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Pliska by Battle Mage corp.

Author File Description
Battle Mage corp
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal
Title: Pliska
Version: 1.5
Map size: 400x400
Level: Hard
Playing as: Defender
Win conditions: No enemy or invasions left
Lose conditions: Lord killed
Designed at: Very hard

The rising sun spreads it’s rays over the large Dobrudjan valley and burns the cracked earth. The small pigeons sing the love song as they fly away from desperation and fear. The small goat herds run and try to erase the memory of Pliska. Only the river can’t escape and it’s echoes shatter the graveyard silence to millions of tears. None of the people can escape. Their homes, their young ones, their dreams all will cease to exist. Why…why does mankind need to fight and conquer can’t everyone prosper and live together. Since the beginning of time many want to hold the power to control others. Gallons of blood will be poured thousand of souls will be lost to the wind , but one will emerge victorious!

This is the story of Pliska. My story:
For decades two foes fight to control the Balkans. Byzantine the large southern Empire and the proto-Bulgarians. Since I was a boy Khans , Kings and Lords have fought for a dream. A dream doomed to failure from the start. A reverie that I thought to be impossible. The founding of a country. Many have laughed at my father. He wanted to unite the tribes and make a country where the people would live together and share the land. A family as big as 13 kids has this task. But nobody wants to realize this idea of a land made for everyone. Why is this curse so painful to lift even death can’t free me from my vow. An oath to make Bulgaria the first nation on the Balkans after Byzantium. If only I hadn’t agreed. My life is a nightmare and I can’t get away from it. While the birds sing people kill and destroy. Nature doesn’t seem to balance life on this glorious planet. Why can’t we live in harmony. Why is my father so obsessed of controlling the down stream of Danube. Many sleepless nights and a broken heart is all I’ve inherited from my family. My mother the princes of our tribe murdered by our own kind. I share a life with demons not by men of honor. Even the animals don’t behave like us. Many think I am a child of Madar himself. I don’t want to be different I don’t want to have a royal family. I wan’t to be alone in the cold and peaceful mountains. But the quest I have taken must be completed. My father wants to make a country so he shall have one.

681 AD
The dream is now reality. The first Bulgarian nation has been established. This is too good to be true everyone is enjoying life and the promise of another morning keeps the people going. But what kind of a promise is this. Everyone thinks that tomorrow they will wake up to see their youths. So why can’t that be true. If only all those questions had answers! But alas a year after our founding and the young country is under attack. The great Empire wants to control us as well. This is no different from home. Everyone wants power. But I am also a ruler everyone listens to my orders so why doesn’t that make me feel happy. How come swordsmen have to go everywhere with me and protect me from my own people, my brothers.
Battle is upon us. If I can’t live a normal life than I won’t ruin the lives of others. If war is what these barbarians want then war they will get even if the entire city is leveled the country won’t be crushed that easily.

Authors notes:
Well now that my partner Lan al Malkier has returned we are happy to announce that we can finish the Book “Treachery”. About Pliska: This must be one of the toughest maps we have made yet. It’s very hard to achieve victory. Three years of Non-stop war. A simple mistake can lead to a disaster so plan your strategy well because you won’t get a second chance in the same game. We can assure that it’s very hard if not impossible to win on the first try. A lot of tests are needed to find a suitable way to defend the castle and only then can the real thing begin. As a capitol this city must have a large trade system but since it’s only the beginning the stocks are limited. Hints and the full storyline can be found in the zip file.

We hope you enjoy this map
Best wishes

Lan al Malkier and Morbid Angel

BM corp.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Sir Ravenclaw Hey awesome the maps out :D
If I can win I'll review the map :)
FroobaChoob I told you i'd be first to review.

Playability: 5
This map was a very good map. I loved to play it. Even though i found out the tactic straight away. On easy, i lost 7% troops. 3% on Normal, And 25% On Hard. I Daren't try it on Very Hard. For fear of my compter crashing.

Balance: 4
This is a Low 4. It was a Challenge. But not too much of a challenge. Most of the time i was sitting around watching my archers fire endless arrows. I rarely had to Do anything, Only Move my archers, into the correct position.

Creativity: 5
I've never saw ANY Bulgarian Maps before. So this is a new idea for everyone.

Map Design: 5
Flawless, except for the outer walls. On part the archers were tricky to move, they had no stairs to go down.

Story/Instructions: 5
I didn't actually read them. But i saw that there was a sufficent amount for a 5

Additional Comments:
Dougleass Playability: 5
A really fun and entertaining map. Everything looks so real in the beginning, I was really psyched up when in all began, which is something that doesn't happen very often. You had this big city to protect, and you knew there weren't any gates defending it. And the fun continued until victory was gained.
There was lots to do, like moving soldiers, recruiting soldiers, pretty much like you always do on a Stronghold map XD

Balance: 4
Something that really confuses me is that you imply that this is a really, really hard map, or rather - impossible. Because I actually won the map on my first try, with about 30% of my soldiers killed. So I expected more soldiers when he said that there was an even greater enemy coming, and that the kingdom had been saved, but only for now... can't really remember exactly what he said, but you get it.
I can't say I used any specific strategy, I just did what I always do. I did manage to build all soldiers and I think it's wierd that there were more weapons than you needed, but that doesn't really affect anything.
So yeah, generally it was easier than I thought it was. And maybe i'm generous giving it a 4, but since you claim it's impossible I assume I must've made something out of the ordinary somehow ;o

Creativity: 4
The basic idea isn't new in any way, but I really like the idea that there are no gates protecting the city. Extra stuff contributing to the originality are the barracks, its importance is big, and thus you have to protect it. Basically all in all, the map is based on a good idea. Its a 4.

Map Design: 4
Of course there is eyecandy in this map! Some are good, some are even better. There is a statue(I think it's a statue) that is made through a complex system of lowered walls, it looks neat to say the least. Another thing that is an eye opener with this map is how much detail has been put into it so that it will look as much as the castle it's supposed to look possible. And I have to say, you did a great job on that.

Story/Instructions: 5
I never have much to say here... I noticed there wasn't much text really, but first off, that isn't such a necissity(sp?) and there are pictures to compensate that, as well as a seperate Hint file!

Additional Comments:
Until recently, you were unknown to me, but your growing skill and awe inspiring maps have impressed and well, filled me with awe :P
I hope to se more maps from you in the future.
artofmath Playability: 4
Playability was as expected here, but compared to Peperikon, this is not as "sophisticated". The invasions were continuous, but it just didn't give me the expected "rush" I get when playing an epic battle scene. Sure, troop movement is crucial, but really, that didn't last that long. Now, troop movement throughout would have raised this from a 4 to a 5. After getting them to their battle stations, I did nothing else but watch.

Balance: 3
As far as my opinion, balance was off, greatly to the advantage of the human player. The enemy armies were simply not large enough to even reach the inner keep, let alone start to damage its walls. The enemy's lack of good wall-wrecking equipment made this siege far too easy. There's no need to rate this map as impossible, this is just rated as normal. However, you will get better, and you WILL find that an army of crossbowmen, macemen, and pikemen isn't always the best.

Creativity: 5
I rarely ever give historical scenes a "5" for creativity, but this one really does deserve one. The clever use of the workshops and the unique ways where the buildings were built lift this map from a 4 to a 5.

Map Design: 5
A castle whose outer walls have no gates!?! Then again, the historical aspect... The castle and the terrain looked is if they were exactly on a map. As if I could have taken an areial photo of the city. Even if the terrain was slightly, well, bland, it surely is satisfying to see a more "relaxed" terrain.

Story/Instructions: 4
Not as much effort went into this story as was in Peperikon, but still, it's enough to merit a "4". The historical description was more than enough, but where did that little skit go?

Additional Comments:
A well made, but still a bit poorly balanced map. I'm sure that if you weren't so rushed about putting this map up, then we could have figured out the balance a lot better.

artofmath Hey, you might want to change your difficulty from impossible to normal. :D
Battle Mage corp
File Author
Thank you for the comments guys I didn't think that that the balance was such an issue but then again it was designed for very hard and Im kinnda disapointed that the map wasn't tested to it's full potential.I don't think I'll be changing anything because I'll be in a contradict with historic facts.But even though the score is a good one i expected a bit more.Oh well...should pay more attention.But what this map gave me is more than I could ask for the words from Dougleass "Until recently, you were unknown to me, but your growing skill and awe inspiring maps have impressed and well, filled me with awe :P
I hope to see more maps from you in the future." they mean a lot to me and I'm glad that you think that way.Im overjoyed by the coment and I'll share my impressions to Lan al Malkier.I have to add you to my list "The people who I admire" thanks mate I really apreciate it.

Well Im glad that you enjoyed the map and it's running good with the downloads again this has to be the first map Im dissapointed from but everything can't always run smooth.And im anoyed that the story/instructions sorrta failed me I thought the story was enough and the map itself had a lot of info but from now on I'll make booklike stories and won't risk this to happen again.

Morbid Angel
The Dragonheart The look of this map has boosted me out of my chair to go buy Stronghold 1. I might review:)
Battle Mage corp
File Author
Thanks Dragonheart Im looking forward to it.

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