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Map Size: 200x200 (Small)
Difficulty: Hard

You stared out over the gloomy landscape. It stretched on for miles. The end of it was not visible. Your mind floated back to another time, one long gone. The same landscape was filled with fields. The large, protective hill you were standing on was covered by a prosperous city. Next to all of this, a large meandering river was running. It provided life to the city.
Your father tells you,"As long as this river runs, we shall be forever strong." But those words fell on your ears years ago. Not too long after, the river dried up completely. The land died. Your father died. The city died. After a while, nothing was left. All there was was a dead hill, a deserted plain, and a dry riverbed. You and your remaining followers decided to leave. Eventually you found a new place to settle up north. It was relatively quiet there, and you established a nice little village.
One day however, you found a dam. After a few seconds it dawned on you that, this was the dam that killed your city. It was right in front of you, staring you in the face. You turned beet red in anger, and made up your mind to tear it down. You gathered the villagers and destroyed it, unleashing the river once more. A great victory had been acheived - only to be followed by a loss. A mob fell on you almost as soon as you were done with your task. You fled. Many fell. Eventually, you lost your attacker in the night. A few made it back with you to the old hilltop.
And so the river had returned. However, you had some problems yet to deal with. The river was back, yes, but the land was like an unpermeable rock - it would not accept the life-giving forces of the river. To fix this, you would have to irrigate the land and break it up. In the meantime, you had to feed your people somehow and find wood enough to defend your tiny settlement - you had no doubt that your assailant would find you out sooner or later. The only thing you could think of that would help you were the stakes left in the ground from the city, and that harsh strain of hops given to you by that merchant. Maybe that hops could grow here somehow...

Author's notes

I got one playtester for this aside from myself. Hopefully it's not too hard.
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Lord Tanthos Playability: 5
Fast paced to be sure, I was constantly chanting: "make the bow, make the bow, make the bow" for about a half hour. The barriers are great strategy ideas, and I loved using them.

Balance: 4
Almost perfect, it is beatable on Normal and Hard, but I highly doubt it is possible on Very Hard. (I had to retry hard several times in itself, and use a few, er..."cheap hax"? ^^)

Creativity: 5
The barriers are quite new as an idea, and I love them. Also, the idea of "irrigating" as "Completing Castle" with moat is totally new! Unheard of ideas that worked great imo.

Map Design: 5
Excellent detail, especially on the half-burned hill, that amount of rocks must've taken awhile to work with. After making a whole quarry hill, I know what it's like.

Story/Instructions: 5
As always, Story is generally the easiest, but arguable most important part to a Stronghold map--and you've done well. I really felt like I was fighting off the Wolf's men for a heroic reason.

Additional Comments:
Great map Timballisto, I wish I could've gotten to the playtesting period, but I came a little late. Oh well, at least I got to it at all. Thanks a lot.

I have made mental notes of some map design on your map, btw, good work again. Good ol' photographic memory. :)

[Edited on 02/01/07 @ 12:43 PM]

Sir Lurchalot Something serious is wrong here. The map file must have been changed since Tanthos played and rated it. Because it's currently COMPLETELY unplayable.

As soon as the screen opens and you're told to place the granary, a victory banner appear and the game is over. I suggest you replace the map file with the correct one or else remove this one until it's fixed.
Dido Is there anyway to change my name without doing new profile?

[edited by machinegun]

[Edited on 02/09/07 @ 12:52 PM]

WarLord_Designs Yes I have the same problem. Just gives the victory signal at teh begining.

Sparrow Dido, no once registered I believe you are unable to change your name on your member account.
Yes. I get the victory banner too, right at start. I am using patched Stronghold 1.2 .Maybe it works in SH1 unpatched? Or have you uploaded an old version or done a last-miute change before uploading the zip?
File Author
I am very, very sorry :(. There's been a file version mix up. I'll correct it as soon as possible.

I hope that you will play after this is updated. The first rating, I'm assuming, was made after playing the map put up for playtesting.

EDIT: I have found out that, due to some weird technical difficulty I cannot edit this map any further as far as landscaping is concerned. The explanation for how the river looks is in the map story now. I planned to have it that way at first anyway, although now I want to take it out.

EDIT2: Okay, the file from playtesting thread is now up. I tried it out, and it worked. Hopefully it's okay...

[Edited on 02/01/07 @ 05:12 PM]

Sir Lurchalot No, sorry, that didn't do it. The zip file now contains TWO .map files, once capitalized and one not. Both have the same exact date-stamp but slightly different time-stamps. Both gave me the same result as before - instant victory banner on the opening screen.
File Author
????Okay, now I am REALLY confused...ugh. I have to see what's in there...

Please, no one download until I have this problem fixed.

EDIT: Okay, for me it shows up as two files with very similar time stamps - the only difference is the actually time. The dates are the same. Also, apparently there is a 1 kb difference between the file sizes. Even so I guess that's irrelevant.

EDIT2: This time after I update, I'm going to download the file myself and try it out. If it doesn't work this time, then I don't know what I'm going to do... I mean, I downloaded the file from the playtesting version, which I know works, and I also just tested the same file. I'm using version 1.2...

Well here goes...

EDIT3: The downloaded file worked for me. I just hope that it does for you. If it isn't still, please continue to let me know. I'm really sorry for this...

[Edited on 02/01/07 @ 08:54 PM]

Sir Lurchalot Good work! It seems OK now. I haven't had time to actually play it but it did start up correctly this time around. :)

No worries, Tim, sometimes things just don't go right. What really matters is that you made the effort to correct it - and we all Appreciate that. :)
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