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Reckless Hate - Part 1

Author File Description
The Dragonheart
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard

It is the year 1343 and a war has been erupting for the last year and a half between a kingdom of rich and beautiful cities and a kingdom ruled under a cruel lord.

In 1341, just before the war started, the two lords came together in a friendly meeting to form an alliance between the two kingdoms. Before this event, they were not known to each other. They sent messages to one another and then they agreed they would meet not at a city, but at an oasis. The kind and brave lord suggested this. He didn’t not like the idea of a neutral lord being in his city. He had a bad feeling about it because the other lord was neither enemy nor ally.

They met under the cool shade of a tree next to a watering hole 10 miles from the closest town. Both lords had a small party of troops. The lords stood at least three meters apart, not once taking their eyes off each other until an elegant man stepped forward and announced the names of both the lords, ‘King Agather and King Edward are brought here to pledge allegiance to each other…’ and he droned on…

King Edward, the kind and brave. King Agather, the cruel and heartless. King Edward did not know how cruel the other was. A few moments past and the elegant man was still talking, then he handed King Agather a scroll of paper and a feathered pen to sign. He finished and handed it to the kind lord. King Edward took the scroll and realised the other lord was smiling like the devil. It was unusual but everything was going good so far so he continued to sign.

Suddenly, an assassin lunged forward at King Edward! There was no time to think! He was stabbed in the shoulder before a group of spearmen hurried to save their king. The assassin was slaughtered in an instant. The two groups of soldiers fought each other and one of the spearmen yelled, ‘Sir, get out of here now! We’ll hold them off!’

King Edward grasped at his shoulder as he ran back through the rocky desert and away from the small battle. King Agather was furious. The plan did not go as well as he thought it would. He was supposed to kill King Edward and claim the kingdom as his. The cruel lord now had one more enemy; but this enemy, was like no other. King Agather made the biggest mistake of his life.

Sub Story:

Reckless Hate – Part 1
Defense of the great city

Two years since the attempted assassination, one of King Edward’s troops returns from the desert. He was in the group of spearmen that held off King Agather’s troops and then he was captured and tortured. Two whole years, until they released him only to warn King Edward that there would be a battle like no other.

The battered spearman stumbles up to the great gatehouse of Dragorsk; a beautiful circular city overlooking the ocean. Pikemen run to help the tortured friend, they drag him inside and immediately treat him to a doctor. He sleeps for three days and then awakes. He tells them what happened and that King Agather doesn’t just want to kill King Edward, this war is about killing everyone and the new ownership of land.

‘Where is our lord?’ the spearman asks.

The few people around his bed don’t answer. One steps forward. ‘We were hoping you could tell us.’

What?! King Edward, not returned? How are they supposed to win this war? The city has no lord and no army… the entire army tracked off into the desert a week ago to look for their king. When will they be back? No-one has had word of there whereabouts.

There is silence in the small room… everybody is completely confused. Then, a kilometer off in the distance, a horn sounds. It did not come from inside the city, that’s for sure. It sounded… like… a battle horn. King Agather was there; ready to kill every innocent person.


For perfect gameplay, half the rations at the granary and set to “Average Taxes”. There is nothing you can do about the enemy getting into your city, it will eventually happen, so you will have to wait for reinforcements to arrive.

Enjoy part one of my series.

The Dragonheart
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
younghappy That looks like a pretty cool map, very good castle design. I should really buy Crusader to play some of these great maps.
Amir88 i download and play great invasion map.nice job dragonheart.....keep this. Thank u.
The Dragonheart
File Author
Any ratings? I worked hard on this one.
Lord Netral just download

will rate
Dougleass Seems interesting, will dl. I've read the story and honestly, the text isn't written very well. I might give you some cc about that. I'll find time to play and review. I'm very busy at the moment.
The Dragonheart
File Author
There is nothing wrong with the text. I don't know what you're talking about...
Map Design5.0
What I mean is, i'm somewhat of a writer, and i'm currently writing a fantasy book that I plan to publish when its finished. From my point of view, that text is written in a rather unexperienced way...(hard to explain really) Though that's not going to affect the scoring too much,(since alot of other texts badly written have gotten high scores) its just something you can work on in the future.
Well anyways, enough about that. This map is one of the best Crusader maps i've played, honestly. That sums it all up.

Playability: 5
This is a somewhat intense map, but the beginning was really slow though. First I thought that the attacking army was going to freeze because of its size, and if i'm not mistaking, such a big army would freeze on the original Stronghold. But it didn't, and that army looked very majestic and contributed to the overall feeling. When they began attacking you were busy making more soldiers and managing your archers. There were always different types of soldiers attacking so it became very varied. The knights were very fun to manage too, and they were also very majestic and made the whole battle feel big and powerful.

Balance: 5
Overall good balance. I'm not so sure I played this map very good really, and still I managed to keep the enemy occupied, even though I noticed the knights and the rest of the 'saving' army very, very late in the game. Which means that if I noticed them in time, it would've gotten even easier. But as I said overall its good. The attacking army is very big and if anything, they really make you shiver with fear... I thought I was dead when I saw hundreds of swordsmen closing in to the castle.

Creativity: 5
I love the city and its design. Everything from its little dock from the castle. The round shape is also impressive. There are so many aspects to this city I really like. Good story too.

Map Design: 5
Same here... Excellent terraining and city design. I understand this must've taken quite some time.

Story/Instructions: 4
As I said in the beginning, the text overall isn't so good and captivating, nor is it very long. I can't say this is such a big issue so its still a 4, but its something for you to think about...

Additional Comments:
Great map. Thumbs up.

[Edited on 04/04/07 @ 10:59 AM]

The Dragonheart
File Author
Thankyou for the review. This is one of my best maps for sure. I hope you have played Part 2. I will submit Part 3 now.

Dougleass, I know what you mean about the story not being proffessionally written, but I don't think anyone would create a story this long and actually try to make it a "best-seller". lol. It is only a game.

[Edited on 06/19/07 @ 05:57 AM]

von Schmidt
Map Design5.0
This is without doubt one of the best maps I have ever played. It is hard enough to make it fun, yet not so hard that it is impossible to play. The amount of troops that attack scare you at first, and I was wondering how this was winnable until I saw the reinforcement army coming, that consisted of 350 knights and many swordsmen and pikemen. You balanced the attacking troops and when the reinforcement army would enter the battlefield excellently. I had tried to hold the enemy troops off for as long as possible, using swordsmen on the gatehouse to kill assassins, and archers on the tall towers. In the end the enemy had entered the outer and inner walls and was killing my people. I was able to kill all enemy troops in the city and keep the ones outside the city outside, and eventually won the battle.

The city was very well made, and a bit confusing at times, sometimes making it harder when your knights had to go around the city instead of inside to get at enemy troops. The eye-candy was awesome, and the city was in a circle, something very hard to do. The map was designed very well and very realistically. The broken-down hovels near the wheat and hops were realistic, and the docks were cool.

The story is probably one of the best you can find, and is a good length.

Heck, this is one of the best maps I have ever played! Keep up the good work! :)
The Dragonheart
File Author
Thankyou so much for the 5! I see you really enjoyed it. Anyway, I am working on Part 4 as we speak...


btw, does anyone know if there are still competitions? How do I get into one? Because I would very much like to get into one. Do I have to contact anyone?---------Never mind. Found out how.

[Edited on 06/25/07 @ 02:29 AM]

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