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Downloads Home » Stronghold: Invasions » Stronghold Campaign - Side Stories - The Assault on Longleg's Fortress by M1i2K3k4O

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Stronghold Campaign - Side Stories - The Assault on Longleg's Fortress by M1i2K3k4O

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

The Assault on Longleg's Fortress

This is basically an eyecandy map filled with a bunch of unique things that Stronghold Map Maker offers. Also, there is a storyline involved in this and you have to defend your castle against the Pig's troops. And, there is a surprise attack by the Wolf in the end (although not a surprise anymore). The story can be found in the game.


- Acquire 350 gold
- Acquire 20 Crossbows
Time limit is 3 years
- Eliminate all enemy units


1. Try not to put ALL your defenses on the first wall near the river because if the enemy gets through, there wont be any time for you to fall back to the next line

2. Ensure you man all your ballistas

3. Use all your reinforcements wisely and spread them out

4. Do not block the entrance way with walls or a gate as the enemy will not attack.


7/06/06 1:15 AM

- I need playtesters at the moment. Can anyone volunteer? This is because I don't know actually finishes I never actually finished it myself. Did anyone finish the map yet?

7/07/06 8:05 PM

- Updated map and added two more sign posts and improved the bridge.

7/09/06 5:39 PM

- Fixed up bugs, modified messages and start goods, modified first wall and added new staircase, and changed player color. You are now light blue and are facing Duc Truffe(Red) and Duc Volpe (Purple).

7/24/06 3:25 PM

- Fixed up even more bugs, regenerated the lord, added new objectives, added "disasters", took out a little bit of the crossbowmen, and new lose condition: no people left.


The Main Gate:

The Keep area:

One of the lookout pyramids:

The Assault on Longleg's Fortress:

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The Siege of Minas Morgul:
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File Author
One more thing, I have to admit that I never actually playtested it. Well I have but never quite finished the map. I think it's too hard for my skill (I'm bad at strategy games, I just like making maps!) So I'm not sure if the game actually ends. Eeek... sorry.

Maybe I'll need some playtesters. Can anyone volunteer?

[Edited on 07/06/06 @ 01:14 AM]

FroobaChoob Downloading Now

Will Review After I have Played

Looks Great In Minimap Btw

[Edited on 07/01/06 @ 06:36 AM]

File Author
Looking forward to your review!

[Edited on 07/06/06 @ 03:59 PM]

William Tell cool, but easy to defend, just put the clubmen behind the first gate and the enemy won't be able to come in :p
File Author
Not anymore! I've updated the map and added two more sign posts. Now, the enemy attacks from three directions making it more difficult. I don't even know which attack comes in which direction. It's random.
File Author
How'd the rest of you do in the map?
File Author
File Author
So, anyone wanna rate? Ratings have been really dry this month of July.
Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
Playability: 5
Very fun to play. It kept me on my feet alot, moving troops around alot, manning seige equipment and placing oil engineers. I will probably play it again because there are so many different ways you could try it e.g Sorties, stalling the enemy, defensive...
The map was fun to explore, with something different around every corner. I'll not bring Playability down because there was no Lord, partially because i didn't realise until the enemy reached my keep, so it didn't ruin my fun.

Balance: 4
It [b]definitly wasn't[/b] a sit back battle where you let it all happen and watch. It proved quite a challenge to distribute troops where needed most. Three signposts!-The enemy coming from all sides so you couldn't neglect certain parts of the castle. I am not a very good player but i managed to complete it the first time. There may have been too many archers + crossbow men-you could place them near where the enemy has to funnel through a small gap and they could slaughter a whole army. You couldv'e drawn the economy into the scenario more. Although there was a town behind the castle, there were no goals or events connected to it. Maybe just a simple collecting goal to make the town part of the scenario. There were no events that made want to start again e.g fire or something to make the scenario more complex. Where was the Lord at? A map is harder when you have a Lord to look after so you have to pull back to keep e.g. This map was impossible to lose as there was no Lord but the Lose condition was "Lord Killed". I think there may have been some little glitches in the castle design which allowed the enemy to destoy an outer gate house but by pass the iner ones and head for the keep.

Creativity: 5
I like the way it was connected to the main Stronghold Campaign and used characters that I was familliar with e.g Sir Longarm and The Pig.
The map was Packed full of Eye Candy and Little editor treats that tied in with the scenario e.g Pyramid Used as a look out tower to watch the sea, and boats arriving with allies. The map is quite unique as it connects to main campaign and has allies ariving to help.

Map Design: 4
This was a very pleasant map to look at with good use of the editor and different terrain types. The castle design was great with the towers around the keep and the shrub lined walkways in the water. I liked the look-out tower with the four sets of stairs leading to top. The beach design was natural with the random rocks juting into the sea. I couldn't give it a five as it didn't seem natural in some places or real life-ish. It looks like a fantesy map rather than a Castle+Landscape in Medieval England- i think it should look more similar to other castles in the main Stronghold Campaign. There was too much water and too many wide rivers. Although the water inside the castle looked nice, it didn't seem possible- Where did it all come from and would the lake not drain away with all the streams/rivers coming out of it. Water gathers in hollows and valleys but the lake inside the castle is on top of the mountain. There are a few other inland water problems but the sea and coast is perfectly fine. There are also a few bare patches in the landscape but most areas have been decorated to the finest details.

Story/Instructions: 3-nearly a four
I Know it is quite hard to make up a story when the map is tagged on from the main campaign. But you could've spent a bit longer, maybe with some comentary and dialect from the months/days leading up to the battle. I couldn't give you a four when you see the length of time some designers put into their Stories e.g Warlord_Designs and Jasper Tudor. I have looked through some reviews and people get 4 and 5 for a paragraph, some reviewers see it as the unimportant part of the scenario but i think it is important. Your LOTR maps would get a 4 or 5.

Additional Comments:
Well this is my first review so maybe i'm wrong . Don't hate me if i've been too harsh- I feel bad about giving the story a 3 but I'm sticking to my agenda. Overall, one of the most fun maps i've played and one of the maps i have actually completed on Very Hard. Very good for your first map, better than my first.

File Author
Kay, I'm gonna fix up all the bugs. My first review, I'm sooo happy :D. lol.
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