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Lands of Stirn 10 - Castle Crákreor

Author File Description
Sir Ravenclaw
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Lands of Stirn
- mission 10.
Castle Crákreor.

This will be the last map in the series for a while, the next 5 maps are currently under construction - along with various other projects alongside.
Some players may find this map abit hard, please, if you do comment and tell me :)
You can find missions 1,2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 here.


Ransacking the bandit's hideout, you march on through with pride to another but yet desolate county.
Searhing the surroundings you encouter a friendly monk who tours you of the lands and tells of it's history, the county once was ruled a handomse, smart and couragous leader called King Aarnum. He repelled the forces of several invasions and on his last mission, he died of an unknown illness in his slumber.

Respectfull to his lands you continue to march towards the huge and beutifull castle far in the surrounding dreamscape. After near arrival you encounter a vilage who are willing to send you goods if you protect them, they then tell another village of your deal and you agree to tend to them too.

Arrival in the castle seemed to spark uprising's in the peasants at the surrounding villages, they quickly decide to get to work under your rule.

"Sire, sire! Dire news! The Rat has encountered our lands and is now aware of our presence! We must do something quickly, or our treaty with the villages will be lost." Your scribe reports, running into the keep exhaustidly.
You stand atop your keep giving orders to millitary leaders and your formation, with them in place - you eagerly await the outcome.


On normal setting:
  • No enemy on map.
  • Time untill final invasion.
  • Gold: 5000
  • Time untill defeat.


    I would like to thank the following people:-
    Dougleass - for playtesting and commenting on the maps so far and for being there when I needed another map playtested :)

    ericgolf - has playtested these maps and helped with the stories :)

    Please enjoy and comment & rate :)

    Bigger picture (jpeg quality) -
  • AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Castlefreak yea first download! I have to say, you do some great maps
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    I really enjoyed playing this map. The only minor point is that you have to wait quite a long time for your population to ... erm ... populate the economy. Maybe you should try the map-to-save trick? Playtime should have been longer.

    Balance: 3
    Too much in favor of the player. Castle is beautiful but too heavy. Then again ... the fungus/tree rot/wheat blabla made me hesitate for a moment but since I had my taxes up to 12 ... I could compensate. The enemy engineers were bugged they didn't build any siege weaponry. Fix this and the gameplay should be harder. Enemy movement is too predictable (maybe a second signpost?)

    Creativity: 5
    Too bad so less people create this wonderful maps for stronghold nowadays (it's all crusader these days). Thanks to you guys ... I keep playing the game.

    Map Design: 5
    Just amazing, the castle design is very creative and attractive. I'm a big fan of your terraining skills ;) Lots of eyecandy but not too much.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    Excellent story, excellent Campaign.

    Additional Comments:
    Looking forward to #11. Hopefully you appreciate these comments (constructive criticism ^^)

    [Edited on 01/12/07 @ 06:24 AM]

    wallaberto And one more detail. You submitted this as "Castle Crakreor". In the game the castle is called "Crakr"

    bye bye
    Sir Ravenclaw
    File Author
    Yes I very well appreciate every comment wallaberto! ;)

    Thank you for a handsome rated review, I thank ye ;)
    I'm not too sure about the siege equipment, I'll take a look at the scripting at if it is still not working, I'll increase the invasion forces ;)
    Indeed, maybe another signpost would help, I might put another one in and see how that goes.

    Thank you for the generous comments, I appreciate everyone of them :)

    And what do you mean by 'You submitted the map as 'Castle Crákreor' but in the game it says 'Crakr'? Do you mean the full name of the map is just 'Crakr'? 'cos the full name is supposed to be 'Stirn 10; Castle Crákreor' :/
    Sir Ravenclaw
    File Author
    I've uploaded the same as always, and I don't get any problem's when downloading them (although the download goes abit quick).
    Try right clicking and choose 'Extract to...' see if that works.
    If not, then e-mail me and I'll send you maps 9 & 10 ;)
    Jalis Hello Sir Ravenclaw.

    I didn't download any stronghold maps for a while, untils yours.

    I have to admit it's appeared a quiet choice for a rusty player. I agree with on most, if not all, of Wallalberto comments and analysis.

    If I would have rate the map, I would have been more severe than him in the balance section. Playing at hard it wasn't a challenge at all. Ennemies troops were simply butchered and never damaged walls. Nothing to scare a player, I'm afraid. So true that battle outside the walls were the rule.

    Aside the lasy engineers problems, very predictable path of the ennemies due to the lone signpost, fact you allows pitch ditch finished to sink fighting challenge.

    Economy : It was not as easy that combat side, but fairly managable. I have to admit heavy expense in the military side. However the 7500 golds were in the chest when last invasion was defeated. Tree fungus slow down the eco developpement and it was a good thing, however the wheat abuse due to generous grassland landscaping was very present.

    The castle : a bit to massive like Wallaberto said, and it proved useless, even I made massive destruction, especially for tower in charge to watch for Gulls and carnivorious fish attacks ;)

    Anyway I throwed the architect at the sea with a load of lead on the feet for incompetence. Understand I made heavy demolition on the castle and country, in order to reorganise this anarchic mess.

    I have two things to underline here, one practicale, and one subjective.

    1) try to dont place lowered walls workers can walk, or to be more accurate, would walk. It often cause to hold them, and players could take lot of time to notice it. It's about a crime to place such eyes candies near the stockpile, because, of course, it's a very dense traffic way for workers.

    2) Why mapmakers always want to impose use their own castle creations ? You are proud of your towns and want to show it ? It's a bit hard perhaps, but at least hypocrisie is whipped out. I see partly Stronghold like a Sim castle. Very selfishly, I'm mostly interested to build my own castle, and I'm more proud, like everybody, I presume, from my castle, than from the one the mapmaker give me, completly built, to manage. There is siege maps for this... But like invasions are more popular, I presume we will never escape this plague.

    I feel you're, like most players not fan of fire in the city. On an other hand I have always some prevention against plague when apothecary is not available. I probably feel this unfair, even if, at least on your map, it had no serious consequence.

    Overall it's a lovely map, where we can see author works, but it lack a bit of freedom, and more, of adrenaline.

    At Nat rating method, it would have been something like a 4 to 4.2.

    That's all, no gloves, so sincere feelback.

    Sir Ravenclaw
    File Author
    Thank you for taking the time to comment Jalis, I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

    May I ask you this? Did you by any chance delete the gardens in between the stockpiles?
    That is only when the workers got stuck for me.

    I've tried to get the engineers to work, but they wouldn't.. so, I'm going to place another signpost and increase the invasion sizes.
    This map was actually started out as a siege, but I thought I would have a clever idea to make it an ecovasion - which then turned into just 5,000 gold and a win timer.

    I had only placed the pitch in to bring an income of gold, and if needed a castle defence.
    So the castle is abit too big, I'll re-test the map after I increase the invasion sizes and if it goes well, I'll be updating the map.

    For me, fire and Stronghold do not match - I think that once a fire has spread throughout the castle it's like starting anew!

    But anyway, I will be increasing the invasion forces and removing the useless engineers - perhaps a couple of pre-placed trebuchets at the start of the map will make you need to re-build the castle as such.
    The next 5 maps will be harder than this, I promise.

    Oh and I wasn't exactly over the moon about the castle, more-over the fact that I managed to sustain two working nearby villages.
    Jalis Yes I deleted all good things, I dont like lazy workers, except myself ;-) I deleted also churchs, because of usual poor back gain, and the stable, useless since you cant hire knights, as well as none productives, because too far workshops. I also command monks to destroy ennemies holy cross, but it's my own sense of humours :)

    For fires everybody do like he wants. However you dont build and manage a city in the same way when you are or not at risk of fires.
    coconutman111 can i just say your maps are exceptional i have beaten all 9 and this will hopefully make the series even more of a enjoyment to play
    Sir Ravenclaw
    File Author
    Thank you coconutman, I hope you do enjoy this map as much as the last 9 ;)

    I had tried to fix the lazy engineers, but it didn't work.
    So I had increased the invasion forces and it didn't make much harder gameplay even with an extra signpost.
    So I'm sorry for anyone who found this map a dissapointment, I'm going to take another break from Stirn and continue with some other maps I have on the run.

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