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Fortune seeker IX

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Hard
The 9th part of the Fortune seeker campaign please enjoy :)

The story:
They tried to catch me but i managed to run away with victor It was to many of them so we took the ship and left.just when we thaught we can escape storm started and took our ship into the sea.
We woke up in the small island surounded by the sea.I looked around And saw the skeleton.
-Oh god!Victor!Damn he must be in the main can I get there?
I looked closer at the skeleton:He had note in his hand
I started to read the note:

This looks like to be some journal entries written by the desiesed

Day 1
The storm stranted me on the western coast of this island.I've found litle to no way home

Rashman is nearly visible in the distance yet turbulent seas,and schools of bloodthirsty fish is keeping me from reaching my home.I've decided to take up writing to pass the time.

well I've been stuck in this miserable island for 2 days now.and it was raining all the time.I didn't watch the storm warnings and my ship got caught in the vicious curents that run thru the straitsbetween the islands.all I have been able to do the last 2 days is to build cover from the rain,chew on some weed and throw rocks at the giant crabs that seems to be the only life on this island.

At least I won't die from never stops to rain.I'm getting realy depressed.All I can do is sit here in the rocks and think how badly things have gone for me.I used to be important.I used to be sombody.I had my own ship with my crew that jumped when I yelled.I had a girl in several ports including that fine girl in the eastwick.I wish I hadn't left in such a hurry but there were raids coming regulary and someone had to go for help.I wanted to go to the smuglers cove or one of the seaports and get the massage to the imperials. so they would send some help before our town is destroyed.but,no captain wanted to hang me ready at a moments noticed he ready to evacuate everyone if things will go realy bad he said.pick up weapon and defend the town he said.well then hell with him!i'm trader not the grunt soldier.

This was the first morning when the rain stopped and the sky cleared. the irony is that i can see eastwick from here in the wester horizon.I used to be good swimer but those damn fish bites me every time i'm getting in the water.I could take a sharp stick with me but curents are just too swift.there is no way I can swim or float across.My only hope is that ship will pass thru.Not much hope.Good sailors know how to avoid the rocks.

Something wonderful happened late today.some items from my ship washed ashore with the tide.I was able to recover creates,barrels and some sail cloth.I even racognized some weapons that I kept on the board in case of mutiny.everything will come in handy.things are definitly looking up, and with these weapons I should fight off the fish and get back into the ship.

today I killed some crabs that wandered here from the sea.It's good to have something more thana rock for a weapon.I cooked some meat and I feel pretty good.I will try too build a signal fire if this damn rain will ever stop.some aditional junk has washed today.I should try to swim to my ship and recover what's left.Wait a minute!I just remembered that mayor Abraham told to keep one barrel in safety.He said that there is some various potions that consider very rare.He said there is water walking potion or something like that.I should go and take it.

What a disaster!!!I am lucky I have the strenght to crawl back to the island and write this last note.What the hell was on my ship???It looked like...I don't know how to describe it.It was big and vicious.I crippled it I think.but it still managed to bite me very hard.I can't stop bleeding.I haven't any strenght to crawl few feet without fading.I guess this is the end.If you find this journal maybe you will get out of here.this is the potion of waterwalking is in my hand.The crabs have smeled the blood.they are getting bolder and I can't even raise my weapon to defend myself.I hope the end will come quickly...

-God...That is very cruel...-I thought.
-well I have to drink that potion...the label of potion says:It longs only Several secounds.
-Sar!thank goodness your alive!
-2 more will die in this forsaken island...great now I have to share!allright men...drink this and run quickly to the next island!
-Why can we just swim???
-Becouse...There are schools of slaughter fishes!they gonna eat you alive!and now...drink!

-Allright tunneler brake the wall then we will burn the village.
-yes sir,-tuneler said and started to dig
-prepare have to be very careful.
when the wall collapsed I saw about 18 guards.they didn't looked very friendly.we managed to sneak in the town but that was a bad Idea they seems to already knew about us.but that didn't stoped us!we still burned the vilage.we had a plan to burn the houses and everything else in the vilage...But the fire spread into the forest
-How to get out of here!?,-I asked the lord of the town.
-There is the portal to the port...
-That's will do!,-I shouted
-we didn't used it for many years...
-I don't care! if we will wait our bodies will be in the form of the pile of dust!So how do we get there!?
-The portal is on the cliff,-lord said,-please take me together!
-Allright!but only becouse I burned the island!Besides...I need some company and diplomacy to get the army and get back to the garden of run!

more story is coming in the part 10! it's aniversary!:D

Good gaming - SinisterWing
And...Beware of the Crabs!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
God Avo
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
Great map ;) Very playable ^^ I find out that all of your maps have the fun factor :p
And are hard, but most of all they offer varying differences :p

This map though, hard, nearly impossible :p Was different and fun to play ^^

Balance: 4
Well.. 3 troops against about 12.. :p

Creativity: 4.5
Very creative :p Although this sortoff thing has been done before ^^ Great imagination ^^

Map Design: 4.5
The map design was very well done, especially the 'crabs' they just blended in with the trees, great selection of eyecandy aswell :p

Story/Instructions: 4.5
As always, Marco rules ^^ But to me there wasn't much discussion over the tactics between the slaves and Marco :p

Additional Comments:
Keep it up! I'm waiting for your non-fortune seeker map :p

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Map Design4.5
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