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51 - First Step

Author File Description
Lord Michael I This is the first mission of the second crusader trail, and proves not much of a challenge, as you are granted more than enough money to fight your enemy, Emir Omar.

At the first stages you are granted with 4,000 gold, while the AI has 2,000 gold. Also, you are given enough wood and stone to get your establishment up and running.

At first, build three stockpile pieces:

After that, build a granary, the closest to the stockpile as possible. Immediately make the marketplace, one wheat farm and one hops farm to the small grassland close to the keep. Then, make a Dairy farm to the grassland to the left of the keep.

Note: If you prefer to recruit crossbowmen, build a dairy farm to the grassland to the left of the keep, if you recruit archers, forget this step.

Make one woodcutter to the trees close to the rocks. Buy a lot of wood. (115 pieces) and build on stone quarry and two oxen. There is an iron mine to the south, make two mines. And don’t worry about the Emir, he won’t do anything. Make one windmill and four bakeries to start up your food process. After that, build a tower to the side where the Emir is, make the stairs and build a ballista. Man the ballista with some engineers and send the starting archers to the top of the tower. Send your spearmen to the bottom of the tower if the Emir sends and attack.

Now that you’re defended, make two breweries, and when you see tankards of ale flowing to your stockpile, make two inns. Don’t forget to make hovels! Three hovels will be enough in this mission. Now, to start your weapons industry, build as close to the stockpile as possible two fletchers (if you will make crossbowmen, set them to make crossbows), one pole turner (set him to make pikes), one armorer and one tanners workshop (If you’re making crossbowmen). Make the armory as close as possible to speed the production. Buy some more stone and build a barracks.

Your town should look like this:

Now, you’re practically done. Everything left is to have fun watching at the always incomplete Emir’s castle. If you do everything in time, the enemy castle will never have gates, so you can go and attack when you want!

To have some fun while you make enough soldiers to make an attack, remember you have an engineer’s guild. You can make some catapults and make the Emir’s castle rubble, send cows; or my favorite, make some Fire ballistae and make some fireworks. Just remember to destroy the water pots to make the fire last.

So keep producing both melee soldiers and range soldiers. The range soldiers put them to the top of the tower, and the melee men, assemble them at the foot of the tower. You can sell iron or ale, set up taxes, or anything else you can think of making money, and buy weapons to speed the process.

When you get around 15 pikemen, you are ready to go. Send them over to visit the Emir and win the map.
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Skullus Ah, Finally the Second trail Walkthrough, this should prove very helpful for those users having trouble with the levels half way through the trail. I look forward to seeing more.

[Edited on 09/17/07 @ 05:15 AM]

Venomrider May I suggest in your further walkthrough making that you mention that low walls with stairs leading up to them are just as efficient as high ones and makes step deleting and replacing so much easier.

lordbenn please could u put some more of the warchest trail missions on i get stuck on them.
The Executioner1 My quick and easy approach is to quickly build 30-40 assassins, send them to him and kill him. Only works if the AI has 4000 or less gold.
Hypernova90 Ofcourse this is an really easy mission, but what I found really effective was that I started to build a market and buy lots of stone, so I build three Square Towers ( doesn't have to be round ) and put some mangonels on them. Now build up an engineers guild and start bombarding his indestructable keep. And put up your starting archers in one of the towers. His economy will be ruined totally. Now you can build up your little economy, and to make it yourself as easy as possible, train some assasins and when you send them in to eradicate the Emir just make the mangonels stop firing.
frankhack Hello Alll......Well Haveing 4000 gold and one enemy is so easy to win the game ....

The Stratigy to follow is that

1.when the game start just place a mercenary post and hovels....

2.Click on the mercenary post and press 4 to see the assasins Rally pint and place the raly point on top of the Emir castle[Its not Enclosed,so u can place it] ,Then start getting the assasins[about 20 or 24..just do ur contineous clicking] ...They will run faster and kill the emir with in 1 min...

You can use this trick to all lords even if the have 40000 gold ..only timeing is important...

Happy Hunting
Lord Dredde
(id: lord dredde)
Just wanted to add,while i havent got the warchest version(the game isnt avaliable in the UK at present)i can still play this via crusader,a few things dont work obviously such as voice files and restarts,it gives us the opportunity to sample the game.The only place i've seen it is on .I always thought games werent compatible in different countries.Now i'm off to try and buy it via the US site! Thanks for the hard work-well done!
peter2008 Hello,
in my experience it's more effective to place the tanner's workshop next to the dairy farm because leading a cow takes longer than carrying the armours won by it to the armoury.
The tanner already being a fast worker in this second crusade trail there's often only narrow space for building up a strong industry so this choice of placing may have an effect.
Edit: I was wrong. Tested it on a freebuild map with one tanner's workshop next to the armoury and another one 30 steps away. Because the 3 leather armours won per cow aren't brought to the armoury together (my thinking error) the tanner nearer to the deposit worked almost one third more effective.

[Edited on 07/09/08 @ 02:59 AM]

maximan23 when do i unlock emir?
laba12 hoi do you get trail 2
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