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Chateau Fleur de Pommier

Author File Description
Duke of York
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Chateau Fleur de Pommier

In the year of our Lord 1150, his grace, Eudes II, Duc de Bourgogne, has equipped and fielded an army in his fight against Baldwin IV, Duc d'Aquitaine (the Wolf). You have been appointed commander of Bourgogne’s force and tasked with capturing Chateau Fleur de Pommier, a fiefdom rich with vineyards, orchards and diverse natural resources. The capture of this castle will cause great harm to Aquitaine’s war effort. If successful, his grace has promised to share in the riches of Chateau Fleur de Pommier. In return, you must provide gold, arms and equipment to the Duc within a short period of time. Beware, Baldwin – that wolf has spotted your force and made preparations. Our spies report that he has already sent dispatches to his surrounding lands asking for reinforcements. You must strike quickly and establish your defenses. "Que Dieu vous protège" – May God protect you.

Victory objectives:
4000 Gold
150 Pikes
150 Metal Armour
100 Crossbows
50% Ale Consumption
30 game years to complete

* Player Notes*
You must take the castle quickly as the longer you wait, the stronger the Wolf’s reinforcements will be. You must protect the vital apple orchards as they can be replaces if lost. You may not recruit archers and have a limited number of crossbowmen available.

Greetings fellow gamers. This is my first offering in over a year so I hope it will live up to your expectations. I am a little rusty and am trying to get back into the designing groove. As always, I hope you have as much fun playing the scenario as I have had creating it.

Semper Fidelis,

James, Duke of York
Screen shot courtsey Duc de Noisiel Also, special thanks to Jalis for his technical advice.
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William Tell wow, trés nice :p
The castle and the map design is great! :)

[Edited on 08/05/06 @ 10:42 AM]

FroobaChoob ANOTHER Outstanding Map By DoY (I Sound Abit Like Kester :D)

It Looks Very Nice In Pic And Minimap.

I Take It That You have To invade And Protect?

Nice Feature Of Green. I Find It Hard to get A Map Troops Green At A Large Mapsize.

Will Download, rate, Review And have FuN in the Process. (Probably)

Peace Out!

EDIT: I Actually Read The Description. So i Know What is Going On now. Lmfao

[Edited on 08/05/06 @ 11:59 AM]

Sempi_Warrior Arrgh I wish I didn't suck at seiges so much. I've already dropped it to easy, and still have lost more times than I can count.

The map and castle are breathtaking, very nice.

Edit: HaHa. I DID IT. The castle is mine whoot! Now what was I suppose to do with it again? ;)

I had to use a possible unorthodox method to conquer the keep that I won't mention here. Once I got the idea, I think I could have just scraped by winning it on normal.

[Edited on 08/06/06 @ 12:35 AM]

God Avo Yes, I have problems with sieging to most of the time.. I am not a very skilled player when it comes to sieges :/ Haven't downloaded this map yet, will maybe download tomorrow mate ;)
lollard97367 Genius! Very well done on the structure and outbuildings and low wall.
Sempi_Warrior I finished it on easy. Lots of fun, lots of stuff to take care of. DoY is not kidding when he says to guard the orchards and granary. This was a great map, once I got past the seige it was mucho grande fun.

A couple of quick question if I can.
1. You can't build Archers, you said that in the instructions, but your Fletchers can, and unless you tell them differently, do build bows. More than once I forgot to tell them to manufacture Crossbows, and ended up having a large amount of bows taking up space in the Armory. I couldn't sell them off either. Was that intentional?

2. I swear I searched all over that map but I could only find 1 place to put an iron mine. Is that the only spot or did I miss something?

I still can't get over how great the castle looked.
Duke of York
File Author
Both were intentional. You must be aware of the instructions and whats going on around you. As for the iron, you have to buy it.

Glad you liked the map.
Sempi_Warrior Very Clever DoY. I was just curious. The bow thing happened my first time through, post seige. It locked up a good part of my armory space before I noticed.

I met the armor requirement by buying iron. Afterwards, I was curious if you could put a mine down, and combed through the map.
Map Design4.0
Well it’s been a while since the last time I had the chance to play one of Duke of Yorks maps and finally he had another piece of art to add to his gallery, here’s what I thought.

Playability 4- this map combines military action with economic goals and plays quite well. The map is a cede, your first task is to take control of the medieval city, I did this fairly easily. It at first looks quite a daunting task, I took a deep breath when I realised that you only had to dispatch the enemy lord rather than take out the entire force. I used a basic rush/flood technique to conquer the city; I had little casualties though overall my maces and some pikes were weak. I left the crossbows behind, I though I’d need them later, I wasn’t wrong.

After taking control you must immediately begin thinking of the towns economic goals, oh and the invasions to come. To my discomfort there is only availability for one iron mine, though it would seem pointless, having its contribution, however little, will help, especially if you lack gold. Place buildings and then move troops in order to keep the goals in sight, did I mention there’s a time limit? All in all from slow beginnings comes a frantic dash as you fight to achieve your mission. There are limits on buildings and in the market so a high level of ale is vital, not only for taxations sake, it’s a goal too. I thought that the earlier attacks could have come a bit stronger and perhaps the cede was a bit easier that I had though, however overall a good playable map.

Balance 5 – This is a really strong point in this map, though some of the invasions were predictable and not all that effective, over time they grow and put pressure on the player (who has to start thinking about halfway through how he thought he’d hold out without making any additional troops, in particular crossbows). Luckily I decided to place additional fletchers and had enough troops to hold out, I did reshuffle my army from tower to tower a lot to compensate. Really good timing with the invasions, especially near the end when they can build up and then come at you from different sides. Great fun.

Creativity 5 – The map overall is extremely creative, the castle is very interesting, and in my opinion captures the feeling of a medieval city which I quite enjoy, large wads and high towers great stuff, the layout of the map along with events and well timed invasions makes for a great game and I award full marks.

Map Design 4 – I liked the map design, as usual it had that Duke of York feel to it that we all appreciate and affiliate with your maps. I do think that there were a few too many trees, and sometimes the amount of dirt placed over grass leaves a slightly unnatural look, but overall a great map design. I love the cliffs at the bottom of the castle walls, and the paths. Very Nice.

Story 4 – Last but not least the story. Hmm….I think it is a bit unfortunate that you didn’t spend too much time on this part of the map, it is a shame because it will hurt the score. The Description fills in the player and alerts them to the dangers of a slow siege, it is more of an instruction than anything else. I wont go any lower because I don’t want to hurt the maps marks too much because it is really very goood, you have done yourself an injustice I feel. Sorry but I can’t give a five here, even if you are the Duke of York. ;)
Overall a great fun experience, another great addition to the DOY collections. Give it a go, it doesn’t disappoint.


surajsubba The minimap looks great. Fantastic landscaping

will download!

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Map Design4.0
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