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Dalriada: Rathlin Island

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Impossible
Thank you to Duc de Noisiel who gave me advice after he played the map.

The word document in zip file named "real map of area" is for Monarch of the Glens not for rathlin. Disregard it

Big thanks to Lord Gandor who playtested this map!! If you notice anything wrong or if something needs changed tell me so i can change it as soon as possible.

Dalriada; Rathlin Island

Year: 499 AD

Location: Rathlin Island off the Coast of Dalriada

Setting: Donaneny Castle on top of high cliffs guarding a prison. Cliffs all around Island except around mid harbour and Rue point. Several small lakes and lots of bushes and rocks. Two main villages-hsrbour and main village behind walls.

Main characters: King Fergus Mor mac Erc of Dalriada, Brother Nathaniel (Monk), Vincent Mac Dunfry (Scolar), Broichan maqq Kynat (King of Pictavia)

Background to story: After the conflict in the Glens (Play Dalriada: Monarch of the Glens) the Dalriads send the Picts running back to their ships, but most of Earl Conner Fitzgeralds men are dead so he is no longer a threat. During the battle some of the Pictish spear carriers decided to rip up the dam and flood the whole Glen, (they created deep holes in the walls but then ran away.) On their retreat, Broichan maqq Kynat the Pictish king fell down one of these holes and was never seen or heard by his own men.

In the aftermath Nathan the apple farmer was taking a basket of fruit to the fortress. When he was walking over the crumbled dam he saw the forgotten king. Being the generous man he was, Nathan threw a few apples down to the Pictish King and quickly reported to King Fergus Mor at Armoy. Fergus Mor with five swordsmen and five pike men, set out to the dam to capture him. They detained him and kept him in the secret cave between the waterfall and the castle. As the dam and Armoy were rebuilt supplies and troops were gathered for their next voyage. One of fergus’ four sons Lorrne was left in charge of the fortress while King Fergus with his troops and provisions hiked to Waterfoot by the sea.

Story: (On a boat with king Fergus Mor sailing past Torr Head to Rathlin Island. Captured Pictish King Broichan on boat with troops guarding him.)
“I can see the Isle of Rathlin!” cried Dermot, an archer at the front of the boat. “Hey, tell King Broichan that we’re nearing his new home!” he joked. “Don’t taunt our passenger,” commanded the King, “…because he may eat us up, the fat pig!” Roared King Fergus in laughter. “Pig don’t like these words, no Pig don’t like,” cried King Broichan. “Don’t worry Piggy,” mocked King Fergus, “You can eat all the seaweed you want in your new prison.”

The ship landed on the mainland at Donanerony (now Ballycastle) for additional supplies and troops and sailed once more across the choppy Rathlin Sound to the hidden anchorage at the other side of Rathlin Island. The burdened vessel anchored behind the castle and every soldier disembarked and carried supplies and weapons to the stores. King Fergus and his guards took King Broichan to the sea prison behind the castle and threw him into the dungeon. “This be your new residence.” Said Fergus. “I will release you if you let me establish my territory in Knapdale. And allow to us convert your pagan citizens to Christianity. “Never, no Pig…no me don’t like Christian. No me own Knapdale, Knapdale belong t’me.” Refused King Broichan. “If you decline my offer I will have to execute you. Scatter your army, this will. And I can seize Knapdale unopposed. We can live at peace with each other whilst I rule a small part of your realm or I can kill you and capture the rest of your lands. Take it or leave it.” “Ha, ha. It don’t matter what you do. Pig’s men is going to kill you. Me tell them to reorder on Knapdale and come and kill you. Me tell them to tear down Rathlin. Pig’s men will find you and slay you and save me, ha ha.” At this King Fergus climbed the steps up the sea cliff and conferred with Brother Nathaniel.

(Brother Nathaniel discussing with King Fergus)
“We will have lookouts on all three lighthouses and fortify our walls with our new troops. We will need to collect rather a lot of cheese, as we will sail to Knapdale when the Picts are scattered. There is no-where for crops to grow on this Island and there are no deer, but there is ample of ground for cattle. There are neither trees nor stone either. But there is a supply craft that sails between Donanerony and here. The mainland can provide us with a lot apart from iron weapons. Oh dear the Picts are such barbarians. They will destroy everything in our Kingdom if we loose this next conflict. If only we could negotiate with their king. I have sent three monks down to the prison to convert him but he literally has a stonewall around him!”

The following week…
“Enemy Ships approaching! Enemy Ships approaching!“ Shouts a lookout on East lighthouse. Three ships land at Rue point and spew out their evil cargo…

Collect 450 cheese for your next votage to Knapdale.

Bless 95% of the people as a promise you (King Fergus) made earlier in Monarch of the Glens.

Do not die

Kill King Broichan (The Pig in sea prison)

Kill all enemy units who arrive at Rue Point (boats)

There is also a time limit.

Further comments:

Remember to stop people eating at start cheese to allow fast production.

Check out some of the boats at bottom of map before the Picts arrive (they disappear when there is an invasion?!)

Check out the sea prison behind castle and some of the light houses.

Try to protect the main village behind wall.


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JurisPoga OMG! Looks very good! I will download!
File Author
Thanks JurisPoga. Duc de Noiseil left a screen print in the thread and his score was something like 30708 so I am going to make it harder.

[Edited on 05/26/07 @ 08:31 AM]

File Author

[Edited on 05/26/07 @ 08:31 AM]

M1i2K3k4O I downloaded the file but I did not receive a ZIP file. Instead I received a file which looks like the ones that come with the map files. This is how my download looked like: Dalriada (with no extensions). So, I added a .map and moved it to Stronghold maps. Then I loaded it, and the map was empty with like a few pitch ditches in the corner.
Duc de Noisiel I just checked, M1i2K3k4O, and the zip file is fine, with it's labelled ".map" map. I suggest you download it again.
M1i2K3k4O I just did, it's still not working. Maybe it's because of my computer.
M1i2K3k4O OOOh, sorry, I just found out that you have to type in .zip in the end. Then it should work. Apologize for the "hulabaloo"
File Author
A rating would be very much appreciated.

[Edited on 05/26/07 @ 08:32 AM]

M1i2K3k4O I wont be able to rate it because quite frankly, I cant finish it. I just can't :(. Im not really good with strategy games, I just like to make SH maps!

But I will give you a 5 on Creativity, Map Design, and Story. The rest (playability and balance) is up to the experts. ;) If only you didnt have to fill in all of the categories, eh?

[Edited on 07/09/06 @ 11:14 PM]

M1i2K3k4O Hope that helped... a bit. Cause I am desperate for ratings in my maps, too!

[Edited on 07/09/06 @ 11:13 PM]

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