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Downloads Home » Stronghold: Invasions » Minas Morgul: Faramir’s Plight - By Warlord Designs

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Minas Morgul: Faramir’s Plight - By Warlord Designs

Author File Description
File Details
Map Size: 400x400 (Large)
Difficulty: Hard
After a great deal of time and effort, Arthus and I are most pleased to bring the stronghold community the latest in our LOTR map series: Minas Morgul: Faramir’s Plight.

We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we did designing it...and a great deal more than we did scripting it. Quite the struggle...

The scenario is one of our own imagination, and doesn't follow any strict or accurate LOTR profile other than design recreation. The story is told from the point of Faramir who with his men rides against the fortress Minas Morgul and the Witch King of Angmar. This scenario takes on a 'what if' role. With Osgiliath taken, and Mordors army ready to strike Minas Tirith, Faramir rides to destroy the Witch King's forces and win his fathers respect.

We hope you enjoy it.

Here is some of the story, as usual you will find the full document, along with some helpful hints in the zipfile.

Minas Morgul: Faramir’s Plight - By Warlord Designs

Osgiliath is fallen. The once proud city now lays in ruin and its grandeur has succumbed to the ravages of war. The white bell towers in which doves had nestled and hatched their young, now crumble-their majesty but a memory, but a dream. The sound of children laughing has been drowned out by the sound of drums-and not even a whisper of good can be heard. Those who could have now fled to great white city of Minas Tirith, but this evil is different from other things. It moves swiftly like fire in the meadows, bringing down all that resist its wrath. It feels nothing, not the warmth of love-nor the bitter cold of sorrow. It is unlike anything else in this middle earth. The great city of Osgiliath which once proudly overlooked the golden fields of Pelennor is consumed. Mordor has come, they wait…

We slip by unnoticed and fade into the night…

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Llungki pey
(id: younghappy)
Oh yeah first download!! Putting Stronghold on as I type!
Battle Mage corp Yes yes very good awesome job will certainly rate dl N4

Morbid Angel
Lord Karpathea Not first download. I playtested it before you. Ha. Downloading.....
Hatuke I can say from the minimap that this is a excellent map and a great copy of the LOTR. Although for some reasons I can't play it.
Dougleass I got to play it several months ago! HAH I win!

Seriously though, this is awesome!! Downloading it now!
Battle Mage corp I think that no one from the forums would contradict me about giving a full 5.0 to this map. It's a masterpiece and a map that Im happy to give my overall impressions.

Playability: 5
There is no argument here the playability was magestic.The plot and design are idea were wonderful.As the starting popularity heh.I loved the way the troops came from the mountains gives them a creepy look.I had a loty of trouble beating the map.But actually the map is beatable and I think everyone stands a chanse to be victorius.It's the time that matters.One might defeat it in 15 years but others can in 200.And even though the map is marked as impossible im sure that even the newest strongholder can win if they just concentrate and make a save every minute :) But the map certainly stands up to it's difficulty marking "Impossible"

Balance: 5
This map was REALLY unbalanced.Everything was in favour of enemy.Terrain fortifications,ecpesially units, but that makes it so unique and exciting.Starting with a ruin of a castle 32 popularity no gold no troops no food just some wild dreams to conquer Minas Morgul.A trully oustanding game design.

Creativity: 5
I don't think that any words can describe how aewsome Minas looked.I ecpecially liked how the "arches" were made to look like stairs and gradually rise and awesome job.And the tower where the lord stood was very awesome the road leading to it gave somewhat firghtening feeling that someone might suddenly junp you from somewhere.

Map Design: 5
I just can't find words I'll leave it as it is.That Himalaya is AWESOME.......*repeats it several times*

Story/Instructions: 5
As usually a large and strong story was provided although it isn't reality it was interesting to read it.Good job.

Additional Comments:
A trully magnificent and outstanding map by WL_D even if it was six months it was well worth the wait.I don't know what else to say.Simply keep up the good work and good luck.

Best wishes
Morbid Angel
Dougleass Wow, it's exactly like you said... a very long and hard map.
Captain Diablo Nice timing, currently playing LOTR: The Third Age, so once I get my internet back I'll definitley be playing this--you fixed the bugs you mentioned guys?
File Author
Thanks so much BMC for the review, its nice to know the time and effort put in was worth it for some :)
Im glad not everyone finds it boring lol

Im really happy everyone is enjoying the map and yes we did manage to get rid of all the AI issues we had mate, thanks for asking.

Again thanks everyone for your comments, they mean a great deal to us and keep us going :)


Tammo VII Hey, just wanted to say that this is a great map, definitely a 5.0 :D

Im playing on Easy, as im not the best player in the world, and im in October of 1007 right now. Its proven to be pretty easy, as soon as I got enough archers I was able to stop worrying about attacking the invaders and to sit back and focus on building an army. However, I placed a stable and made 4 knights - the land around the keep/fireplace is, coupled with the funny stairs that you guys made, is making it impossiblefor my knights to leave the campfire area - so making knights is just worthless :p

Or perhaps im doing something wrong? If so, please point me in the right direction, I like to use knights whenever possible. Thanks!

Other than that, great job! :D
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