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Downloads Home » Stronghold: Invasions » Lands of Stirn 6 - Mountain Fort.

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Lands of Stirn 6 - Mountain Fort.

Author File Description
Sir Ravenclaw
File Details
Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Normal
Lands of Stirn
- mission 6.
Mountain fort.

Sorry for the huge delay between maps, I figured I should probably post the maps one-by-one every five days.
You can find missions 1,2,3,4 and 5 here.


You retreated the newly acquired village as the only stone mine was collapsed and decided to move north into a very deadly mountain - which of course had open air stone resources.

You arrive at the mountain and scout the area. A few hours later your second class scout returns and tells you of an old, abandoned, mountain fort - he tells you the tale of it's being.
It was considered a place of misuse and denial, dispite this myth you move into the montain to this stockade and revive it's lifeless crust of a fort.


On normal setting:
  • Aquire 12 ale.

  • Aquire 100 stone.

  • No enemy on map & no invasions left.

I would like to thank the following people:-
Dougleass - for playtesting and commenting on the maps so far and for being there when I needed another map playtested :)

ericgolf - This is a HUGE thanks. ericgolf has been a huge help and friend in the making of this campaign, this is why:-
  • He has edited and corrected my stories.

  • He has played the whole 9 maps and gave me a second hope on this level.

  • Inspiration for the page layout.

  • For his love of PYOK maps and his last 2 maps.

Please enjoy the map and comment/rate :)

Awesome! 100 downloads :D

Bigger picture (jpeg quality) -
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
You will enjoy this little gem of a map. I recommend you download it :-)

Sir Ravenclaw,
Cool - using colour on your HTML headings. Very effective :)
And thanks for your generous mention....(careful! my head is swelling way too big... lol)

[Edited on 12/18/06 @ 05:33 PM]

Dougleass Hey, its that really old map. I must've playtested that one several months ago...

One thing you should use more... is the equalizer tool. And use a different rock type, I've never liked that brown one, it doesn't look so good.
Quote from Douglas
"...use a different rock type, I've never liked that brown one, it doesn't look so good."

But that rock type does have its advantages for the player. Cos he can clear it by placing woodcutters huts. This allows lots of possibilities for expansion and gaining of access to inaccessible areas of the map. Adding to playability (i.e. as I clear away the rocks, as a player I am thinking: "Hehe I am so sneaky and clever" ;-) but some might say detracting from realism.
Sir Ravenclaw
File Author
That particular rock type was overused I must admit, I was too busy with other maps to notice that :(
But as Dougleass said that map it several months old ;)

I appreciate the comments, maybe someone could be so kind as to review? ;)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
First thought: I just love wooden castles. Before the first invasion, all was well. Expanding my economy, food-production and above all military strenght. Huge problem: It is quite a problem when the entire castle is destroyed upon invasion because the castle is too close to the signpost. Fix that (or is it you intention?)!

*EDITED* since it only happens to me I'll give playability a 4

Balance: 4
Same like above.

Creativity: 3
Not over-creative (there are maps out there which are), not plainlooking. Good creativity overall, therefore: a mediocre 3.

Map Design: 4
Map looks really cool. You've made a good mountainous landscape. Me like that. espacially with only wooden structures. Me like that too.

Story/Instructions: 5
Too be honest: I didn't play the other maps, so I haven't got a whole picture of the land of stirn campaign but I'll gve you the advantage of doubt and give you a 5

Additional Comments:
Fix the signpost destruction. It bugs me. besides that: Good map

[Edited on 12/20/06 @ 10:36 AM]

Sir Ravenclaw
File Author
Since when does the signpost destory half of the castle? I've played this map over 20+ times on all difficulties and haven't encountered that problem, has anyone else had this problem - and know how to fix it if it does - this map has been playtested also no-one has told me about that.

Thanks for the rating ;)

Edit - Walberto, if you have saved the game please send the save game over to me at ;)
Or send a screenshot of your castle (if you have made another fortification other than the stockade).

[Edited on 12/20/06 @ 09:57 AM]

wallaberto Okay i'll post a screenie ... strange that it only happens to me? I play with an unpatched version ... maybe that is causing it? meh ... nevermind. If you and others don't have the problem I give you an 4 on playability and balance ;)
Sir Ravenclaw
File Author
Thanks :)
I'm not sure if it is only with the unpatched version, but I couldn't test that as I only have warchest in my house :p

Edit - thank you very much for generously reviewing your review! I appreciate it fully! :)

[Edited on 12/20/06 @ 03:55 PM]

wallaberto Hi!

Okay, I played you map again and very strange: it didn't happen again. Well, my baracks were destroyed but that's it. Strange indeed.

So, I downloaded you other maps and I'll be playing them soon!

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Map Design4.0
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