were suffering similar problems to the villages belonging to Fergus. All Connor had to do was ask King Fergus for a copy of the dam designs. But he had come to loathe King Fergus because of his strong faith and many conversions. So Connor the Earl of Kilwaughter decided to attack Armoy and capture Brother Nathaniel and Vincent and obtain the plans. Connor rallied his men all the way from Tardree Mountain to Dunadry. Connor set sail from Glynn and sailed between the Hulin Rocks and mainland to avoid land confrontation. The rain drenched troops landed at Layd Abbey between Waterfoot and Knocknacarry and the butchered the few remaining coastal citizens. Picts from Scotia united with the men of Connor to defeat the King of Dalriada. Fleeing monks from Layd Abbey reported to King Fergus of this Pagan Pictish army heading up the Glen so Fergus garrisoned Armoy with archers and pike-men. As a few soldiers positioned themselves along the dam, shouting could be heard from the Glen below them. “Out with the Dalriads! Out with the Dalriads!” As quickly as they were heard, a dark gathering could be seen swarming through the apple orchards where the first refugees came from. A single unit came hulking up to the dam. It was a monk with an arrow through his shoulder. “Tell King… Fergus,” he collapses onto the dam wall, “the heathens… have…arrived…” With his last breath he rolled himself over the dam wall to the rocks below…….

The assault had begun. Armoy can’t fall, not with the kingdom so frail in the Isles of Scotia.

1) Do not let King Fergus be killed.
2) Do not let Brother Nathaniel or Vincent be captured.
3) Do not let the plans be stolen from the Abbey in the main settlement.
4) Protect the monks and chapels.
5) Have at least 40% of the population blessed.

Other Information
There is a secret cave accessible from the east wall to protect Brother Nathaniel and Vincent-Not King Fergus as he is in keep. Reinforcements in cave if you get into bother.

Enemy can only attack castle from main gate- but you can go anywhere on the map.

This story is fictional-no castle or dam in real life but the map is half true to real life and the place names exist-see map in ZIP File.

The rest of army doesn't do much until the swordsmen destroy the main gate house.

Make in changes you want as the AI doesnt always respond that well!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Gandor Hurray another from younghappy! About time...
lollard97367 will download and rate
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
check out the maps and story in the ZIP file.

[Edited on 05/20/06 @ 10:17 AM]

Dougleass The minimap looks very promising. I have downloaded, and i'll probably rate. Can't promise anything though =x
Map Design4.0
Did you just say that we are supposed to change the map ourselves? If you notice any faults, you should update your map.
Anyways, it's a good map - well worth the download, but still needs improvement on some points. But to be honest... it is hard to rate. It's a unique map I think, but i've finally decided...

Playability: 4
This map is enjoyable when it comes to map design and story, but lacks in balance and playability. The invasions were not a problem to me. You start with an extremely large ammount of weapons, gold and other resources. One annoying thing was that he kept saying that the stockpile was full. You should make the ammount of resources so that it perfectly fits the stockpile space.
A fun concept to make people convert to christianity while holding off invasions, but you didn't succeed to use this idea to its fullest. Still, this map doesn't lack too much of a playability. It's an unique map as I said, and a bit odd, but actually very fun to play. After the update, it's get alot tougher. It gets a 4.

Balance: 4
Now you have alot less soldiers. And for some reason the people were alot harder to convert. I placed churces like crazy, but not much happened... so it's more of a challenge. I raise it to a 4.

Creativity: 4
A creative idea as stated above. Holding off the invasions, while converting the people. But being too easy, it wasn't used to its fullest. I gave it a 4.

Map Design: 4
A 3? A 5? It gets a four. Some places looks really good and natural. Some doesn't look so natural. About half of the map looks natural, the other half looks a little..... it lacks. But the reason why it also could get a 5 is because of that some places are just pure masterpieces in map designing. The rivers floating downhill, near the main gate... Aaah... Looks pretty.
Also... when I noticed that hidden passway... it almost made me laugh. It was so unexpected and cool.

Story/Instructions: 5
I never have much to comment on this part. So...well... it's good, and for me it's a srtuggle between 4 and 5, but as kind as I am, i'll give it a 5. Good work.

Additional Comments:
I had much to say...the minimap looked promising, and the map didn't disapoint me. I enjoyed playing it, but it lacked at some points.

[Edited on 05/20/06 @ 09:19 AM]

Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
Thanks alot for rating so soon! A good compehensive review.

[Edited on 05/26/07 @ 08:27 AM]

Lord Gandor Nice dam! I liked the outlets and stairs. And like dougleass said, wonderful in some areas while lacking in others. Nice design though
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
I have updated the map and I have reposted it. I should probably get people to play test any future maps. P.S Watch out for more in the Dalriada series!!

[Edited on 05/26/07 @ 08:28 AM]

Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
File Author
Before you make a rating please play the current version as it has been updated.

[Edited on 05/26/07 @ 08:29 AM]

Dougleass I have edited the review. It's more of a challenge now, and it really is a fun map.
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