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Stronghold: Invasions » Shipwrecked!

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Author File Description
Lord Karpathea
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
It began with the death of you father, the king of the great country Elsidon. He had been married once, but his wife died of the plague, without bearing any children. Late in his life, he re-married and had three sons, the youngest of whom, is you. Upon his death, he left you and your brothers a cryptic message: "The stout of heart shall rule". Fighting immediatly erupted between your older brothers, but you decided to stay out of the fight. However, both older brothers decided you were to much of a threat to let live, and after several attempts on your life by both, you chose to flee the country. You boarded a ship bound for the friendly country of Ancalon, but a great storm blew you off course. After many nights of being pounded by the waves, you run aground on the coast of a strange land.

Your scouts report the remains of a settlement to the north, and also encountering other people. These people, however, decided to fire on your scouts rather than talk. You speak with the captain and his mate, trying to decide what to do. All three have differing opinions. The captain says it would be wise to stockpile stone, with which to build a more durable fortress here. The first mate says that if you kill the nearby warlord, there would be no cause for fear, and you and the survirors would be able to live in relative pace. You, on the other hand, are all for building another ship and sailing for Ancalon. you pace back and forth, trying to decide what to do. The fate of the survivors is in your hands.......

Well. First map for me in a while, and I hope all of you like this. This map has three different objectives, but only ione could be accomplished, because of the time restraints. you can either gather stone to build a castle, wipe out the enemy warlord, or gather enough wood to build another ship and flee this land.

Fight, Fortify, or Flee. A choice of evils lies before you. Get to work, little prince, and you just might survive!

Ok, so please download and rate. If this does well enough, I might make a whole campaign from it.
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surajsubba Hi Lord Karpathea

The game started out fine. With constant invasions from the Pig ,bandit and wolve attacks, the farms and woodcutters had to be protected. I extended the wooden walls of the guardpost further to provide fire support for my archers. I didn't recuit any more spearmen. Just when i was doing well, the game abruptly ended. Said i had been Defeated. So i opened the map in the editor section and noticed that u didn't provide any conditions for the "Lose and message" script.
Lord Karpathea
File Author
Ah.........I'll have to check into that. Weird. It worked fine when I playtested it......
Lord Karpathea
File Author
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait. Yes........ok, here's the deal, and I probably should have mentioned this from the start, but that reason is because if it reaches that date (10 years after start) and you haven't accomplished one of the goals, the game will end. If you read the description of the map (above) you'll notice I said that only ONE thing could be accomplished, and that there were time restraints.
surajsubba Crikey! Then the map is a bit harder than i expected. I was too busy collecting wood and recruiting archers, i forgot that one of the objectives was to kill the enemy lord. Think i'll go for apple orchards this time.

Edit: Completed the map on the second try. It was quite easy now knowing that there's a time limit for the objectives. it took me by surprise on the first try, figured i didn't have to rush things since there weren't any timer (didn't read the instructions/story too. i forgot). Had fun


[Edited on 01/05/07 @ 01:31 PM]

Map Design3.0
When I first started playing this peculiar map, how was I to know that a sudden end was taking me by surprise. Usually in game, I concentrate on establishing a well-running economy and strengthening a powerful defense; though applying a very efficient development, an unsuspected defeat struck me while I was preparing to array a strong offensive contingent of combat troops in order to attack the northern opponent. I confess that I had totally neglected the author’s disguised hints in the story (how to proceed successfully … etc.), and I also ignored that hidden time limit with its fatal consequences…
Some roaming wolves, raiding bandits and the occasionally appearing provoking invaders are easy to handle, but take care … time is always hard on your heels!

Apart from a few annoying bandit attacks (destroying my exterior industries/workshops as quarries or woodcutters’ huts), this map offers sufficient possibilities to keep your economy up throughout the entire game. Collecting wood is supposed to be the easiest goal that you should complete without any problems. Mining stone however or besieging the enemy’s fort might be the tricky tasks in view of the time restraints that will make it even harder to keep pace with.

I really enjoyed that interesting aspect where you (considering the player’s skill) decide which objective might be the most practicable/the best to win the scenario.

Map Design:
Normally, I appreciate the designer’s efforts to create a varied landscape, but in this case, its technical realization shows up a few visual shortcomings. I’d like to see a more intense work in smoothing the terrain and a more realistic representation of the coastal areas (maybe sandy beaches partially littered with pebbles or something like that…) I didn’t use the larger round area where the stone deposits are located, because this defenseless patch of land was regularly overwhelmed by bandits or every assault party. Therefore, any reasonable exploitation of stone might be extremely hard to manage there. To say nothing of the northern enemy behind wooden palisades that you better should avoid!

A good intelligible and pointed story that sets up the scenario well. The author is a dab hand at the implementation of an imaginative storyline with a nicely written content that is directly leading over to the game’s objectives and giving you the choice which one to tackle at first. Well done.

Lord Fourteen Nice to play, only what SURAJSUBBA already said, it ends abrubt. Only I had a victory...

The pictures looks good anyway... Keep on making.... succes!
Lord Fourteen Here you go, i'll rate this map for ya...

Playability: 4
Playing the map was fun

Balance: 4
If you make a strong army, you will not loose

Creativity: 4
very different to build wooden walls instead of
the usual stone fortifications

Map Design: 4
everything I expect from a map, is in it

Story/Instructions: 5
Good story. You're a real storywriter, aren't you?

Additional Comments:
Another map which was fun playing it.
Good work! Keep on making!

[I'm sorry, but these are really just comments and not a review as defined in the review guidelines. While your review is appreciated, you must discuss your reasoning adequately in each scoring category. I've had to retract the score. Please reread the guidelines by following the link in the upper left and resubmit this review in compliance with those guidelines to have your score count. Thanks.
-- Sparrow]

[Edited on 03/05/07 @ 03:21 AM]

This map was really enjoyable to play. What I liked about it was
1) The unusual landscape offerring many defensive options but also sowing uncertainty in my mind as to where and how the Invasions would attack (I am sure those that are mad about reality in landscapes would maybe not like it but it was highly playable :-)
2) The choice of military or economic victory (I chose military as it seemed easier to me but I might play again and go for eco goals just for fun)

As far as balance goes I felt a bit embattled at the start (which was good) but later I hired a large force of archers and slaughtered all comers :-). So maybe it was a bit too easy later on. (I won 1st go on Hard, but hey! I like to win ;-)

Well done L.K. :)

I won by the wood target (I now think this is the easiest) and the stone target (the most difficult or most time consuming at any rate) as I played it again twice. So I gave the captain and myself a chance to prove our theories as well as the mate. That shows the extra dimension to playability of your map if I went back and played twice after winning :-)

[Edited on 02/25/07 @ 06:41 PM]

Lord Karpathea
File Author
Thanks guys. I'm glad someone enjoyed this map, and yes Lord Fourteen, I do write stories as a hobby.
Lord Fourteen
Map Design4.0
Here you go, I'll rate it again for ya:

Playability: 4
It was a joy to play the game. There were limited types of warriors, which made the game simple. Nice

Balance: 4
If you build an very huge army you probably won't loose the fight, only problem is then that you ain't go time left TO fight.
But, if you only focused on getting wood or stone and going for that winning conditions, bandits, wolves and invasions are crushing you.

Creativity: 4
What I like about here is that (almost) everything item is in the map.

-time limit

Map Design: 4
I like the design of the wooden walls, instead of the stone walls. It's different than the usual maps.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is realy good! As I already expexted: you are a storywriter, you can see it in how much time you put in it.

Additional Comments:
It was for me a nice map to play and I had some inspiration that I might be using in my own maps.

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