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East Burh Chapter II - NEW FOUND WEALTH

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 300x300 (Medium)
Difficulty: Normal
Made with version: 1.1
Having driven back the initial waves of attacks on your stand for freedom, you meet again with your Council, knowing that what you have started must be finished. Initial scouting parties to the area where the enemy have encamped have informed you that this new menace have fortified their stronghold with alarming speed. However, you have learnt some of their skills and techniques at architecture and building as a result, and in particular the use of stone defences. Your Council agrees with your suggestion that stone must be employed in fortifying your new castle, East Burh, to withstand any future raids. Whilst it is not known for certain how the enemy will respond to your defiance, it is expected that, with further reinforcements to their base and eyewitness reports of ships landing with growing frequency there, a much larger siege cannot be ruled out.

Please read the enclosed notes with this zip file for further information and details on the history of East Burh since Chapter 1.

I hope you enjoy this second chapter in the history of East Burh. I welcome any comments you may have on this series. Happy gaming!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
As I liked the first map of this series, I looked forward to this one. I wasnt dissapointed - it is fun!!

(4) I liked the way the story+map had developed since the first chapter. With a little work on the balance this would have been another "5" grade.

(3) You have what you need close at hand - food/iron and stone. You also get quite a good start with goods - this together with only a few bandits attacks, leave you alone until the final invasion, which from the story I thougt would be bigger (I sat and was afraid for it and built up a massive army :) This invasion could use some siege equipment and som more men. I beat it at the first try, and I dont consider myself an expert player.
The economical goals could be higher (I had + 29 Swords, since I wasnt allowed to make swordsmen).

(4) There were many good things here... First the author starts of with the monk giving you the "crossbow-secret". The way he has developed the map, together with the story was very good - I really got into the game.

(4) OK, this map is a development from chapter I, so it isnt a brand new one. BUT there has been alot of work made on the development. I got the impression that the people from the land had "drained" of wet-lands to get more field-land. All blending in great with the story.
Maybe some resources could have been abit futher away from the castle (or larger goals as mentioned above)

(5) Need I say it again - very good !!

Even though I beat it on the first try I had much fun playing it and was impressed by the map - GOOD WORK !!

Lord Stryker
Map Design2.0
Playability: This map was ok though it took so long to get an invasion I almost fell asleep. I could've mowed my lawn and came back and still there wasn't an invasion. The author has to realize that not everyone has 2-3 hours to play a map. Maybe shortening the time of invasion would've made this map better.
Balance: This was an easy challenge, though there was an inbalance of how to acquire gold. During the game if you increased the gold from No Taxes to Low taxes you became very unpopular with your people. So the majority of the time you are bribing people to come to your castle. There were no Bad things that would've helped if your pop went below 50. Also I had Lots of Food you were not allowed to trade, so you see yourself deleting your granary which are fully stocked just to have an open space.
Creativity: Not much to talk about, to me just a lot of wasted land to make it look like a marsh. The palistones were nice to see though.
Map Design: Ok for the marsh look, but nothing to keep me interested.
Story/Instructions: Story and instructions were very good, you can tell the author spent a lot of time on this aspect of the map creation.
I have to conclude that though this may be a good map for people that have a lot of time on their hands, for the working class this map is just too long. The invasions were very small and were defeated very easily. The first invasion I defeated by having Pikeman at the signpost, and the second was also defeated at the signpost. The third was easily destroyed with killing pits at the gatehouse.
File Author
Update by author re recent review comments.

For the benefit of others that may wish to download this map but are unsure, a few thoughts on this chapter which may add reason to my work and why the map plays like it does.

LANDSCAPE: The area is based, albeit loosely, on the fenlands in East Anglia where I live. I wanted to capture the bleakness that this sort of terrain can give, miles upon miles of flat, marshy land. Whilst it can look rather uninteresting, it is fairly accurate in terms of having small hamlets (commented on in the notes accompanying the download) with the occasional larger settlement, and draws loose comparisons with Peterborough, or Ely, both in Cambridgeshire, England. It's remoteness is key to the design - no real hills to think of, no great river or eye candy. It's a fictional map/series drawing on real landscapes from a specific area.

CASTLE DESIGN: Key to this is the development of the story, from farmers who aren't trained in fighting to a level of skill that is still regarded as inferior to the invading armies. East Burh was constructed by local people on a small area of higher ground as a means to defend what is theirs. Small it may be, but this I feel is in keeping to the story. What was once a few huts and areas of arable land is now a small bastion of resistance, nothing more.

BALANCE: I always imagine when designing this series of maps that there are actions going on elsewhere, i.e. the invading parties who had settled on the coast. I wanted to do something different than a mass-invasion so early in the series, as East Burh is about invasion AND economic goals being met and/or conquered, something that has been done to great success by Jayhawk. This map is as much about the story as it is the fighting. It is, therefore, probably not a series that would appeal to those who prefer to see real carnage, and certainly not in the first two chapters.

EVENTS: This is a personal preference specific to this series of maps. I wanted clear periods of time where nothing occurs, to allow you to be able to concentrate on a couple of items without feeling like you are rushed. It's not an event-packed chapter.

TIMESPAN: I have made notes in the download to give you an idea of the timespan this could take. Some will be able to do this with little or no effort at all, and be ready for the invasion at the end. However, some will still find this challenging, and I suppose this is a reflection of my abilities in gameplay as much as the above.

These notes may assist you in deciding whether to download this or other maps in the series - I feel this is a good series of maps, but certainly will not appeal to all. I leave it to you to decide.


I was passing by out of curiousity and noticed there was no minimap. So I took the liberty of adding the minimap. In the process I had to guess that the version used was v1.1 (the update form insists that the version is now added)

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Map Design3.0
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