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Stronghold Crusader: Eyecandy and Landscapes
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The Dragonheart
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
The year is 1339 A.D. You, as the king, sometimes feel lonely as you stare out the window of your magnificent keep. One year ago, your wife died… it shook everybody’s mind. She was the love of your life and she was the kindest woman you could ever meet. The peasants and workers adored her. Down in the graveyard, there is a statue of your wife’s grave. You try not to go down there but it makes you feel guilty if you don’t.

Every now and then, you greave for your wife. You wish she was still alive. You wish the cancer hadn’t crept up to her brain. Once again you try not to think about it. But, as you stare out of the window you smile. Because, you know she is there with you… her spirit. Also, you smile because of your city. It is bigger and richer than any other city… even richer than Rome was.

Sometimes you wander down to the barracks and give the soldiers some hard, courageous words. Also down to the farming areas just to give people a friendly hello and see how things are. Some of the workers stare at you in an awkward way because they know you are still sad. But this is your life… a life that you love and would never trade it with anyone else’s. You are the king of Citadelity.

This eyecandy map includes:

- A huge stadium
- Wheat farm eyecandy
- Graveyard
- Footpaths
- Small dam wall for water
- Religious pyramid

… and much more.

Hey everyone. I’ve been working on this map for a few months and it better get rated. Just tell me what you think. Also, if there’s anything wrong with the map, don’t hesitate to comment.

UPDATE: Just some terrain changes.

The Dragonheart
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Rating: 5

Congratulations! Your scenario is realy good. You did a good job, I specialy liked the pyramid and that arena on the west of the keep.

I think that wall lines to measure trebuchet's reach are realy great, and the sidewalks you did are beautiful.

Additional Comments:

What can I say?

I only give you 5 because de maximun rate is five. Congratulations again.
Rating: 5
Whoa just look at that amazing you can tell by just looking that this map took a lot of time to make the eyecandys were super very nice pathways.I liked the coloseum the mostLooks so super.

Additional Comments:
what can i say simply amazing
Rating: 5
Expertfully made with plenty of eye-candy to completely wipe-out the possibility of mistake.

Additional Comments:
How did you manage that wheat field?
Send me a message at
Please describe (in detail) how to make the wheat fields like that.
I have decided to review this map as I feel it is a perfect example of the problem we have with reviewing on this site.

Fist off I’m not a fan of the single rating system for these kinds of maps, I think it would be far more advantageous to have a similar rating system to other genres.

At least the following could still be rated.

Map Design

In any case I will review the map as an example of what others; in particular less experienced members should look towards in the future.

Being an eye-candy map, that is what I expected to see, and lots of it. In The Dragonheart’s ‘Citadelity’ I found that the focus on eye-candy was rather slim. When I see eye-candy maps these days I want to see something new bright and stunning. Most importantly I feel however is the ‘new’, or at least if old ideas or techniques are used a new way in which they are implemented.

When I download maps that simply rehash old styles or Ideas it is less than appealing. When designing these kinds of maps, or any for that matter, always try to bring something fresh to the community. Even if you use old techniques or tricks try to implement them in a way that is unseen or furthers their creative purpose.

Creativity- in relation to this the map offered little I felt, though there were hits of spark which if pursued could lead you to better and brighter designs.

The city layout was rather un-natural, and looked like great slabs of construction were placed in certain areas. Bakers, and weapon smiths were all placed in rectangular slabs and made for and unattractive design. The same can be said for the housing, row upon row left an un-natural feel in my opinion, though the paved roads were a spark In the design. When placing buildings try to mix them up a bit, so that there is contrast between them, a mix of straw yellows, and palm greens make for a more attractive feel.

With houses don’t forget there would be alleys and paths through them, having roads or streets weaving through them would look greats, especially if workers walked through them to reach the stockpile or granary etc.

Diagonal walls are perhaps the biggest eye-saw I can think of, they simply don’t leave a good look and in my opinion should be used sparingly, if not at all. In this map the entire city is enclosed in a giant diamond, and simply doesn’t reflect a fortification. Large parts of the city don’t feature towers or any defensive structures and leaves an unfinished look.

The same can be said of farms, too neat, or symmetrical if you will.
The use of lowered walls are a great idea and I suggest you use them a great deal, they add to design and can lead to great things.

The best piece of eye-candy is by far the religious pyramid, this is a great example of eye-candy and while done before is an example of you implementing and idea in a different way, great stuff.

The stadium is an idea that has been done many times, I felt it was far to static and the fact that there weren’t people in it or anything happening around it made it a little dull. When designing these large cities try to think about functions and how each area would relate to one another. Around housing you would find granaries, markets, entertainment areas etc. Try to bring an ecosystem to your town.

The wheat farms are not new either; I believe I was the first to release a crusader map showing these. Again the way in which they were used was a little dull, packed into a corner. Try to use them differently, or and other buildings to the area to reflect what people would be doing in that area, setting up a mill and baking area around it would have looked good. You had the mill but that was it.

Map Design- Terrain and the way a map is laid out is very important to the design. I felt that the city structure was a little poor simply as it looked like a great wall was built and then you tried o fill every nook and cranny. Think of it as an ecosystem and think about what you place, where you place it and why. The walls and design of a city is far more interesting if you have different height levels and different shapes. Don’t always go for the square.

The same can be said with your terrain. Don’t place things on at random; I felt that this is what you did in your map. Try to think about the terrain, the shape, and how trees would grow, would they only be near water? Is there enough to support and oasis? Etc. Also try to utilize as much as you can in the editor, combinations of stones rocs, sand shrubs etc. all help, but only if you think about the design and why it is the way you have designed it.

The story wasn’t too long and that can hurt the score sometimes, well if the designer reviewing is experienced enough that is.
If you can’t think of more to write for a story simply explain why you designed the map and how you did it, before you know it you’ll have plenty down.

Not the worst map I’ve seen, and your newer maps show plenty of promise, keep it up.


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