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Seaside Conspiracy2: The Spell

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
After the glorious victory of King Ralph over the Sea-people and driving them out of Arkanian, a prisoner reported, that his people and the Northern Islands stand under the spell of a cruel knight-fraternity, called the Red Snake worship. They use magic beacons and wizardry in order to force the peaceloving sea-people to participate in conquest wars. King Stephan of the Northern Islands asks urgently for assistance to destroy the cult and drive its followers out. This task was transferred to you.

Scouts have discovered a suitable place to build up a small base for our troops. The country is wild and fertile, but poisoned with the depravity of the Red Snake Knights. Only strong faith and caution can protect you from their magic
and help to free the Sea-people. It is urgent, that you destroy their temple-fortress and all their evil places to abolish the spell. The Rat, our former vassel, is on his way to support the Red Snake Knights with his troops.
Build up your army as quickly as possible.

This is the second map in my Seaside Conspiracy-Trilogy. The story contains fantasy elements. To fulfill all goals, that come along with the story, I had to make a little trick due to the limitation of the editor. It isn't very logical, but as I said, this is a fantasy scenario. The map isn’t an invasion scenario in the classical sense, there is a seige and economic goals as well. Due to the pitch-bug that is fixed with the patch 1.2, this map can only be played with the patch 1.2 installed. The map isn’t too hard and has been tested for easy, normal and hard difficulty.

I hope, you will enjoy the scenario.

I hope, you will enjoy the scenario and should you want to play the whole campaign, so here are the download- and description links for the other two missions of this campaign:

Seaside Conspiracy1:

Seasside Conspiracy3:
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: This is a very well made map, which runs smoothly and kept me interested. I have actually had this sitting on my hard drive for a while, so apologies for not reviewing it before now! I like the fact that there is plenty of time to really go to town and manufacture weapons galore. You need it, not only do you have to defend, you have to attack as well.

Balance: Tricky map, this one. You can certainly hold out against the invasions qith no real problem, but make sure you have PLENTY of troops for the attacking side of the map. Again, a bit of a challenge and I wanted to try and achieve all the goals within the length of the game.

Creativity: Great idea and story that comes together well. A neat twist on other maps here, and it was a refreshing change to play. Well done.

Map Design: Whilst I thought the map itself (terrain) was okay generally speaking, the little tricks created to establish that fantasy element are small, but subtle, and this I like. Unusual castle design, but suited to the story. Different, and believable.

Story/Instructions: It was nice to have some sort of a story to support the map. I like to have a read through first to see what the author is trying to do in all the maps I play. This works well and is presented neatly.

This is a cracking map which gives you freedom to really play and establish a stronghold yourself. The whole map seems to click together very well and I loved playing it every time. Recommended.
The Red Baron
Map Design4.0
Playability: Although I am not a fan of the fantasy genre, this was very well done lots of fun to play and some strategic decisions to make. I especially found interesting the pressure to attack the smaller fortifications sooner than I liked just to control access to the timber areas.

Balance: Even though I was able to win this the first time through I found this map a little bit of a challenge. The fires were very well timed and required immediate attention. The invasions could have been a little bit stronger, maybe 20/30 more macemen and a few more siege engines might have made things more interesting.

Creativity: I really liked the dilemmas caused by the lack of a market. I also liked the scenario goals. Trying to feed the people while hoarding all those apples was a bit of challenge. In regard to the fantasy element I have to say that this was unique and fun to play. All of those swordsmen encased in stone all over the board was a unique twist to the game.

Map design: This map seems to be well put together. The forts to the right are very well placed. They keep the wood on top of the hill well out of reach, even for the heartiest of lumberjacks. I really liked the island with the crossbowmen they were a real pain to get rid of. They also limited access to the trees. One of the crossbowmen was especially well placed and covered from arrow fire. I have to say though that I normally like two signposts in a map but in this instance it forced the invaders to march right by my fortifications on their way to the other signpost. Once I saw this I took advantage of that little AI quirk on subsequent invasions. The special bits, eye candy and the main castle also were really well done. When the final assault came, watching all those blue macemen charge up that beautiful staircase was a scene right out of an old epic movie. Really well done.

Story: Again not a fan of the genre but the story is clear and the objectives are supported by the instructions and storyline.

I had a blast playing this map. I really wished it had been a little harder to win, but it had tons of action and requires your attention all the time. It also challenges you to think through combat and economic difficulties.
Sredit That one crossbowman mentioned by the Red Baron is untouchable to a degree it frustrated my pleasure in playing this map. As you have to eliminate all enemy units as a win condition and the crossbowman can't be attacked by melee troops and is shielded on all sides against arrows (a mixed force of 40 archers and crossbowmen are annihilated without even hitting the enemy once!) I have given up and deleted the map.

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Map Design4.5
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