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Stronghold: Invasions » Mission Two - The Capitol

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Mission Two - The Capitol

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Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Normal

“My King, you have my word. The Capitol will be prepared for a siege in case the Tyrant ever breaks through.”
“And as for I, I shall march to the Southern Front.”
The situation… was grave. A massive forest fire set the industrial end of the city ablaze. The city’s population had fled, in the wave of bandits and opportunistic warlords waiting to take power. The city’s guards, though their morale was high, lived off rats and grass roots. To muster up the men and the supplies seemed to be a longshot.
Yet, hope remained. The untrustworthy local warlord De Puce, offered support free of charge. If he thought that the situation would be profitable, he would attack, which always gave the guards on the walls a nervous tension. If not, he would bide his time. Even though, he would eventually grow tired of the game, and might lay siege to the Capitol himself.
Under the leadership of the two brothers, things refused to go well. One tried to make the city as pleasant as possible; the other tried his best to make it as uninhabitable as possible. The result? The city divided cleanly in two. One side, with the city gardens, residential areas and university, were clean, beautiful and attractive, while the trading, industrial side became clogged, choked, nasty, and a terrifying experience. Eventually, a fire erupted on the industrial end. It was sparked by a then – raging forest fire. Burning leaves floated onto the thatch roof of a hovel and a baker’s shop.
Both went up in flames immediately. In the following minutes, the fire control workers were in disarray. Soaking down the already drenched university, it itself was not harmed. However in the industrial end, things were different. In the clogged streets, sparks and floating burning embers floated around, landing on rooftops and setting them on fire. The populace rushed to the Capitol building, a massive stone tower. They watched the buildings burn down allover the industrial end, until all that was left was a massive pile of debris. In the heat of the fire, the solid stone defenses of the Capitol began cracking and collapsing. During the following days, most families had left. Then came the real carnage.
Following the outbreak of the war, rival bandit members rose to try to seize power over whatever they could find. The capitol was the main gem of the crown.
Local warlords seized power all over the place, and by the end of the year, the crown controlled only half a dozen cities of the some twenty major cities in the kingdom. For the crown, it was a disaster. With a rebellion reigning in the South and East, and being over-run by bandits, defeat was looming. Only the King remained optimistic. Ordering war supplies be assembled, he prepared for the siege of the Capitol. As he left, he planned an escape route.
The Capitol had received the support of a local warlord, the Duc Puce. He promised flea-bitten troops every two months. However, he was an unstable man. At any moment, he could declare open war against the crown, and eventually, he managed just that. With the city surrounded by warring warlords, hope was almost gone. Another warlord, the Pig, threatened the city with his army. Time was of the essence.
Commanding the troops on the Southern front, the King was a devilishly clever man. Since he still had a port city left, he ordered one of the navy’s warships to the shipyards. By restocking it with supplies, he could escape and ask for help from the neutral northern Republics. However, that was far off to the future. The important task was now.
The Capitol was the oldest city known on the Continent. Once a fertile land, it is now a plain, with relatively few trees. The lands surrounding it are dotted with wild apple trees, an artifact of the past, when it was still a largely agrarian society, which grew apples and traded with nearby villages. Local law dictates that those trees cannot be cut down. They may only be destroyed by nature. Apple farmers of other places would even come here to pick the wild, sweet fruit.


1. For very experienced players who can handle the difficulty of production of such large amounts of resources, it should be played on Hard. It is very difficult, if not impossible on Very Hard.
2. Apart from the regular reinforcements that you will receive from Duc Puce, you can only train knights, and you cannot get any more. However, they are expensive, and will delay weapons production. Use your troops wisely. If too many die, you lose! Use archers and crossbowmen defensively, pikemen are excellent for stopping the enemy.
3. As your population grows, although it may be easier to achieve the economic goals, may make the scenario tougher to handle.
4. Do not have qualms about placing lots of hunter’s posts – the game automatically puts in deer if they become depleted.
5. If you spot any bugs, be sure to post them under the comments section of the download, as I will need to know them, and fix them for your playing pleasure.


V1.1: trading options updated, made the map slightly more challenging.

- artofmath
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Battle Mage corp First one to download will rate ASAP thanks for the recognition.I can't wait to try it out.BTW very cool to hide the hints that way ;)

Morbid Angel
Lord Ephraim hey, pretty map!!! muzt downloadz eetz!!!

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