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Perperikon by Battle Mage corp.

Author File Description
Battle Mage corp
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
Title: Perperikon
Version: 1.0
Map size: 400x400
Level: Hard
Playing as: Defender
Win conditions: No enemy or invasions left
Lose conditions: Lord killed

This is the first historically correct map that I post here at SH and I am very excited.

The advancing army it threatening to destroy the holy city. Many doubt that the enemy will be even close to the outer wall. The city has never been conquered and this confidence makes the people think less of the upcoming battle and more about fun and relaxation. One night a Thracian scout returns to Perperikon and his news shocks the city:

Scout: I spotted two armies marching toward the castle. The first is very small and doesn’t pose a large threat but the second is very massive and should be more of a struggle.

Innkeeper: This is all fools talk. Never has the city been sieged how can anything penetrate a keep that was given by Dionysius himself.

Scout: Your confidence will prove fatal these aren’t simple bandits they are an elite Byzantine army. Every trooper is with a metal armour and their ranged troops have some kind of bows that are crossed together with wood. I saw them fire at bears one shot and the beast was down. And what do we have spears and bows.

Innkeeper: We also have Dionysius’s blessings!

Man: Make way the priest is coming. Make way!

Priest : Bad news my sons we have angered the gods I can’t get any visions I can’t predict anything. By thunder we are to be killed by the all mighty hand of Zeus!!

Scout: What does that mean?!

Priest: It means we are on our own the gods won’t interfere in this battle. They only gave us the fortification and the city nothing more. Im afraid that this is a matter we have to settle ourselves.

Crowd: By the gods we’ll be slaughtered we don’t stand a chance against the elite army!!!

The havoc amongst the people didn’t help at all. Finally the peasants decided to fight instead of fleeing to the mountains. But the strategy isn’t worked out yet.
It’s your job noble knight to take control of the city and survive the two attacks. For if not the holy temple will be enslaved forever.

Authors notes:
Use the terrain to your advantage. There are a couple of ways with which you can surprise the enemy but the best strategy remains the garrison around walls. Note that if the gates fall on the first attack the game is pretty much lost.

Don’t play the map at very hard because the enemy army becomes enormous and very tough to beat. I have made this map on normal but its still very hard to defend the castle.

I'd like to give some special thanks to Ericgolf and WL_D they helped me sorten out some faults and thus making the map better.Thanks guys.

I hope you enjoy the map.

Morbid Angel
BM corp.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
artofmath Playability: 5

A map with great re-play value! It can be played over and over again, each time with a different strategy for a different result. The limited troop options add to the fact that you must choose your strategy wisely, and to never engage the enemy head-on.

However, there was a minor problem with the Ai, but it does not detract from the general gameplay.

Balance: 4
A finely balanced map! What limited economy you have is synchronized by the size of the invasion. The massive invasions can be beaten off, albeit with difficulty.

The Ai glitch I was talking about was that the macemen would often sit right next to the gates until the pikemen came.

What would fit better to this map would be a longer siege, but with smaller numbers (say 50) troops streaming in every month.

Creativity: 4
Excellent castle and map layout. It's as if you could look into a cross-section of the castle, it's that detailed. The castle layout was very complex - much more than that of most other castles on the site! All thanks to massive amounts of lowered wall. The thing that drags the creativity score is that it "follows the plan far too well".

Map Design: 5

Excellent map - the terrain indeed does look rocky, lumpy, and as if some bomb had destroyed the land. The castle speaks for itself. Not many map designers could follow a castle down to the smallest detail, and I want to congratulate you here for such painstaking work and having to force down such a hefty dose of patience!

Story/Instructions: 5
A long story was given, and included bountiful historical notes (a given for a historical castle!). The opening page story was captivating. Nuff' said.

Additional Comments:
I just hope you can keep this up!
Riskyman This looks amazing BMC, it should definatley deserve a 5 in map design and creativity just by looking at the minimap! Great Job!
Castlefreak *Long whistle accompanied by a wide eyed stare!*

I wish i could take the time to do something like this! i kinda did that with my map Ancient Stronghold, but still.... *sigh* only if we had more time for the many things we love to do...

Great looking map!!
Battle Mage corp
File Author
Thanks artofmath I'm really glad that you enjoyed the map and want to thank you for the nice rate I totally agree with everithing you say.Hah I just don't know what to first rate is 3.6 and now 4.6 such a drastic rise makes me feel all warm inside.Ideed there are some problems with the map I won't deny that but overall I think it's a nice layoff and thats makes me happy.I also want to thank Riskyman and Castlefreak for the nice words I'm really glad that you enjoyed the map.Thanks again ,all of you.

Morbid Angel
BM corp.
artofmath Well, on this map, I lost on the first try. The macemen tore down my gate, and the pikemen were too many to deal with. However, on my second try, I used a sneakier tactic: 100 archers on one tile. As my gates broke down, I took 50 archers onto the keep, and sent all my melee troops to pause the advance, with 50 archers to back them up. As they all died, I had to target the pikemen one by one, each taking hundreds of arrows to kill. As there were 50 of them left everywhere, I retreated to the keep, and as they came, I used the 100 archers on one tile strategy, and losing only 25% of my archers, I killed off the 50 pikemen. The lord wasn't hurt in the least. I finished with 50% losses, on normal.
Battle Mage corp
File Author
Yes actually that is the right strategy you cannot win if your archers don't go back to the main keep.Nice job.

Haide Malkier

Morbid Angel
BM corp.

[Edited on 08/01/07 @ 09:53 AM]

artofmath See now, I'm going to try it on hard. I've also come up with a new tactic: destroy all your hovels right before the last attack, to get the +25% troop bonus.
artofmath Even if I lost all my archers, I beat it on hard. :P
Battle Mage corp
File Author
If you won on hard than I should update the story/instructions.;)

Morbid Angel
BM corp.

[Edited on 08/03/07 @ 09:37 AM]

artofmath Yeah.

The funny part was that when I thought I had won, some 80 more pikemen were left. However, I declare it unplayable on Very Hard. Even on Hard, I had to be pretty mean about what I do to the Ai...
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