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The Rise of the Scourge

Author File Description
Lord Tanthos
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Introduction to the world of Redwall:
Information on the world of Redwall, which is composed entirely of human-like animals, can be found in the description of my Mossflower Woods Freebuild Freebuild upon which this mission (and the sequels) are based.

This mission, The Rise of the Scourge, is the last of a four mission series which describes some very important or interesting periods in Redwall's history.

From the Abbeybook Records:

Again, the peaceful creatures of Redwall Abbey are forced into war. The evil rat, Cluny the Scourge, so named for his long, agile, whiplike tail, has brought his horde of rats to the Mossflower Woods, and plans to take over our Redwall!

It has been years since any war has been noted in Mossflower country, and no beast in Redwall is seasoned in battle. Nonetheless, they prepare arrows, bows, polearms, and boil great cauldrons of water and vegetable oil to pour on unsuspecting rats. Cluny will be relentless, and his assault shall not stop until he himself is slain.

The walls of Redwall are strong, but we have little resources to repair them. The gates are the weakest points in the abbey, and we have no time to rebuild them in between his attacks. If a gate is broken down, we shall have to rely on our own strength to keep our abbey from falling to this murderer.
This mission is quite hard, and intended for experienced players. However, it is still possible on the Very Hard level.

To play the other missions in this series simply click the links:

Mission I
Mission II
Germaine's Request
Mission III
The Great Redwall Feast


1: Boiling Oil is vital to winning, you should have at least twenty oil engineers by the final invasion!
2: Don't waste too much stone on hardly damaged walls, it's all you've got.
3: Remember, you cannot rebuild your gates. If they're destroyed, you're in serious trouble. Try to protect each gate with two oil engineers and a few melee units at the ready.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Dougleass I'll dl this and rate it. If I find time, i'll do the same with the rest of the series.
Dougleass I am rather confused however, two of them are noted by you, as the second map in the series which doesn't make sense. And all of them appear to have the same mini map which makes it even more confusing, but I think I see some changes in the map, and it is inteded I presume. It also sais the first map is about to uploaded?

- damn this was a hard map. I'm not even sure I can finish it. I've already restarted twice. I'll try again later... I've already noticed a couple of things i'll bring up in the review.

[Edited on 03/13/07 @ 05:49 PM]

Lord Tanthos
File Author
To clear this up, the missions appear to have been released horrifically out of order. This is the fourth and final mission in the series. The first mission I believe is either still uploading or was never submitted due to an error?

All of the maps have the same map, therefore the minimaps are quite alike, but the entirety of the missions are completely different, with different eye candy as well.

The first mission is Assault on Castle Kotir (still not uploaded!)
Second is Germaine's Request.
Third is Great Redwall Feast.
Final is this mission.

That should help :)

And yes, this mission is quite hard. I myself advised my friends to playtest it on normal, due to it being designed for highly experienced players. I and one of my friends are the only ones we know that have beat it on Very Hard. All of the missions are this way actually.

By the way, I fixed the typo where it says the second mission twice. Thanks for pointing that out.

[Edited on 03/14/07 @ 04:23 PM]

Dougleass Ok, I understand now. But why isn't the first map the first one to be uploaded?

Do you want a review by me, even if I haven't won? Just wondering, but i'll make a last attempt on easy...
Lord Tanthos
File Author
Don't ask why the first one wasn't uploaded first :). I put them all in at once in chronological order, but for some reason they all got put in backwards. And the first one hasn't even showed up, I think there was an error, I'll have to put it back in again I think.

Try finishing it first before you review, this is a very hard map, and like I've said many times, is made by a very experienced player for very experienced players, just remember these few pointers:

1:Gatehouses are key, the Redwallers haven't the time to rebuild a whole gate, so if they're lost, things will get rough. Should you lose a gatehouse, make it a gauntlet of fire for the rats. Line the path with oil, and see how many actually make it through alive!

2:You CAN use your larger amount of archers to make preemptive strikes before the enemy starts moving out.

3:Catapults can be built on the wall-towers. They can really be useful by slinging disease and stones. They can one hit kill siege towers, which can save a life (yours).

4:You will have to use active defence. Moving archers and spearmen along the walls during the battle can turn the tide.

5:Oil engineers! This deadly stuff should make up a fair portion of your army, and if playing it on Very Hard, probably half. (Note that very hard IS possible, but it is "very hard")

6:Build your economy inside (with the obvious exception of pitchdiggers) you can even "cheat" by deleting the pond and building a few more things in its place.

Hope this helps ^^

[Edited on 03/14/07 @ 10:05 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
Phew... finally I managed to beat this map. Certainly a challenge, it is true this map is for the more experienced players. Not only is your wall a very small one, but resources are far away and there is a very limited building availability. The market is off, for an instance. I'm not sure this was such a good choice doing so. There wasn't much to build and it felt... empty. Very limited, but this doesn't bring the score down. In fact this is a clear 5, It's a very fun map to play, and very challenging. There was much to do, and you didn't for once stare at the screen and look while the villagers work about.
It took me some time to find the iron, near the castle. Almost half way through the map I only had two iron mines on the iron far away from the castle. I managed to kill the enemy mostly with archers and spearmen. I did win on normal, but this time I really played my best. I don't think i've ever tried as hard as this time, to win a map.

Balance: 5
Need I say again that it is very challenging? No probably not... Its not the hardest map i've ever played. I mean, some people submit impossible maps, but I knew this had been playtested and that it could be won. So I tried as hard as I could, and I actually won with alot of soldiers left, and the city left quite unharmed. I built alot of fletchers as fast as I could in the beginning, and this left me with a large ammount of archers that I managed to win with.
You say that almost half the army should be engineers with boiled oil, I didn't use so many the last time I played it. Eventually you start to build outside the walls, and you can't put your own city on fire. I did this the first times with... uh, well negative effects lol. But one challenge to overcome with the engineers was for me to build accordingly, so that the buildings doesn't take fire when I dropped my oil. I did burn some of my houses with the oil put could put it out.
Well... need I say that maps like this earn a 5 in balance.

Creativity: 3
This isn't the strongest point in the map. There are a lot of things added to it that makes it one of a kind, but generally, SH is crammed with this kind of maps. Things like the mill and the flawless playability and balance makes a plus here, but still there's not much to it. I know alot of people prefer these types of maps, but a score has to seperate the geniously designed maps with a great idea from maps with more basic design ideas.

Map Design: 4
This part isn't the strongest one in this map either. What makes this a 3 and not a 2, are very small parts of the map. For example the ruins in one corner are excellent. In fact I don't understand why the rest of the map is like this, because you have shown you are capable of very good terraining. Most parts of this map are very plain. There are however are few spots where you have placed rocks and stones and even beach-sand, which lights the terrain up. Some places look very out of place and random, it brings down the score unfortunately.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story isn't very long. But I believe it is very thought out, and it connects to the rest of the series, which is a plus. I don't mind short stories, unless they are too short.

Additional Comments:
A tough map with good playability value and good scripting. I have noticed no one has responded in all three maps in this series which is a shame.
A solid map worth playing.

[Edited on 03/15/07 @ 04:06 PM]

Lord Tanthos
File Author
Thanks for the review. I believe I am going to make SH:L maps now that I have figured them out better, due to the need of them more.

This series was a slight dissapointment to me though, due to the poor releasing order ^^

And about the terrain, I studied a map of Mossflower Woods for this area. If you google one, it'll explain a bit for ya. This isn't exactly realistic terrain, it is fantasy after all :) And the "parts of the map being plain" well...plains are...well...plain. Not much I can do about that one. ^^

Terraining never was my strongest point, although I can do quite fine if I try. I am best at fine-lining balance, which is just my personality. Balance and playability over looks, that's me ^^

When I get a chance I'm going to resubmit the first map, and hope that it actually works this time.

[Edited on 03/15/07 @ 03:58 PM]

Dougleass Now when you mention it... maybe the map design should be a 4... Yeah its a plain... but still, there are a few things that's just... off. Rocks and such that doesn't look realistic.
I'm going to be generous and give you a 4, note though that its a rather weak 4.
Yeah I notice that you're really good at it when you really try. Just do the same thing over the entire map and its going to look great. Balance and playability are very important -those two are practically the map by themselves, but it has to look good too.
Be sure to improve on terraining so you can know you will honestly earn the next 4 in map design. :)

[Edited on 03/15/07 @ 04:08 PM]

Lord Tanthos
File Author
Thanks! I will note that for sure. I'm currently making a SH:L map of a Norweigan Highland, and what I've found helpful is to look at "bird's eye" view of a Norweigan highland to get the elevation flow right.

It's kind of a flowing motion, with stretched mesa followed by valley followed by stretched mesa, and so on. It's harder to terrain SH:L I must admit, due simply to lack of rocks!

I'm also resubmitting the first mission now. Hopefully it'll actually show up this time ^^

[Edited on 03/15/07 @ 09:32 PM]

Dougleass Ok, good. :)

Just a question... how did you do that, so that the player starts with 'extra rations' and 'no taxes'?
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