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Stronghold: Invasions » Haely Motte and Bailey

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Haely Motte and Bailey

Author File Description
Lord Gandor
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Wain was a mercenary. He found that there was a good living in selling yourself out, long ago. He was talented in strategy and warfare, and although you wouldn't usually hand your army to a mercenary, he grew a good reputation.

He and his wandering brigade had recently found themselves in a peaceful time, not the best thing for them. As their food cache got lower and lower they marched around the country looking for small jobs wherever they could find it. It was like this when they were walking through a forest glade and a mounted man crashed into the glade, nearly trampling an archer.

After an apology the mounted man looked over Wain's men and said he was recruiting men in the region to help fight off what he described as "An arrogant, monstrous fool who think's he's better then everyone!" and after declaming who and what you were, the man, who had not told his name yet, asked you to go north-west to hill-fort where some people might have need of them.

Three days later

They had run out of food on the second day and on the third had found themselves in a knee-deep bog full of midges. After all these setbacks they finally reached the fort where a group of lesser nobles were discussing plans. After a few minutes of questioning and finding out who they were the Lords agreed to tell them the story.

The Fronds were always a thoughtfull and prepared house and were nothing if not ambitious. Despite this they never hardly left their own borders and maintained peaceful negotiations. This went on until recently, when the late Duc came to power after his parents mysterious deaths. Their bodies were not yet cold before he moved in, made everybody's lives miserable, and formed an army. Of late the army had become to much for the neighboring lords to manage, two had fell already, now their heads decorate wooden spikes and the rest also felt a bit threatened. Gathering up the men in the area, they had united against the Duc so at the moment they were at a draw. This could not last however, and the Lords planned to show the Duc a lesson...

Your part of the plan was to sneak behind enemy lines and capture the Duc's family castle. The pig is away on a raid on the nearby countrysides so he had left a governer and a small garrison to defend what he believes a small target for attack. The Haely motte and bailey lies in a kind, fertile and hilly region covered in trees and small, rocky pools. At this attempt on his castle, he will likely try to get it back. There are also rumors of another general...

A fortnight later.

The small army had been bolstered by recruits and siege weapons donated by the lords. They had crossed hill and marsh to reach the Duc's lands. Making camp across the river from the motte Wain addressed his troops.

"Now it begins..."

A little update: I forgot to put author notes so...

Author's notes: This is a 300x300 cede ecovasion. I didn't playtest as extensively as I could have but it shouldn't have any major problems. The signpost is supposed to be that close in an effort to stop you from using the wood from the forest to build a wall 6 tiles deep all around. There is room for one pitch rig on that small marsh. Some buildings can't be rebuilt: mill, Inn, church. These don't matter except for the mill because it will make it impossible to fill bread goal. Hope you all have fun playing. I tried to make a soft and hilly forest and if the trees take over just make more wood cutters...or...burn them all with pitch! I don't know how far the fires would spread so be careful.

Above all, rate it. Oh and have fun, that would be good too.
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Lord Gandor
File Author
Someone is messing with my account...where's my sister...GET OVER HERE!!!

Just ignore me... *waves steak knife* ;-)

[Edited on 05/23/06 @ 09:31 PM]

lollard97367 Nice looking map and well written story. Will play and leave comments or rating.
Lord Gandor
File Author
Well, thanks Lollard, for the quick response and promised review. And I hate making the stories. ;-) Oh, and I hope everyone notices the perma-shadow on the marsh. I didn't mean to do that and I'm not sure how I did...

[Edited on 05/23/06 @ 10:48 PM]

Lord Gandor
File Author
Well I'm back after two days and...silence. Was it so horrible that you're afraid to say anything? Did I do something totally obvious wrong? Does it have a virus? ???.......

Sorry I'm a little paranoid...Sigh, back to mapmaking.
Lord Gandor
File Author
Hmm I was wondering about that signpost. I just had a suspicious feeling... I'll update it. And yeah, I noticed it rhymed when I submitted it. I added the signpost as more of a afterthought before I uploaded so I never tested. Stupid rocks.

[Edited on 05/27/06 @ 10:11 AM]

Lord Gandor
File Author

There, it's harder. Anyway this was just one of those maps that you make in a day because you're a little bored so I don't expect it to be rated that high.
Dougleass It's the rocks around the signpost! The invasions doesn't show up. I remember I covered the signpost once and the same thing happened to me.
Lord Gandor
File Author
GAH! I did change the signpost but I uploaded the wrong file. Now its fixed.

[Edited on 05/27/06 @ 11:03 AM]

Dougleass Honestly, I hate it when people update their maps so that you have to play it again to edit the review. Everyone should post a finnished map.

Anyways, yesterday I didn't want to play once more.
But today I did, because it actually was fun. And this time it was alot better.
Lord Gandor
File Author
I did playtest it... It's just that on my new computer the invasions wouldn't show so I deleted the rocks around the signpost but that didn't help. Then I find out all of the maps that I make wont be invaded for some reason so I had to email it to my old computer and ect. I tested one more time to check the cede and submitted. I thought there were no invasions because of the computer so I put the rocks back. Now I know to playtest more...

Anyway thanks for taking the time to play and update your review. :-)

[Edited on 05/28/06 @ 10:54 AM]

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