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Outlaws' Revenge

Author File Description
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Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal

After Lord Jallo had valliantly, although clumsily, held out against the waves of men thrown by the Pig, he had secured his position. At the same time that this victory had been obtained, at the same time Jallo had found out something that shrouded it. His suspicions had been proven. The Pig, without a doubt, occupied the North. So, the castle was reordered, and in a short time, everyone was in the hovels or the keep, keeping warm from the winds that were howling outside as they raced through the cliffs they had snuggled into.

In the night, unseen, a cloaked person ran from the castle, through the cold winds. He ran with all speed he could muster. He did not stop, until he reached the camp of the Outlaws, his home. He was guided in, and then immediately went to see Tolanof, now some eighty-eight years old. He informed his King of the events that had passed, and he was never at all cautious not to criticize young Jallo's actions. The King said he would learn in time, as was his family's way, and told him to speak of the matter no more.

Then, this outlaw scout, whose name was Kavo, informed his King of another thing he had witnessed. The soldiers of the group of evil monks, the Imnak, were among the Pig's ranks. This ancient enemy of the outlaws, brought a burning rage into the King's heart. The monks had been fought off, with a high cost, only because the good outlaws would not join the cult. With an outpost near to the Imnak, Tolanof saw a golden oppurtunity flash before his eyes. He commanded Kavo, to lead a troop of men to destroy the Castle of the Imminent Evil, one of the strongest Imnak castles. Kavo was stunned. He thought his lord meant him to commit suicide. He pleaded with his master that he should not go, but Tolanof insisted, and ordered him as King, to go and do his duty.

Kavo set off with a heavy heart. He had an immense burden on his shoulders. He would never be the same man if he failed his king. Yet, Tolanof had promised him help. He said that he would gather all the forces he could wihtin eleven years, for he knew Kavo would need the help. In the meantime, Kavo was to hold his own, and make what progress he might be able to make. So after rounding up his choice men, he set off to Jallo's outpost, with the inention of resting, and of exposing the secret of the outlaws to Jallo. Upon arrival, he told the secret, which was a surprise for Jallo.

Jallo had a surprise for Kavo as well. He showed him a soldier that he had come up with. They were men armed with ladders for Kavo to use. Kavo could not see the point in this, until Jallo pointed out their usefulness in scaling walls. Kavo's earlier opinion of Jallo disappeared. The next morning, Kavo and Jallo, who had decided to accompany the attack, set off on their way.

difficulty played on-Normal
beaten by me? Yep


I swear to you that it will be either the next level or the one after that you can use stone walls. Do not worry. Not only that, but I will be sure to introduce some new troop types's about time I suppose, although I'm still a big fan of wood castles with archers and spearmen fighting to the death. Anyhow, this level was a pain to playtest...right up until the very last playthrough. It's not so much that the level is hard, but, the rush I got at the end was incredible.


When the Kings' archers came, and they, numbering so greatly, mowed down the last of the Pig's final attack, it filled me with a feeling of "Here comes the cavalry!". Even then though, it had been long enough. My time until loss meter had not much space left to go! I saved when the archers arrived. This was a good thing, as the first attempt at storming the castle I made was not fast enough. Really though, I'm not sure if anyone else will feel like this, but, I hope you do. It's really cool.


So anyhow, I'd really like a review (or maybe 2!) on this one, as I want to know how people felt about the ending especially.

Thanks for playing!
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Dougleass Dammit! You were just about to get a review, but when I start playing it, Crusader gets turned off... I don't know what the problem is.
File Author
Crusader? Erm...This file's in the Stronghold: Invasions category right? Whatever the case this level is played in the original Stronghold. Thanks for trying to play at any rate.

If anyone is loading this map in Stronghold, and it is having this problem, please tell me, and I'll try and fix it.

EDIT: Please if anyone is not having a problem and CAN play the map, please tell me for peace of mind!

[Edited on 09/10/06 @ 10:14 AM]

Dougleass Ooops, I made a very stupid mistake lol. The minimap was all yellow so I just assumed it was Crusader. I'll play it in Stronghold tomorrow some time.
File Author
That's a relief : ) . Lol, that's pretty funny though...I never thought of that.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I downloaded this map because it looked special. And damn, I was right. The map design will be commented later, but this map has some unique playability. You have to build this small village with almost no resources, and yet destroy some big ass castle. It's definately a challenge! It's fun, I like small villages. And this one must have taken the record in the 'small category':P.

Balance: 3
Perhaps too much challenge. I had a real problem surviving the attacks. And you really have to survive a very long time to be able to make an army vast enough to kill the enemy. Its kinda sad actually because it would really raise the total score. I haven't won this map yet, but I have tried multiple times, and I'm "going to save this one(that's really rare you know) because I like it so much. Maybe eventually I will win.

Creativity: 4
I think the terraining and castle design is really creative. The gameplay too, I don't think I have played a map similar to this before. It really just has an extra tweak that makes it something extra. Yet, its just the same as many other maps. You are a worn king who wants to invade a big castle...

Map Design: 5
I LOVE the terraining on this one, as well and the castle design. When I learnt that it was a Stronghold 1 map, I wasn't sure what to expect... The yellow on the minimap is medium height, and it makes the lands look really special. It looks plain in a way, but this one just....fits like that somehow. I like the dead trees too, and the rocks behind the castle looks perfect. The castle itself looks so genuine, really genuine. Perfect.

Story/Instructions: 5
As usual I don't have much to say here. Good story, and well written. Is enough for a 5 from me.

Additional Comments:
Personally, I don't think this map is anything like the other maps on this map. I love it, and so will you.
"Just out of curiosity, why the heck is my other map getting so many more DL's? Does the mini map look more appealing or something?" Yes!

[Edited on 09/12/06 @ 04:35 PM]

File Author
Wow! Thanks for that great review! And as for the challenge, I thought it was a bit too easy, but maybe that's because I had played it so many times in trying to get it right. I will admit, it seemed like in the early playtests of this level I died if I made the slightest slip...

lol : P

If you or anyone else are having problems with beating this map and want hints, you can email me at jeffrey[spamisannoying] ... only remove the whole bit between the brackets first ; ) .

[Edited on 09/13/06 @ 04:13 PM]

File Author
Has anyone found the secret passage?
File Author
No one has found it!?

O_o. Either people have found it and they're just not saying anything or I hid it really well.
File Author
Hazaa for my first 200 DL map! : D .
Sredit Despite the unique challenges presented by Timballisto I judge this map unplayable due to the food-situation. To make weapons and earn gold to be able to raise the troops needed for the final assault I need at least a population of 24.
The attacks by the Pig didn't bother me too much, but because my 7 (!) hunters (meat being the only food available) insist on hunting under the enemy's castle walls and thus getting killed for their efforts, food inevitably runs out before the game is half-way.
Even if I close off my settlement and leave one exit to the north, the hunters ignore the 'safe' deer herds there and turn east in the direction of the castle.
It's too bad really, because the idea behind this map is really innovative.

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Map Design5.0
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